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Peace. True peace. I want that for myself, for others—to be so satisfied and content. It can happen. 😀 Imagine a world with peace. Hmmmm. Is that achievable? My adulterated response is, “No!” but my faith response is, “YES!” We can never achieve something if we fail to try. It doesn’t just happen by chance. It requires work. So, what does a butterfly have to do with peace?


A butterfly signifies various things in differing cultures and religions. Some cultures see it as the soul of life—the part of us that makes us who we are—a living thing that desires to live but it leaves the body when we die. Some see the butterfly as a symbol for resurrected life that carries on after death—some see it before death. Some see the butterfly as the innocence of life. What does the butterfly mean to you?


Peace, true inner peace. I will venture to say that most religions/faiths have the belief that there is “something” greater than ourselves and that our faith is not just a rigid regime but a call for us to better ourselves in the hopes that we can live together in peace. Many times we get caught up in the thinking we are better, superior, more knowledgeable, etc.


Whatever a butterfly symbolizes, it is usually of life of some sort. Young children love to watch butterflies…and chase them, too 🙂 . As the butterfly rests on a flower and the child reaches for it, the butterfly will fly away—usually not far and this act is repeated again. Children. Hmmmm. Their innocence. That is what I strive to be more like—a child 😀 . One who does not hate, does not have animosity toward others—only the innocence needed to see God.


Peace… It begins from within… within each of us. As our souls find peace, we are linked together. 🙂

May your soul be the butterfly of life forever more!


Note:  Years ago a friend was being treated for cancer and we (my women’s group) made a prayer quilt for her to use and have through her treatment. She still treasures it to this day—butterflies are her favorite. The butterfly background I added to my blog is from the prayer quilt I made another friend who is undergoing cancer treatments. The butterfly… symbol of life and hope and of course, peace!

Be blessed always! 😀

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