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This isn’t about me or the movie but rather, it is about others. How can we treat others differently than we want to be treated?

You know the scene in Top Gun where “Maverick” comes back to fly after “Goose’s” death? They are in the Indian Ocean and there are “migs” in the area? Remember that “Maverick” could not engage…get in the position to take the shot? Top Gun was one of my favorite movies—I love fighter planes. I would have loved to fly one. I’m like “Maverick” – not as cool as he is but I can’t seem to engage like I should.


To add to everything that is going on in my world, and that’s not to mention everything in all of the world, I was deeply hurt this weekend and this week by something. At the center:  I’m upset about how people treat Muslims. I had someone on FB yesterday start stuff and then someone else and someone else… What in the world? And then their talk switched to the president—nasty talk. I really don’t believe what I hear sometimes—nor read.

After 9/11, I felt hurt that people (terrorists) would target such a vast amount of individuals—civilians and no, I don’t believe all of the crazy conspiracy theories that are out there. I know it is so easy to fall in that train of thought but I remember when we had yet to grasp the enormity of the hatred toward the US but we were feeding our hatred of others. There was a town hall type of meeting on TV to talk about what had happened, the feelings and all. I remember a young girl spoke about how the highjackers might have felt—seeing it from their viewpoint—what might have driven them to do such. She was sympathetic and I could not on earth imagine being sympathetic toward anyone who would kill the pilots and fly the planes into buildings. Senseless first of all. Why would I want to be sympathetic? I took offense at what she said. Hmmm.


Guess what? This young girl was absolutely right. People see the US as very selfish, very materialistic, very uncaring, very carnal and sex crazed. And, we are. Not all of us are like that but the bad things will always stand out especially if you are looking for them. Somewhere along the way, I began to be sympathetic—not the thought of killing or harming someone but to the hearts and souls of the ones who “attacked”—the little boys they once were—the mature and wise men they will never be. We can say they were not human but they were. I have thought of the holes left in their families’ lives. Sure, we can think that they are hailed as heroes and they may be but we can’t keep up this hatred. It isn’t about who is better or who is right. It is about getting along. Why can’t we do that? Why is it so dang hard? Are we really that much against others?


It’s funny. Being a woman, I may see things in a different light but I have this strange idea that there are women out there who think the same way I do…that it doesn’t matter what we believe if it means our husbands and sons will die. I think there are those of us who want to move past the hatred because we see a bigger picture. Maybe because we are nurturers by nature, I don’t know. I just think we should learn to put our thoughts of hatred to the side and be humans again. I know we all cannot trust everyone fully but what are we doing to ourselves and to our children and the next generation after them and so on? With each bad thing we say, even the smallest, the more we reinforce to ourselves and our children how much we hate others. We separate and we hate. It’s not what others do to us…it is what we would have others do. Treat others as we would want to be treated. Where have I heard that before? 🙂


I have been critical of those who refuse to tolerate others because of their religion, their color, their height 🙂 (or lack of) … whatever it is. I have become tolerant and loving to others but now those who don’t tolerate, I have trouble. If I said I was Muslim, what would you say? Would you accept me with open arms? What if I was atheist? Or, gay? Alcoholic or a drug user? What if I said I killed someone or stole money? What is the worst thing you can think of? What if I did that? Hatred and separation have to stop somewhere. It’s in our hearts. We have to do something about it. We have to find and show LOVE. We have to teach it to others.


I’ll get back to normal one day–whatever normal is. 😀




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