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Today was Veterans Day (Happy Veterans Day to all of you out there). I noticed last night that Joanne’s was having a sale that ended today so I planned to run (drive by car) over and pick up some jewelry making supplies since they were 50% off (that is really good 🙂 ).


The Tennessee daughter called before I could get myself out of the house so I talked to her as I made breakfast and got ready. I don’t usually go out by myself—things happen when I do (hint)—and not good things. I wear dog-tags for a reason (medical alerts) but I never want them to be used if I can help it. I needed to be here to have lunch with the older daughter at 3 so I was in a hurry and wouldn’t you know it, my tires were low. I stopped by the gas station but that’s another story and was then on my way.


I decided to take the expressway—interstate…thinking that would be the quickest route and it usually is until I got on and found that traffic was bumper to bumper. You guessed it…a wreck…dad-blame it. What is with the traffic? It is like Christmas shopping season has begun. I started thinking I would be late. When I finally got to the store, I noticed the long line so I allowed myself about 20 minutes of “line time” and 15-20 minutes to get home with at least 10 minutes to spare. I didn’t plan for the next event…I should have known.


Side note:  My next topic at the counselor will be betrayal. I wasn’t ready to write about that yet but betrayal plays a big part in my life—betrayal, trust, and expectation. Ho-hum! 🙂


I left the store with plenty of time to spare, pulled out of my parking place ready to head to the expressway until this van pulled in front of me. Ok…each aisle is single laned…one-way with angled parking and no room for two-way traffic. I was going the correct way but Ms Van decided to go the wrong way. She wanted me to back up and let her through. I said, NO! I wasn’t going to give in because she was wrong. Usually, I would just move to the side to allow the other car to pass but there was no room and another car wanted to back out of their parking place, too.


Ms Van came closer. I was like… “What are you doing?” I kept thinking… “Is she really going to hit me?” I guess she was trying to scare me but she needs to find someone who isn’t flexing her ME powers 😀 .


My drawing of a bully


I don’t like bullies and think people should not intimidate. I don’t like people who cannot follow driving laws such as direction, stop signs, red lights, etc. Oh, and the use of directionals is always a pet peeve of mine or the lack of. As I waited for her to move, she refused so I sat there and waited so more…she approached even closer trying this time to ram me. Head—desk (repeat)…


Ok. This takes me back to the road rage guy of 2013 who got so mad that he exited his car and came to beat on my window trying to break it so he could beat the pulp out of me and probably kill me. People around me were scared for me and got out to see if I was ok. I cannot believe people act this way. He tried to ram me a few times and was lying in wait for me when I reached downtown. I don’t like bullies and the cops were almost as bad. That’s another pet peeve especially after being a cop’s wife for so long.


Back to Ms Van who tried again to hit me. Maybe she gets her way all of the time. She wasn’t today. She was going to have to hit me and good ole me holding the phone ready to call 911. She never would back up—almost scraped the side of my car but here is the clincher…


Ms Van was sure to roll down her window and call me a “bit_h” (rhymes with witch).  I could not believe it. People are so unreal. She kept telling me I was in the wrong and yet the road is clearly marked with an arrow. I guess things do not apply to her because she is special. She is special all right…I watched her run a stop sign and a red light and am shocked she wasn’t hit. I don’t wish bad things but I cannot believe this happened. There was a point where she was going to get out of her van and come over to me… I don’t think that would have gone well because I will not act like I did the first time. Last year, I had 911 on the phone and the police still wouldn’t press charges or file a report. The 911 operator was really worried about me and I was too. I was spooked for several weeks.


Bullies…big bad bullies. That’s what she was. She was no different than the guy who came after me except he got out and personally tried to harm me. I did nothing to either one of them–just minding my own business. What did they expect when they acted like bullies? Did they feel vindicated? Did they feel righteous? I’m still trying to figure out what happened but sometimes there is nothing you can do.


Protect yourself and drive safely! 🙂


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