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We have various gifts—an array of talents—even skills that can be developed. One of my gifts is empathy. It is like a curse at times because I can feel the pain of someone just hearing about their condition never meeting them or knowing what they look like. People who can do this don’t understand how someone cannot empathize completely and so goes the other way, too.


Part of this is being in tune with one’s surroundings, knowing what to expect because of previous circumstances. Gifts are talents and what we choose to do with them is up to us. I could sit here and find fault about things I feel are “wrong” (from my perspective) or I can write about certain situations so someone else may see another viewpoint and hopefully become more aware of others.


Trees. We take them for granted. Forestry is a business that depends on good husbandry practices—being good stewards of the land. It takes decades for a tree to mature…longer for hardwoods compared to softer woods (in general). I love trees–some more than others. There is a tree that stands out from the others in this picture. Until the trees around it were cut down, no one really noticed its true magnificence and beauty. Some still don’t but that’s another story.


This is what we call progress—cutting trees so that more cars can pass through my neighborhood…an expressway. Not my idea of progress by the way. I get emotional about some things and this tree is one of those things because of what it represents…when we are not allowed to mature to the point we need to be in order to see the true forest…all of the trees…how important each one plays in the role of life. Of course, I’m not talking about trees but about people (trees, too). We each play a part. Using our gifts is important. Being able to use our gifts is important, too.


Embrace your talents. Develop them no matter what age you are. It is never too late. 🙂

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