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You awake. It is morning. You say a quick prayer that consists of thanks and praise. You then run do bathroom duties and before you start your day, you begin with a morning devotion including meditation and prayer. This is important to you—essential. This is your faith. It is who you are. It gives you peace while preparing you to give unto others (and a whole lot more 🙂 ). In some ways it is more important than food that sustains your body. This is your daily routine. It connects you to God. It connects you to others. It is a YOUR lifeforce.


This is my routine as well as so many across the world, maybe with some variation and not solely restricted to my faith.


Suppose…there are people of our faith that persecute others—through words and actions—through shunning and death—attacks on those who do not believe as WE do. How does it make you feel to know others of your (our) faith are attacking because of the God you (we) believe in? I am speaking for all faiths. Does it cause you pain? Do you ask yourself, “Why?” “How?” Do you wonder how they (we collectively) can do such atrocities? I do—especially when peace is at the center or should be.


It happens with all faiths to some degree and moreso with others it seems. It can begin with a small thing and grow into something much larger. How do we do this to our brothers and sisters—people of this world—in faith—in the name of God…in the name of who we worship and pay homage to? No matter what we believe, who we worship, how we worship, how do we assault and hurt others? I think it is because “we” believe we are right and “they” are wrong. Look at history. I am not speaking from a Christian standpoint only. I am speaking about each of us with various faiths.


The Cocoon… It is a symbol of change. The Butterfly… It is the result of metamorphosis—change. As time passes, more attacks in the world will happen to all facets of faith and varying religions… “them” against “us” and “us” against “them.” Some attacks—many—are seen as retribution and vindication. Jesus said to turn the other cheek—actually, to offer the other cheek. 🙂 Let us be very careful to not retaliate and to not attack. It is so easy to choose a side. It is easy to attack others even with words and thoughts.


In the 1970s there was a TV show called the Six Million Dollar Man. The intro contained a phrase, “…we can rebuild him. We have the technology…” At this time, we have the knowledge to gain peace. It is what we do with that knowledge that counts. 🙂 

Peace to you always and Happy Gardening! 😀

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