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On my journey I found myself in the downward turn trying to gain enough momentum to get up the next hill. I called my “sister” to have one of our heart-to-heart talks and boy, did we ever. She is not only a shoulder but she knows my life and she knows where I should be. I “ain’t” there yet. She talked about how when we were young, I was the one she would come to for answers because of my knowledge of the Bible and my great faith.  I laughed. I do not remember giving earth shattering, world stopping advice or pieces of knowledge or shreds of wisdom. I remember sharing what I believed. I believed in the impossible because of God. I suffered growing up and depended on the hand of God each day. I knew who He was because He was what got me through. He was no figment of my imagination. He was not a part of my life because I had been brainwashed; He was real and He still is.


Present day


You see, I was very sure of my steps back in the day. I knew where I was and where I was going. I knew that the next step I took would land on solid ground and it did until I began to doubt. I keep going back to the story of Peter stepping out of the boat—stepping out on faith because this is what God has been teaching me for so long now—to get my butt up and step out. Doubt will get you every time. I didn’t doubt that God existed. I doubted that He would make me strong enough to get through, that the next step was solid, that no matter what happened that I would be ok. I began to doubt myself and that I would have the courage to give to God what was needed. I am still having trouble.


I made a grave mistake a few weeks ago because of it. I doubted God. It is hard for me to admit that but I did. I choked and looked down or vice versa. I saw nothing there and began to sink. For a year and a half I have been pushing God, asking, “Why not now? I’m ready.” When the time came…I fell, I questioned, I pushed away. This would make a good lesson in being prepared when God is ready. When God calls and needs us to go—we need to go! Remember, everything in God’s time? Guess what. It’s God’s time! He didn’t have someone blow a trumpet or sound an alarm for me to get ready. He expected me to be ready. He called and I … fell flat on my face. 😐 I would have been ok had I kept my eyes straight ahead.


This has very painful consequences for me and I hide my face because of my actions or inactions, but this is not the end of the story… I’m stepping out of the boat. This time it is because the boat is sinking… (faster than the Titanic). Funny about God. If you don’t get your butt up and moving when He wants, sometimes He forces you. Normally, I would have cowered in the boat until I got my courage up. Not this time.


I was given a hand, a promise, a life preserver and I wouldn’t take it because I thought it was too good to be true. Hard lessons. Does it mean that things have changed for me in the bigger picture or even the smaller picture? No, not exactly. God knows my needs and I still have a job to do. But, this means I have to work harder and this time I have to show God that I am ready. Please say a prayer if you will so that I can find the real Amy 😀 . She is the only one who can make it through these next few months. That Amy won’t cower in a boat or look down. She will act and accept that hand, that promise, and life preserver when God is ready to offer it again. Most importantly, she will face everything head on but only because she will keep all eyes on God. 😀

Happy Gardening and remember to be prepared and stay focused on HIM 😀 !


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While I was tidying up the last day of vacation I found Gus on his back in the kitchen and sent number one daughter this photo of him doing the backstroke. I left him for a while to be sure he was dead but thought I saw him move, then dismissed it.


Next, the time came… I told him not to move and I reached down to get him (to dispose of—shhh!) … and he waved at me … (eye roll 🙄 ). That scared the p-turkey out of me (whatever that means).


I texted all of this to her and that I hate “crunch” (you know—when they aren’t dead yet). She asked if Gus was a cockroach… LOL 😀 Then she asked if I had seen any scorpions… 😯


OMG … SCORPIONS? I hadn’t thought of that. Told her I thought I would know since I wasn’t in the morgue or the hospital—was upright and walking. She asked where I was walking… (eye roll :roll:). I guess she thought I was outside doing exercise when I was just inside? Oh dear! I tell her that I am walking to the kitchen and she said she guessed I wasn’t in the morgue. Good guess. 😆

I said, “Nope.” And she says, “Phew.” Hahahahaha..!!!


She is a smart one. I think I will keep her! This is what we do… This is natural. Comedy? Maybe. LOL 😀

Now, who said my life was boring? 😀

Happy Gardening! 😀

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I have heard this song done many ways. I love this rendition and I had to share! 🙂

Thank you to a special blogger 😉 who posted this. It has touched me deeply. The lyrics can be found HERE and she can found HERE. 😀

Happy Gardening!

Hallelujah! May your day be blessed! 😀

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Knowing you have Bibles in a suitcase about to be searched as you are passing through customs and Bibles are on the contraband list. Your life is in danger but something happens—something extraordinary.


