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To be humble to me is to act gracious and to even bow or become “lesser” or of less importance such as bowing before God. When someone does something for me or maybe says something that honors me I become so very humbled…I will bow my head, smile not just on my face but deep inside my heart and usually…I will tear up 😳 . My heart will feel as if it is in my throat and my breath becomes a little cumbersome. I have had quite a few of these moments the past few months and they happen more frequently as time goes along. These are not tears of sadness but of great appreciation, even tears of joy.


020413-1I have written about some of my humbling experiences such as when my neighbor lady who is handicapped came over to clean my yard…not little things but big things and this wasn’t helping but taking charge. This is such a testament to how people reach out to help others. Sometimes we do a great job and sometimes…we need improvement. I planned to write in detail about how I changed the way I see things in a humbling manner—how a lady years ago said very hurtful things about my mom who had become paralyzed due to a major stroke—saying how she hoped the stroke would humble my mother. This was my mom who was a very gracious person to start with so I was so shocked even to the point I could not ask what she meant. I gauge my humble attitude by this incident. I have not always done so, but I try. It brings me back to earth.


I did not understand how someone could say such but as the years passed, it appeared that she was the one who needed to know what it was to be humble as she left our church each time she could not get her way and is no longer there today. That is how it appears but we cannot judge others in this manner. I can no more say you need to be more humble than you can tell me the same. For me to do so means that I know your heart and how humble you are (or how loving, caring, etc.). I do not know and I do not have the authority to say anything.


So, to me…to be humble is to be filled with understanding (wisdom) and grace. To be humble is to act with self-LESS-ness. To be humble is to not to be selfish. I think of the Sermon on the Mount when Jesus preached—“Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.” — Matthew 5:5 (KJV)   Being meek and being humble—meekness and humility…I think the two have a lot to do with the other 🙂 .


I bow to you. I get up to give you my seat. I give you my book with the pages marked. I make room at the table for you to sit. I offer to you before I take. I share with you. I thank you for all you do. I give expecting nothing in return…


Humility–graciousness–some people work a lifetime to achieve it and others are naturally humble. 🙂


May your day be blessed beyond measure and may your gardens grow with great bounty! Happy Gardening! 😀

Note:  I was going to post this last week after “Courage” but then did not…glad I didn’t because it was rewritten. 🙂  Take care and be blessed!



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