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After a little delay, I finally got my blog going at My World Too. I decided to post pictures showing the beauty of our Earth. On Wednesdays, I will make a post about something I feel needs attention. Right now, PLASTIC is a dirty word to me. We use way too much plastic. Just recently, some of the food packaging I have been buying for so long…well, they had been using waxed paper but they switched to plastic. Non-biodegradable plastic does not break down easily. It lasts forever it seems. Even the plastics that do splinter into smaller pieces still leave little pieces that cannot be removed from soil easily. When this gets to the ocean, marine life suffers including water fowl. This is unacceptable. We are killing animals and causing them to suffer.


I’ll be on a plastic theme for a while. It is important to me and I am very passionate about this so if you would–please–I would very much appreciate if you could get involved. We are responsible for what we do and what we don’t do. We can demand certain things and work together–there is a thought I like to hear–to make our world better. Rather than complain, why not share something that you think we can do to help our Earth. Start a dialogue with others. Read and research. Be picky and use good sense. Don’t be swayed by certain things. Just like most things, the political machine is at work and trying to cast a bad light on efforts to help our Earth. We still have to compromise but we need to work together and we need to get off this fossil fuel binge we are on for our own good and the good of animals and the environment.


Today’s post at My World Too

It’s Wake Up Wednesday (link). Our Earth is important but we are treating her like crap. Hopefully, I will post something each week that will get your attention. My first concern is PLASTIC. It is a BIG concern!


  • Do you know how many plastics (a variety of polymers…non-biodegradable plastics) there are in your life each day?
  • Do you know how much plastic you use?
  • Can you recognize the plastic in your everyday life?

Here are some plastics. These are rather pretty, don’t you think? Nice colors…it makes you want to go buy some CD/DVD cases doesn’t it–don’t fall for it.


“Plastics” by Kevin T Houle (link) via flickr [Terms of Use (link) – no changes made]

It seems like everything is covered with plastic from food to garbage, packaging…it’s even in cleaners, toiletries, makeup…you name it. Plastic does not dissolve like toilet paper. It sticks around for years and years—lifetimes. And, sometimes it breaks down into small enough pieces that are not so visible but are still a danger to the environment and to us as humans.

Too much plastic #1

“Too Much Plastics #1” by Sergio Russo (link) via flickr [Terms of Use (link) – no changes made]

Look around and see if you notice plastic in your daily routine. Do you see it? Do you know where it goes once you are finished with it? So much plastic ends up in the ocean and in the bellies or marine life and water fowl. If we remain at the rate we are going, there will be no marine life left.

Is this acceptable to you? It is not acceptable to me. It’s important to me that we wake up and do something before it is too late if it is not too late already!


I will continue to post pictures of beauty–outstanding beauty–but I will also post what I believe to be one of our biggest downfalls and that is PLASTIC. Recycling is NOT the answer. We need less plastic–not more. 🙂 Our world needs us to help.



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