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While I was working on my masters, I took a part time job at a pizza place working on the weekends to take up my time because I had just broken up with the love of my life, the man that had planned to marry me. From those few hours per weekend, I became a shift supervisor then assistant manager and then manager, several


restaurants later. I wanted to work with people because I had little experience with the public. My mom thought I was crazy not continuing with my teaching or even going into something computer related but I was a very shy person and to succeed, I had to come out of my shell—no easy task and lots of hurdles were not just jumped but knocked down over and over. It was as if I was practicing failing.


It wasn’t my nature to look people in the eye or anticipate their move or wants or needs but that was what I learned to do first by knowledge and then by instinct. I loved that job no matter which position I worked. I started in the back of the house which was a cook—haha. I did more gophering than anything at first. But, I learned to run a restaurant whether it was just me and a waitress or cook or a packed house of employees making record sales. I find myself missing it more lately though I can never return to that type of job. One of the most important lessons I tried to teach in service was to anticipate what the customer needed even before the customer knew. For those who learned this technique, the wait staff made lots of money in tips there and the jobs they held later on. I was good at my job I guess because I cared about it 😀 .


Traditional stand alone style

I remember that I was scared so bad when I had to learn service duties. There was a waitress that tried to eat me alive on more than one occasion. And, she had help 😦 . There were nights I would go home and just cry not wanting to continue—and her position was lower than mine. I remember deciding that I was going to succeed with her and the rest followed behind. I was talking about courage with someone tonight. I had to learn to have courage to do so much. When I was made manager, there was no one to go to for help. I was where the buck stopped and I learned so much especially thinking on my feet. It was sink or swim and I chose to swim but I floundered in the water for quite a while.


I never asked my employees to do anything I wasn’t willing to do or had not done including sticking my hand in a toilet on more than one occasion. Some people called me a B word because I became very matter of fact. I hated that but there were times that I had to be the bad person. In fact, I tried to always be the bad person and let my assistants and shift leaders be the good guys. It is very hard to do that day in and day out but in the end I knew I could not be friends with my employees. That was difficult, too because I had to say goodbye to some good friends. They couldn’t see that I had a job to do.


Why am I writing about this? Courage…along with determination are two things I started to turn away from but I wouldn’t let myself fail. They are two things that follow me. For a long time I kept them packed away in a box. Only recently have I chosen to pull them out and put them on. I do not like to take NO for an answer and I don’t like to fail but I know what failure is and lately, I am doing more failing than succeeding. I have been revisiting a lot of my past so that I might become stronger and know where I am going—to be surefooted and to have stability in order to do the things I need to do. For so long I made all of the decisions for everyone—it was my job and I did it for my life, too. Over the past few years, I have lost my surefootedness but I am trying really hard to get it back. Courage…sometimes we have to be afraid before we can succeed. 😀


Happy Gardening and may you have all of the courage you need to succeed in everything you do! 😀



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