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Right or wrong,

Left or right,

Pink or blue,

Black and white;

Yes or no,

Good or bad,

Evolution…or creation.

What ?

Where did that come from ?

Some people tell me that if I believe in evolution then I cannot believe in creation (or creationism)—and, conversely, if I believe in creation then I cannot believe in evolution. Hmmmmm.


Frankly, people can believe whatever we want but … Where do I fit? How much of a Christian am I if I believe in evolution? Does it matter? Surely you want to know. You may even say that I cannot believe in both.


  • Can someone believe in evolution and yet believe in God, creationism, or anything religious?


I don’t fit on a scale. I cannot be measured. I have to say this … I believe the earth is more than 6,000 years old AND … I do believe in evolution. That might sting but I do. Does that mean I am not a Christian? Heck NO! I can be called whatever others choose to call me (or not call me) but that doesn’t mean they are “right.” The truth is:  It isn’t about right or wrong.


The glass may be half empty or it may be half full. I’m not sure that saying has much to do with optimism or the sentiment that if it is half empty—it needs to be refilled. 😉 Also, the glass may look blue in color to you while it looks purple to me. Will we argue who is right or who is wrong? You will still see it blue and I will see it purple. What matters … if we are going to fill the glass–we argue about petty things.


God is more than any of us realize and I wish we would quit trying to quantify God or set limits. What I call God or who I call God is indescribable — I have not seen Him/Her or other. And—I, nor anyone else—can own or reserve Him/Her/It (whatever your belief or no belief) for ourselves.


Take someone’s hand—no matter their belief—and come dance … in the sun, rain, or snow! 😀

~ ~ 😀 ~ ~


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