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Several years ago there was a hearing for the public to weigh in on the proposed building of a church in Alabama. It was to be built along the edge of a community and there was talk that this would be a good thing but people spoke out against it.. many came and said they didn’t want it. As each person voiced their opposition, the attendees cheered. A church? Opposition? Who could oppose a church?


Imagine a church being shunned by the community. Even the city council was against them. Some said it would cause problems with traffic. When that didn’t seem to satisfy the people wanting a place of worship the public said they would prefer to have a more commercial use of the land. Are you kidding? Everyone seemed against building this church. Who would dare? Every qualification was met but still the council voted 7-2 against it.


What do you feel? Is it upsetting to know that people would oppose the building of a place of worship?


Well, you know me. This wasn’t some satanic church nor was it another Christian church. It was an Islamic center. There weren’t 10 or 20 in town. To my knowledge, they did everything that was asked of them—met all the requirements so people had to get creative to oppose the church-center.


As long as we think that the church is a Baptist, Methodist, or Catholic Church everything is good. The people who are opposed are the “enemy” but as soon as we know it is an Islamic ‘church’ we blend in with the opposition and the “enemy” becomes the congregants.


I used to be like that.. well maybe not this bad but I used to feel uneasy but then I realized I have no more rights than anyone else. When we think we are the chosen ones–which in turn makes others not chosen–then we have built a wall between our brothers and sisters.


There is a verse from the Bible that comes to mind. It goes something like this… Whatever you did to the least of my brethren, you did to me.


Treat others as you would like to be treated and not as you ARE treated. Have a great Saturday! 🙂

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