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When I was young, I fantasized about having an older brother…one who could be there for me and help me when needed. Homework could have been so much easier… 😀 I wanted a brother who would be willing to teach me things and let me hang out with him…dreams… It wasn’t meant to be.


Much of my life I had big brothers…guys who took up for me. I wish they were still around. I remember in middle school, a boy in my class was physically picking on me. He hurt me a few times and I knew if I told on him that he would hurt me more so I kept quiet until one day he hit me in front of an older guy…one of the biggest guys on the football team. That didn’t go well—for him that is. Let me just say that my classmate never picked on me again and I have been indebted to my hero ever since. I haven’t seen him in ages but he was always special in my eyes.


People usually come into my life when I need them most. You might say it is God or Karma or something else or just happenstance… Whatever it is…I’m thankful. 🙂


How is your garden growing? May it grow with tender-loving care! 🙂


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