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Love…can be hard to describe. A fellow blogger (link) said this about love—  “True love isn’t a feeling, it’s a sacrifice.”


That is so true—it’s a willingness to give and it doesn’t apply to just romance. I think this is what all love is about–sacrifice, giving.


What do we love? And, how do we love?

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You want to know what is wrong with so many relationships? This is it. We don’t love—not like we should. We get up in the morning and the day is spent trying to find time for “me.” We chase that thought throughout the day and the more we attempt to do this, the more “me” wants and desires. The day is spent trying to please “me.” And … the less “me” gives.


When we think in terms of “me,” “me” is selfish and wants more—never able to be satisfied. I have a theory that until we learn to be humble (or are reminded), “me” will never be satisfied. It’s just a thought 😉 but I think it is valid. Just like we learn compassion from pain and sorrow, we learn to love out of humility.


I have to take a deep breath at this time of year because even though this is the time of giving, a time of love, and a time of receiving, it is also very taxing trying to balance everything. The “me” wants a share for herself—a quiet night not worrying about anything—an afternoon free of shoppers and irate drivers—silence to meditate, etc. I don’t want to give only at this time of year. I don’t want my bank of love to be deficient come January. I have to make sure that there is enough to go around as we all should. In other words, I need to be refilling my bank of love. If it isn’t being refilled, I need to make changes so that it will be. 🙂


So …

  • What do we love?
  • What are we willing to sacrifice?
  • For whom are we willing to sacrifice?


 Happy Gardening and here is a warm hug for you! 😀


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