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I’ve decided to add my stories here – I have a ton and they are slipping away. I’ve been down this road before – wanting to share my stories – but I was always guarded, didn’t want ppl to know too much, didn’t want to be judged, and didn’t want stalkers. I need to decide on which ones can be told and in what order. I’m sure some I’ve told before won’t exactly match the details now. Well, that’s what happens when one’s memory starts to flicker. 🙂


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Medical Update

I’ve been having issues with my cerebral AVM. Seizures were being controlled with meds but they have been making an appearance recently – not full blown but some numbing with greater frequency. With the pandemic last year the neurologist and hospital didn’t want me to come in unless I really needed to. My apppintments kept being pushed back and they now have to fit with daughter’s schedule. Office called today to move next week’s appointment. Sigh. It’s fine I guess but he leaves the practice at the end of the month when I get another doctor assigned to me so hopefully that will be worked out next year. In the meantime I need an MRI. I hate the things. With my back degeneration it’s impossible to lie still in the same position for the approximate hour it takes. I used to do it with no problem. I’ve had many of the boogers along the way..used to be every 5-7 years then every 2-3 years. It’s been 4.5 years now so I’m overdue. I slipped last night and find it more difficult to concentrate lately. This doctor thinks the hot poker pain in my face are actually seizures coupled with trigeminal neuralgia. The TN I can vouch for and I think he’s right about the other. He’s not the best neurologist but not the worst either. Of course none have ever seen a case like mine. I was always like the guinea pig – all types of tests. My file used to be the size of a large volume. Today, it’s all digital and most of the earlier records are gone. “We” have been doing this since 1970. There’s a lot of history but most are only interested in what they see in the present.

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