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Whether you are Irish by blood, have adopted Ireland as the Motherland, or are just a tad partial to green…this is the day we all remember our Irish roots. I have wanted to go to Ireland since I was a wee child, when I learned that my paternal grandmother’s family line left there … but it was way back in the 1700s. Ireland holds mystery because I don’t know the reasons they left but I feel sure they were oppressed in some way or at least saw the move as a positive one with hopes and dreams for the future…for generations to come.

We tend to look at Ireland through rose colored glasses—we see the intrigue, mystery, unknown…we see the good things—positive things. Heck, Ireland is about half the size of Georgia (ok, it’s a little larger than half) and there are castles everywhere. Who wouldn’t be fascinated? Only someone that sees that type of thing all of the time—duh 😀 . I didn’t know until this year that giant sequoias grow in Ireland. There is much more and history is just a part of it.


Ireland…(BIG sigh)…if I could, I would leave today and it would be an extended trip… Hey! It’s my dream 😉 . I would stay at least for 6 months (more) to do some family digging, to visit places I want to see… Hey, it’s a dream. Throw a harp in there while we are it 😆 . Excuse me while I go back to dreaming… 


Oh, and it wouldn’t be Ireland to me without a little Enya…



Happy St Patrick’s Day!


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I thought this was good…great…! 😛 I borrowed it from FB. 🙂


Sean goes into the pub and asks for three pints of Guinness. He sits there and sips from the first one, then the second, and the third. He does this until finally all three pints are finished. He pays the bill and leaves.



A couple of nights later he comes back and repeats the ritual. This goes on for a while and finally the bartender’s curiosity gets the better of him and he asks why the three Guinness and why drink them all together the way he does.

“Well, ” says Sean, “My brother Michael is in the USA and my other brother Liam is in Australia. We can’t meet in the pub and share a Guinness, so we have an agreement that whenever we go have a drink, we order three pints and pretend we’re together.”

The bartender thinks to himself, “What a wonderful idea.”


A few months go by and one night Sean comes in and he orders two Guinness. The bartender is afraid to ask, but Sean seems fine, so finally the bartender says, “I see you’ve only ordered two Guinness tonight. Did something happen to one of your brothers?

“No, no,” says Sean, “They’re both fit as a fiddle and healthy as horses!”

“So why only the two Guinness?” asks the bartender.

“Ah, well now,” says Sean, “I’ve given up Guinness for Lent.”


😆 😆 😆


Blessings… Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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