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Sugar, Music, Childhood

I was telling the story about when I was little – under school-age – and remember waiting in line for our turn of platters of brightly colored sugar cubes aka polio vaccine – I think I’ve told this on the blog before. My best friend and her sister were with me – bf was/is 7 months older than me – her sister is 3 years older. We were instructed to take only one cube. Lol. You know where this is going… The sister and I look over and bestie is taking several cubes. Her sister whacked her then chastised her for taking more than one asking how many had she eaten. I thought – oh no, and worried what would happen – would she die, get sick, other?

These two were also my partners in crime for so many things. We were always in trouble but I was mainly following along ..honest.. I really was .. taking notes. 😉 We also went to the movies together..my parents usually took us..movies like The Sounds of Music, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Mary Poppins which brings us to the song – “Just a Spoonful of Sugar.” Now you see where this is going .. I hope. The convo I was in was about the brother duo who wrote that song. It was a nice little chat of memories and learning new things. And then I later had a surprise when one of the sons followed me. Hey, it’s not royalty but I was thrilled. I’m not lost on the fact that most ppl follow and friend others for self gain. Well, that road goes both ways. Hey ..thrills.. 😀

Happy Gardening. 🙂

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