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I was reading a fellow blogger’s post this week. You may know him and/or follow him. If not, I encourage you to do so 🙂 . Bill wrote about his and his wife’s (Mary) honeymoon (link)—not typical by any means. They have recently celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary—also not typical in today’s times either, but their life isn’t a typical one you could say. There have been tremendous hardships and burdens that they have faced and I only know of the glossy version.


Bill has ALS and it is nothing short of a miracle and so very many prayers that he is here today. Anyway, not to take away from this great story he related in his blog (link) that I think you will appreciate but a comment sewed everything together. 🙂

“Together, the Lord has allowed your joys to be doubled and your burdens halved as He has held the both of you ever so close to His heart.”

Being yoked with the one you love and who loves you so that each step you take is together–that is so important. Imagine the joy being doubled and the hardships cut in half. Each of us can also be yoked to someone who will always love us…and that’s the Savior. It goes both ways—with that partner who chooses to be with us and God, whom we choose to be with.


Isn’t the comment beautiful? You can visit her blog here (link).  She has also suffered hardships and burdens. Life isn’t easy sometimes but I hope the joy is worth all of the bad times, the tears, the pain, all of life’s burdens.

This is a song you may like 🙂 . It was suggested by Lisa at Rest Ministries (link). Funny how things are tied together. 🙂

Take care and Happy Gardening! 😀


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