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There is so much hatred being spewed and our words hurt others. I don’t think we understand what our words will do. The other day there was a picture posted with the president and bunny looking out over the mall in Washington. I was so ashamed to read the things posted and I want to share some of them with you…


  • I didn’t think Muslims celebrated easter
  • Easter is not about bunnies or monuments, it is about the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ!
  • So why do we have what looks like Obama standing next to the pagan “Easter bunny” facting an Egyptian symbol for the missing “member” (ahem!) of Osiris?
  • Why not a picture of Jesus resurrecting? Do we commemorate the first time a bunny stared at the Washington Monument?
  • Mr. President,  I do hope you realize the Easter Bunny is not the true meaning of Easter.
  • One rabbit and one ass
  • Of course your back is to us.
  • Too Bad you can not understand the meaning of this day. I will pray for your soul.
  • Apparently hate doesn’t observe religious holidays.
  • Pretty non-Christian photo from a Christian president on the holiest day of the year for Christians.
  • Easter is NOT about a rabbit!!!


Many of these (possibly all of them) were from people calling themselves Christian. I thought it was a cute picture and didn’t have anything to do with faith or religion and I didn’t have a problem with it because I don’t think we should be judged.


Then, there were these…


  • I love this picture!  It shows that our President is a humble man with a sense of humor.  Easter blessings to the Obama family.
  • Oh, I can almost hear the religious zealots’ heads exploding over this one.
  • See the negative comments and how religion is always misused to divide…


Where is the LOVE? Watch what you say but watch what you think… If you have love in your heart, you will show love. People believe they are speaking for God and I’m telling you that this vile hatred, the venomous bile that comes forth is not what any God would have. People believe evil is an entity, a thing, people, a monster but I am here to tell you that evil lives within us and it is love that can control the evil if we allow it.


Someone tried to argue with me today about love—they said they could hate the evil and still love. I said, “No. You can’t.” When you allow hate in, it consumes you. I know. So you must love and forget hate. Love will grow and push the hate out and there will be no evil left. 🙂


I’m not naïve. People will tell me that I am—that I don’t know the Bible and I need to kill myself (yes, 3 people told me that just today—Christian people told me that). What did I say that deserved such remarks…that Jesus came to love and not judge and that we cannot hate. 😐


Hate can’t live where love grows so …

fertilize your gardens, tend to the tender plants and allow love to grow. 🙂


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