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What do you believe?

How strongly do you believe?

How sure are you about what you believe?

Can it stand the test of all tests?

Do you believe because everyone else believes or do you believe because it is a part of you?


When you are asked—questioned about your beliefs, what do you desire to come from your conversation—the outcome? For you to be victorious over others?  A win for “your” side? Or, is it the offer of friendship, someone with a hand, a heart of compassion — you doing the offering? 🙂


111912-1Attitude is everything and we let our beliefs separate us. It isn’t about what divides us but if we can allow ourselves to love each other enough to let that which divides not conquer so that we tear down walls and fences. Difficult, yes? Well, it took over 50 years for me to get here. 😉 


I don’t care what you believe. Maybe it is because I sit on the higher side of 50 or maybe I have gotten tired of seeing bickering and fighting for no good. I want to say so much. I want us all to have the freedom to believe or to not believe. No one should have the power to force you to believe a certain way and no one should deny another.


It is hard to discuss this without getting a little hot under the collar but I want to protect those who don’t believe just as much as I will protect those who do. Where is this coming from, you ask?


Hmm. God leads us to the steps of places we don’t always choose. This is where my crazy journey has been lately. I will not tell you that you are wrong no matter how much I bite my tongue and wrestle inside. There is a story that needs to be told and I have to wait a bit longer. Emotions are something that get tied up in my beliefs and they are a little fresh right now.


Please think about what you believe. If you have questions and/or doubts, fill in the holes, find answers, be confident in what you believe. Don’t fear. Be prepared. Know it in your heart. If you don’t have the questions or answers, communicate with those who are also of your belief. Study and study more. Belief to me is very personal—extremely. If you are questioned, know what you believe and be ready to share it. Hint…I avoid confrontation as much as possible but I will discuss things—but not under duress.


This is not a war. People are not the enemy. We should never strike at someone. I hope this makes sense. 

Have a great day and Happy Gardening in your life and in your heart! 😀

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