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Are we teaching people how to love or how to hate?

There is a lot I want to say about that sexual dance we do in life—finding the partner we want to be with—the one who we want to spend the rest of our days with. By the way, I am working on the scary parts of my closet and I will have to open up about that as time goes along but what if we taught young ones to love others? Would they be so apt to take advantage of another?


People hook up for physical intimacy, if I can call it that, without much regard to the person—it’s mostly gratification of oneself. Relationships–or good ones–are not usually fostered through this type of behavior. It is easy to ‘want’ in this scenario—rather than give. Love, on the other hand, involves giving…of one’s time for one thing. We risk intimacy—more than just being physically close, and then there is compassion, etc. Even friends can be physically close in this sense of caring for one another. When guys or girls hook up with anyone—just to get their rocks off—there is more than just risky behavior in jeopardy. This only reinforces this behavior.


We are humans. That means we still have animal instincts but a human brain that should control our thoughts and selfish desires. We can teach ourselves how to react in certain situations—what is appropriate and what isn’t but we want the freedom to do as we please. That freedom comes with a cost. Selfish desires in my own marriage—not my desires—brought a child into the world. That child has been spoiled rotten and does not know the meaning of the word ‘NO.’ His mother is basically not a big part of the child’s life and the child’s father isn’t a part of my children’s lives any more—all because someone(s?) wanted to build a fantasy world that didn’t exist. How unfair it has been to everyone involved.


LOVEI’m sorry but I don’t see us teaching people how to be loving adults—romantically or just compassionately. People want what they think they deserve. It’s not all guys—girls too. This is why marriages are failing—because we don’t know how to put others before ourselves. We don’t know how to compromise. We see ourselves as deserving of pleasure and sometimes no matter what the cost. We want…


Kids are learning to use others earlier…trust is broken easier…friendships are not really good relationships, etc. We don’t know how to teach ourselves self-discipline and why should we? We need to. We need to learn what no means and we need to respect others. We need to teach others how to love. Have we forgotten what love means?


Take care of yourself…and be good to others.


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