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No matter what, I’m always wrong…wrong in someone’s eyes or not good enough. I try to provide a view different than what many people see for a varying perspective. I try to find solutions to problems. If someone needs something, I try to help. If there is something missing, I try to find it. If something is broken and I can’t fix it, I will try to find someone who can.


I am a problem solver and helper by nature. I like to fix things but people like to find fault. I have never had much money but a distant cousin I met on the internet years ago when I was doing genealogy was having problems—money issues—and I offered to help. She turned me down but I offered just the same. It was like offering my last shirt or coat or whatever…I offered on faith.


When I offer something, it isn’t hollow. I give from my heart. I know people like that…who would give whatever they could. Those are true friends. They will do whatever they can and when they say, “If you need me, call me” – they mean it. I am like that too.


I had a rough day for whatever reason. Maybe it’s all the criticism I hear. I get tired of being criticized and I get tired of hearing people complain. I fight for people to have value but in the end, I don’t mean anything to anyone…there is no value to me—of myself to anyone—and I’m not the only one. I get tired of people saying that others are worth nothing. It hurts to hear this.


People would rather complain than fix what is wrong with the world. I used to think that if I said something that helped just one person, then it is all worth it but I’m not sure anymore. People do not give a crap. I see it all over the news. People are selfish and self-serving. They believe it is their way or no way. What has happened to people? Where is the true love and caring of others?


I’ve had it! I’m fed up with it all. I have been fighting for people to reach out to each other and really value our neighbors, our friends, our foes, all people but people will not let go of what is dividing us. There is no respect. I don’t get it.



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