I remember listening to the story from a man who risked his life to take Bibles across the border. This wasn’t someone I heard about and didn’t know. He became a figure in my life even through his death. I stayed at his house when I was in graduate school until I could get an apartment. I remember listening to his stories when I was younger of not only smuggling Bibles into the country but also the eagerness of people to learn about God and to physically touch a Bible. The stories inspired me and so did the willingness to risk one’s life. Was it enough to take action when called?


It has been a long time since I heard him tell the “Bible Story” but it went something like this. He was waiting to get checked through customs going into the country and all bags were being searched. There was no way he was going to get out of this. And, one didn’t just pass through with contraband and have it discarded. It was illegal. There were harsh penalties, but there were people on the other side who were awaiting the prized possessions he carried. It is almost like the Corrie ten Boom story of her smuggling a Bible passed the guards of the concentration camp. For some reason (and I don’t believe it was by chance) the Bibles were not discovered. 🙂


This same man started a mission with the Bible. He had a vision. That mission is still alive today but rather than smuggling Bibles, they offer aid to countries in need – aid not only in monetary form but mission trips are made.


Missed opportunities… (and you will see why I harp on having no missed opportunities)


A decade ago, maybe more, I was asked if I wanted to accompany a group being sent out of country. I had doubts. It was a big trip, exciting, but my health had started to decline a bit and I didn’t want to have a seizure or worse and not be able to get help. In essence, I didn’t step out on faith. I sank faster than Peter or maybe worse…I didn’t make it out of the boat. I didn’t trust the One who is the only one I can trust. 🙂 I have regretted that decision, too.


So…could you do it? Could you step out on faith and do the impossible? I hope so! I pray so! 😀


Happy Gardening!

May you have many opportunities to show your faith! 😀

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Do you take time to sit back and enjoy a sunset? Perhaps you are driving when you notice beautiful colors splashed across the sky. Do you pull into a parking lot and inhale the beauty?

I have goose bumps now—really 😀 . Sunsets are a favorite of mine especially the ones with color everywhere. I get so excited to see the sun paint beautiful pictures in the sky, on the water, all around me. I watch as a small child. I wish I had a hill or mountain to observe—maybe the ocean—to see the sun gracefully set below the horizon. The only thing I can see here are trees. I love trees but those spectacular sunsets cannot be enjoyed without driving somewhere. Oh, but it is so worth it. To take in all of the beauty, to hold onto it just for a moment, to breathe deeply until darkness begins… Ahhhhh! 🙂


Sunsets are only a part of nature’s beauty but just as those stories I crave the ending to say, “And, they lived happily ever after,” the sun disappearing from sight is like closing the book on the perfect story. In my opinion, autumn is the right time to enjoy sunsets and guess what… autumn is just around the corner! 😀


Enjoy a sunset this week or perhaps this weekend! I hope you don’t regret it. 🙂 


Happy Gardening! 😀

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I had a reaction to the medicine I began taking yesterday. It is called Flagyl or the generic, Metronidazole. Sometimes being short has its advantages like when I fell last night. I didn’t have very far to go but I hit my head and some other great things happened. I also started to experience numbness like when I have a seizure.. twice.. earlier. I spent some time on the floor but luckily my daughter was here at the time.

Last year it was Cipro. I took one pill and I was on the floor within 30 minutes and remained there all day and part of the night. My BP began dropping, more like nose-diving. I could not raise my head. That is some nasty stuff. 😦
Whether it is because I have an AVM or other vascular issues or due to my taking Phenytoin nearly 85% of my life (I began to say 90% but did the calculation 🙂 ), I have no idea. I found warnings for people with seizures and who take Phenytoin. Hello, (hand wave)… that’s me. The seizures are usually controlled but the warning is there so this will not happen.
  • I am not the bacteria. 😀
Happy Gardening and may you have no problems with any medications! 😀

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For Christians, our ultimate goal in life is to reach heaven—simplistic terms. I have a question. Say you have lived your life on earth as a Christian, studying the Bible daily, giving of yourself because others need you. Basically, you have dedicated your life to God…living for Christ. You have gone through major hurdles…buried family, including your spouse, so when it is time to go (die) you are ready. We know what our reward will be. We know that this is not the end.


Let’s think figuratively for a minute. Say you have to ride a tram to get to heaven (don’t laugh—I’m trying to set the stage). All of the souls are waiting to get aboard. You grab the last seat and see there is only one soul left and no room, and no, you can’t squish together to let the soul on. You don’t know when or if you can catch another ride if you choose to give up your seat. You are eager to be on the other side. You have been living for this moment all of your life. It’s your seat. You don’t have to do anything. Your place is waiting.



