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I’ve tried to hold back but I can’t. I am not one who gets offended at everything said on TV, the internet, or in real life. Most of the time, I let it go and try not to pay attention to it. It’s not my business-to police the public.


I have done my share of washing out my children’s mouths with soap. It’s a terrible way to parent really but I saw it as a necessity-immediate and to the point. I hear my ‘mom of the year’ award crashing to the floor again. 😉


Soap worked. After the girls had moved away from home, one daughter was telling me a story about something-I have no clue right now. It involved a curse word and it was imperative for the understanding of the story. I had no idea what she was talking about even with her little hints so I said, “Just say it.” She refused and said I would reprimand her or wash out her mouth. I assured her I would not but she was convinced I was laying a trap. I really wasn’t laying a trap but it’s good to know something stuck with them. LOL. Parenting. It’s fun, yes? 🙂


I think someone should have washed out Donald Trump’s mouth or someone should do it now. I would offer my services but I am scared he would bite me-my shots aren’t up to date. Some things are not to be said in public and some things are never to be said EVER. Yeah, he crossed that line more than once.


Do you ever wonder what types of role models we are helping to support for our kids and the next generations? Are they the loudest people in the room who have never a worry about consequences or are they the ones with good judgment and common sense?


I have seen awful things in this election. I have heard unbelievable talk. I am left to wonder if moms and dads used enough soap when their children were young.


NOTE:  I don’t advocate the use of soap as a punishment. 🙂


Happy Gardening! 😀

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