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From the time we find out we are pregnant to the time of our baby’s birth we take on the responsibility for another life—not just our own. Whatever we put in our bodies is not just for us but for our baby, too. Later, as our child grows we are responsible for its well-being, its health, its education—everything. Mothers have so many jobs to tackle…family being the most important in my opinion. We do the best we can with what we have. Others may judge and say we don’t do enough or do not do it “right” but truth is we could all do better.


As a mother, I feared for my children that something might happen to them…sickness and other things. Later, I worried that they would make poor choices and hurt someone else. A parent’s job is never over. Once a parent always a parent no matter what. We want so much for our children…the best. We want them to have more than we did. We want them not to hurt or suffer. We don’t want anyone to hurt them or talk bad about them.


Mothers. I am so thankful to be a mom…a mother… 😀 . I thank God that He has allowed me to take on that role and to do it the best I could…the best I can.


Happy Mother’s Day! 😀

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