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Jesus was a criminal in the eyes of many. He was seen as a traitor, an instigator, possibly rioter—definitely a protester.  Look around. I am sure there are some in the news (or have been) that fit this description and more. Jesus was punished. He was hung on a cross for his “deeds.” When he was dead–life was no more–his body was taken down and placed in a borrowed tomb. Someone came forth to provide Jesus a burial place. Sound familiar? How dare I compare Jesus to criminals of today, right?


God loves us no matter what. How dare we want any less for others than we would want for our Savior or for ourselves. Hmmmm. My heart still weighs heavy about the burial of this man in the news–that there is so much discussion of where he is buried–so much hatred–so much vitriol. It shouldn’t matter. I don’t know about everyone else but if we call ourselves a Christian nation, don’t you think we should act like it?


Jesus freak

My hand today 🙂


Years ago my children got into the trend of WWJD—”What Would Jesus Do?” I thought it was accurate—and to the point—teaching others how to think like Jesus. Perhaps we should all ask ourselves this question over and over all day, each day of our lives. Some do. Some don’t. My heart is going to weigh heavy on this for quite a while because I see the need for us to be more Christ-like. Sometimes it is very difficult to do the “right” thing. “Right” and “wrong” can be subjective but when it comes to treating others as Jesus would treat them or want us to treat them, we collectively need to do better. Please. Let us do this. For Jesus’ sake. WWJD? 😐



May we all follow God more closely and live only in His shadow reaching out to all! 😀

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