But…you notice this soul seems younger. You feel sorrow but don’t know why. It is your empathy that is affecting your compassion. The driver of the tram gives notice that he is about to take off and everyone should be secured on board. Others are laughing and joking. They are jubilant about the journey and the destination. You look at the soul about to be left to behind. You ask yourself if you should give up your place. A voice tells you that this is your place (please allow me some leeway for this story) and not someone else’s.


Something is nagging at you…

Can you walk into heaven knowing you had the opportunity to give your seat up and didn’t?  Would you give your seat up for the soul?


This is a fictitious story but written based on Jesus’ teachings. Sometimes there are no other choices. It is either one or the other and not both. Decisions have to be made. God knows our hearts. We cannot hide anything from Him.


  • Was your first response to stand up and get off to allow the soul a place without any reservation?
  • Did you think what you might miss if you did stand up?
  • Did you wonder why someone else could not give his or her seat up?
  • Did you hesitate? 🙂


No judging on my part. This is only a scenario, but we tend to hesitate at some point along the way. That is why we are given so many opportunities to get things right. 😀


Please think about this. God knows when we hesitate. He knows when we think twice about doing what we are called to do. He sees how we think, we act, and how we love.

Love completely—without reservation. It will come back to you so many times and fulfill you with true abundance. Remember the parable of the Sheep and the Goats. What we do unto others is what we do unto Jesus. 🙂


Happy Gardening! 😀


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082013-1Sounds sexist doesn’t it? It’s not. Here is the story. A friend needed me to do something this past Saturday night. She didn’t expect me to do as much as I did but she does so much for me—including taking me to the airport the other week and sitting shotgun when meeting with a certain person. She has seen me go through so much.


When I got to her house, we sat and had a nice chat. She has been an inspiration and is a little different than many people I know—I’m so glad 😀 . She is honest—period. Don’t ask her something unless you want to hear the truth. That wasn’t our chat Saturday. That’s how she is and I love her to death. Our chat was about things in my life. She has been very concerned. She knows more than the public does about what has been going on and she has been a part of my family’s lives since my mom moved to Augusta so many years ago—she is one of my several inherited friends. 🙂


Last summer, about this time, I was at the end or felt like it. Truthfully, I didn’t want to live anymore…not like I was – hearing lies and not being able to do anything. I was in prayer with God—in the bathroom of course—my favorite quiet place. I told Him I couldn’t go on—that I could not live like this. I know people think I’m crazy—rightfully so. God said that my miracle was beginning. Beginning? What does that mean? I asked, “What miracle?” Of course I got no response on that one. But, just as usual, He said I must be patient. I’m not a patient person. I have issues with patience though I am patient to an extent.


I had no idea (and still don’t-not for sure) what miracle He was talking about. I have seen so much of His hand in my life that I can’t tell where the miracles start and stop and I don’t think it matters. 🙂 I know it does not matter to me. (In fact, as I was writing this, sure enough another miracle happened, but that’s another story. 😀 )


This past Sunday morning, this friend gave me a card that speaks volumes but others will not understand the significance unless they know the story. I haven’t even told her yet 😀 . Here is what the card said,

Although your situation may seem impossible…

Just remember through Christ all things are HIM-possible!

Your Miracle’s on the Way!


I believe in miracles. I exist because of them…including especially because of friends 🙂 .

Happy Gardening and may you be so very blessed! 😀


  • Card sentiment and pattern from American Greetings.

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Fairies, like butterflies, flit and float along the way. We think of them as thoughts belonging only to children…well, and Walt Disney. Close your eyes. Take in a deep breath and see the beautiful flowers around.  The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and there is the occasional buzz of a bee. Serenity surrounds you like a snuggly blanket. A smile comes to your face. Perhaps you get goosebumps or a slight chill. Your smile grows larger. This is the place of peace. This is your place.


I like to think of fairies bouncing from one person to another, touching us ever so slightly to bring us to this place, to bring a smile to our face. What job do I want when I grow up? That of a fairy. 😉 I want to be able to touch each person and give them that peace within and to give smiles all over. I have been working on it. 😀


If you ever feel tempted to close your eyes and think of a beautiful garden filled with stupendous flowers that brings a smile to your face, you may have been touched, even kissed, by a fairy. 😀 What? You don’t believe in them? Hmmm. Close your eyes. Think of the beauty. You are there. 😀 Fairies. They are like butterflies and one day, I hope it is me. 😀 😀 😀


I write from the heart. I write of things I see important in life. I hope you do, too! 😀


Happy Gardening! 😀

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When a fellow blogger posted this video the other day, I watched it…once, twice, so many times. The music is great. I love piano music but to see the moon like this is spectacular–complete heaven.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. There is something magical about it…it makes me smile all over just like a certain someone… Take care! 😀

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