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You can’t buy respect, not true respect, but you can earn it. And, patience…it is something that develops over time…maybe 😀 .


We are told to wait patiently on the Lord but we have a hard time with patience especially when we see THE problem and the other person cannot (or will not). We are eager to give advice. We grow impatient with others when they do not heed our advice. 😉 Each of us has been on both sides probably—giving and receiving advice.


I have been the receiver of much advice over the last two years and I have given advice that fell on deaf ears (or so I thought with a certain individual). I have been impatient with things around me as much, or more so than those who saw me as not heeding their advice.


We have to remember, if we put things in God’s hands, He will take care of them. It may take a long time, and it will be in His way, but… God works in His time and often He is waiting on us or others. Sometimes we don’t see what God is doing in the lives of the ones we give advice to, either. That is important to remember. We may not see what is happening but it doesn’t mean that something positive is not happening.


Patience is not something that comes easily with me especially when I know the person. I have been travelling down a long road and had no idea where it was leading, where the tunnel would take me, what I was supposed to learn, what treasures I would meet along the way, etc. While I continue down the road, I am not in the tunnel anymore. Go figure. 🙂 Yeah… I can look back and see where I have come and how far and know that I have grown tremendously.


God prepares us even when we do not know or understand. By the way, some of my troubles are getting rather difficult but I am who I need to be. I’m ok—well, to a point. I have been climbing this hill—MOUNTAIN (HUGE mountain)—all of this time trying my best to get to the top. My husband—yes, I’m still married—has also been climbing a mountain. It hasn’t been easy for either of us. As for these mountains, it turns out that they aren’t the same so we will continue to untie the ties that still bind us together and attempt to make new ties. He has changed…to an extent. At least he has grown. 🙂


One of my prayers has been that he would evolve into the father he needs to be for all of his children. Boy, do I have a huge heart—a really huge heart as evidenced in this picture (I took the photo 🙂 ). No, it’s not easy (it is downright hard) but it is the right thing to do. It is what it is. 🙂

Putt-Putt 11-11-13

Putt-Putt 11-11-13 (his son’s birthday and this is our oldest daughter)


Somewhere along the way, we as humans become humble. We learn to appreciate what God gives us. And, we learn to respect others. Hmmm… Life. Go figure! 😉


Happy Gardening in everything you do and good luck in climbing all of your mountains. 😀

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