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My dad said that if we lived in the jungle that I would have wild animals follow me home each day. I have always been that way—I hurt when I see people suffer. I want to reach out to help when there are those in need—human, animal and other living things. Remember the tale of Androcles and the Lion? Adaptations have been made about this tale through history but the basic tale is not about a boy and a lion. It is about two hearts. Hearts. The heart is what it is all about. God said for me to love and follow my heart. 🙂


A lion can be seen as a monster, scary, evil even. A boy is a sign of innocence. The story? The essence? The lion had a thorn in his paw. It hurt—terrible pain. He could not bear it and the wound had become infected. Rather than being scared of the lion or even allow the lion to die, Androcles braved all danger to remove the thorn. Selfless love for an animal. It was in his heart. There is more to the story like how this all started but when Androcles was later placed in the lion’s den for punishment it was the lion he befriended and cared for that he faced. The lion remembered Androcles and did not attack. Androcles was pardoned for his disobedience that started the story to begin with. We say that the lion was paying back what was given to him but really, it was more than that.


If someone chooses to be against another then a line has been drawn and sides are taken by others. How unimportant things are sometimes. We get so caught up in what we believe is “RIGHT” and “WRONG.” We must be very, very careful. Right and wrong can be a difference in perspective. Sometimes gray is the color we should be aiming for. I am no better than you AND you are no better than me. The piece I wrote the other day about LOVE…we are no better than our enemies. We must show love and even respect. Please do not believe that this is easy for me in every circumstance.


Caution:  You are not going to like what I am about to say but you know… it does not matter. 😐 I cannot pretend I do not hurt about what I read and see in the news, on the streets, everywhere I look. It is like something has been stirred in me—I think it is because of the Spirit. Please know that I hurt for the victims of any and all violence. I abhor violence. Violence is not wrong because of perspective. It is wrong because it is not right or Godly. Remember…LOVE… Confrontation was something I never ran from years ago but I try to avoid it now. I would rather have peace with all people than to say I am right about something…usually 🙂 . That was not my nature in the past.


I am not trying to be against others with this post only to tell that I hurt. Maybe I don’t matter but others do…and what we say and what we do matters. A man is dead. What he has done or did not do should be immaterial. I have heard the vilest of things come out of the mouths of people who call themselves “good.” I understand being upset but is this what God wants us to do? To be so awful to others? No. I also do not believe that we should attack others for their beliefs. Remember my post on LOVE. Jesus didn’t attack. He only answered and He did so without confrontation. That was who HE IS!!!! We should follow His example. We cannot attack. We cannot separate. We cannot find fault. We cannot judge. Where are the hands of Christ? We are His hands and we should be aiding and not fighting, offering ourselves. We have been seeking to persecute just as Jesus was persecuted. Sound familiar?


I could go on and on about this because I hurt so bad for others. You may not like the way I see things. It does not matter. I had a difficult time deciding how to post this but the post is because I love my God and I try my best to love my neighbor. When it is my time to answer, “Amy, did you do everything God wanted you to do?” I want to say, “YES!” I have not always done so, but I cannot sit and take it anymore. I love my God…our God! And, I do not claim to have ownership of Him but share Him freely. May God help us all to love and be the hands of Christ. And, may we treat others with the respect that God wants us to. Only God has the power to judge. Be blessed.



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