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060713-1In today’s world we are quick to judge, quick to point a finger, quick to find the one(s) to blame. For every crime or problem, we must find the true culprit and bring justice to the world, right? No. If we would worry about our own lives then maybe everyone’s life would be better. I really believe that.


It used to be that when politicians ran for an office they had a platform they presented to the public. Once it was known, everyone knew where the politicians stood on the issues but these days platforms aren’t even used any more—not really. I read where someone was bemoaning a local race from last fall in which all of the yard signs rather than promote a certain issue about the candidates, they touted the evil of the president of the United States–not even another candidate for the same office. Well, this is why I abhor politics…the mean-spiritedness, the lies, the badgering, the nastiness.


A FB friend was voicing her concerns about how much politics she sees in her news feed. Oh boy do I understand that feeling! It can be so overwhelming. Sometimes it gets so bad that I unfollow friends…yick! Sorry! What is the use in facebook because after a while there isn’t much that comes through that isn’t political? What happened to those nice kitty or pet stories? I like to follow people in other countries—places I want to visit. I like to see photos from new photographers. I enjoy some of the groups I am a member because we get to share things. But then, some groups I don’t like so much and when that happens…bloopgone…delete. 🙂 … Well, it happens.


Speaking of facebook, I have a childhood friend who found me the other day—in fact she was my best friend growing up. That’s what happens when FB gets enough information. We aren’t close anymore and we don’t travel in the same circles but it’s nice to see what she is up to.


I am very protective of my relationships on FB…I’m not friends with most of my local friends for obvious reasons with the prime one being that I don’t want to be targeted again and I don’t want my children to become abused on FB again.


It’s hard to attain and maintain balance. We make choices every day that affect us and those around us. Sometimes they are small and simple but sometimes those choices become bigger and can lead to other things. As we grow, we collect and gather things. We tend to keep these things close. We need to make sure we know what we have in the things that we collect and in the friends that we choose to be with. I always ask, “Is it safe?”


As for politics…haha, you are on your own but there is this…


My daughter told me last night I should run for president  …  (eye roll)

I told her,   “I love you!”



Have a great day and remember to water your gardens! 🙂


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