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*  Dungeon Prompts — Season 2, Week 12:  “What Does Love Look Like?”


Love is making someone’s face light up—to give them what makes them happy no matter who it is. Love is a child who plucks a dandelion from the yard to give to his mom. To see Mom’s face become so electrified as if she has received all of the treasures in the world. Love is romance, young and fresh experiences. Love is all of this and so much more.


Love is answering the phone at 3 am to hear a friend cry her eyes out one more time. Love is standing so someone may have a seat. Love is seeing a person walking down the street and offering him a ride. It is willingness to help someone when they are in need. It is doing things for a neighbor and never saying anything about it—she may never know or acknowledge and she may talk bad of you. Love is stopping in busy traffic to pull an old man out of a ditch who has fallen off his lawn tractor, checking to see if he is ok—and worrying about his well-being later on. It is observing a child as she is fascinated with a small pill bug. It is watching the wonder in her eyes.


Love is this and more. Love is giving to others and asking for nothing in return. It is not only a feeling but a state of consciousness…a state of being. It is commitment to oneself and to one another. And, it is never selfish.


Love is sacrifice and willingness to share even when the pantry is almost empty. Love is a mother who gives up her food so her child will thrive. Love is taking care of a family member and giving until it hurts. It is when her husband comes home to relieve her so she might get a few hours of sleep. Love is risking everything so family will be safe.


Love is asking a friend to drive her to see her daughter because the daughter has been rushed to the emergency room. And, love is no hesitation in answering or doing so. Love is being taken advantage of, hurt beyond belief, and then trying to save that friendship never pointing out what happened. Love is willingness to be a sacrifice, to stand up and let people mock and hurt…and not to retaliate—to continue to show love the best she can.


Love is seeing someone, to smile at them—even beaming brightly—hugging the person so tightly I don’t want to let go. Love is that spark in the hug you feel when you truly connect—truly hug. Love is the willingness to step in the shoes of others and walk—to see from their eyes. Love is making no judgment, no assessment that divides. Love is seeing us all the same and willing to risk reputation so others can see, too. Love is willingness to stand in the gap even if it means she loses everything.


Love is letting go of the husband she dearly loved for so long so he can be free to lead his life and be a father to the child he brought into the world without her. Conversely, love is a man who cares for his wife after 50 years of marriage, combs her hair, feeds her, tending to her every need without registering a complaint—wanting to do more.  (Deep breath.)


Love… (smile) Love is reassuring someone that you are there for them when they receive bad news. It is giving a smile to someone waiting in the doctor’s office, or in the checkout line, and to the person who just cut me off in traffic. It is restraint—holding back and not saying things that will hurt the other or to polarize one another more than I have already. Love is refusal to argue when there is nothing to debate. It is looking deep within myself and asking what prejudices I have that prevent me from accepting someone…and overcoming these obstacles. Love is giving a hand and not asking for it back.


This is how love looks to me–the true face of love. It is not so much passion as it is respect and commitment. Love has many faces but love is peace. Many of us chase what we think is love most of our lives taking a glimpse back every so often to see how close we come. Love…it’s a gift and it is giving…forgetting ourselves for one another. Love is grace. 🙂


Video from part 1 but from youtube. I love it! I LOVE IT! 😀 


Thanks, Sreejit! (link) 😀

Blessings to all… 🙂


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*  Dungeon Prompts — Season 2, Week 12:  “What Does Love Look Like?”


This is LOVE 😀  (watch their expressions):



This is what love means to me—pure and simple. And…a heart that allows one to cry at this video. 😉


I had the blog post ready to go and then discovered this video that I believe explains it all however the words are in part 2 (link).


Thanks to Sreejit for this prompt. Visit him at his blog (link) to read more blog posts on this subject and more of his talents.

I discovered this video through Shelly. Visit her at her blog (link). She is a member of Rest Ministries/Hope Keepers for the Chronically Ill (link) and writes wonderful devotions.


Blessings to all… 🙂

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