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One of the scariest times of my life… This is what happens when too much ice accumulates on trees (I had mostly pines)…my poor house and yard.

This is not snow…this is ice only…small itsy-bitsy, teeny tiny pellets–sleet and frozen rain (tears, maybe). I could not believe how much there was. It began on Tuesday the 11th, continued through Wednesday and then it began to snow a bit on Thursday morning–no snow accumulation. In the photo below:  the left, where it appears to be less, is the driveway and to the right is the ground where there was more accumulation. This is the only pretty picture…and it ain’t pretty. 😉 Footprints should give you an idea how deep it was.


Ice — doesn’t look that bad, does it? 😉


This is what I saw after the first tree came down Wed night. The second tree is still standing at the time. The house is to the left and the base of Tree A that snapped in two is to the right. The biggest part that fell is pointing toward the house 🙄 I didn’t see what it did to the house until later. When it came down, the power was out and it was dark. There is a brick patio under there somewhere.


Patio pic #1


This is looking into the backyard from the front—with the shed on the right (right of pic #1). I could not even get to the backyard until later—it’s a good thing.


Patio pic #2


This is some of the front yard. This is not a tree down…only limbs. Yeah…a mess.


<- Driveway           House ->


A tree from my neighbor’s yard fell across the road (toward me 😉 ). I took the photo after the road was cleared a bit.


Driveway and road where tree had fallen

My nice driveway. Very few limbs–the only place that did not have limbs or trees. 😉


Now for 2 pictures where trees meet the house. This is the first hit. Hard to see with the shadows but my eave is missing as is some of the roof.



Doesn’t look so bad in the pictures I guess but… The one laying on the house…that’s the story I told before where I was out in the road attempting to remove the one blocking the road. I heard it snap and then watched it fall. It damaged the roof and the ceiling below it.

This concludes the ice tour 2014. Be careful and watch your step as you exit the vehicle–don’t trip. 🙂

By the way, I know people are making fun of all this–that it is nothing–that “we” southerners are making a big deal about it all and that others deal with this all of the time. That may be true but I will say it again…I have never EVER seen this much damage for an ice storm and I have never seen this much ice at one time. Houses weren’t brought down everywhere but this is unreal–surreal. I thought people were over exaggerating when they said ‘catastrophic’ possibilities but I also thought the same when Jim Cantore stood on the shores of Mississippi just before Hurricane Katrina came in and said, “Everything you see here will be gone,” and it was. 


I was hit exceptionally hard. I don’t know why but it isn’t because I have lack of faith or that I am not a good person or whatever reason someone can think of. Things happen, period. I thank God for everything that I have and need. I love snow–I hate ice. 🙂


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