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I want to formally apologize for my country. I am sorry that we—the US—look like the selfish fools that we have become. We are not all like what is being portrayed but many are. Look at who is in the Whitehouse. Many of us are busy trying to make the world a better place for everyone and not just a chosen few but it’s like in school when you have one or two bullies in the class that cause chaos and mess everything up for everyone. That’s us right now.


I hang my head in shame for what my president and his administration are doing. No, it is no being blown out of proportion. These are heinous acts against humanity.  I’m not going to sit here and sling blame at everyone like some are doing. I believe we have responsibility and therefore the actions of the few will have consequences for the many and not just those of us in the US but all across the globe.


I was horrified to watch the events unfold of the past week or so. I can’t tell you how much it tears me up. A phoenix is a mystical bird who rises up from the ashes—one who is reborn. We weren’t in the ashes when this administration began but we are hurdling there quickly now. I suffered at the hands of a narcissist but this narcissist that is leading us is the worst I have ever seen—one that has psychopathic tendencies. Dangerous. In order for a phoenix to rise, we must first die and that’s not acceptable in my opinion.


I just wanted to say that I am so very sorry for the actions of my country’s leaders. We have a choice each day that we get up—to do good or to not. Right now, we aren’t doing good things. We are being selfish ingrates.


I can’t say Happy Gardening so I will just say again that I am sorry!


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Nuclear Disarmament

Both parents worked for DuPont back during the cold war days at a facility that made tritium. I write this because another headline in the news hits home for me. For over 30 years, people have worked to disarm the superpowers of the world-to draw down nuclear weapons because some (rational) people realized that ‘more’ wasn’t always better. It’s been something that has helped me sleep better at night well, until I read the tweet by our president elect on his plans of building up of our nuclear arsenal. Are you kidding me? Over 30 years down the drain with one tweet! Imagine!!! I can’t grasp this. There is no way to do so.


So, this begs the question? We have gun problems in the US. Do more guns make us safer? NO! More nuclear weapons do not make us any safer either. In fact, they make us less safe. Savannah River Site will forever be a nuclear reservation of some sort whether it is actively making weapons or just managing the waste that exists there now or God forbid if they bring in more waste to store there. It was never meant to be a waste storage facility. I never thought the US would be building more nuclear weapons.


There is a video that I find interesting and very sobering to watch. It shows by year the nuclear tests for each country as reported. I watch it from time to time to remind me how close we have come to nuclear annihilation and that we aren’t that far away even now. Just imagine what will happen with a bigger arsenal. Did the president elect miss chemistry and history classes – I’m not even bringing up physics.


The video is about 15 minutes in length. If you have not seen it, I encourage you to watch it.


I won’t deny that we have enemies but good grief, we don’t have to alienate every single country on the face of the earth. I cannot imagine us going back to the cold war days. We have a nut in North Korea who would love to send a nuclear warhead our way. We sure as heck don’t need Russia, China, Iran, or anyone else to want the same or worse, want to band together to take us out. This type of mentality does not make us look strong. We look weak. If we let go of diplomacy, what are we?


I don’t like to do doomsday scenarios. I can’t imagine us dropping another nuclear weapon. Like I said – it doesn’t make us look strong. Imagine if we did though. Think of the consequences! History is there for us not to repeat. So far in 2016, we have been repeating much of the dark history of the 20th century. On the flip side, we may not have to worry about global warming/climate change if we wipe everything and everyone out.


Happy Gardening 😉

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You might think I’m writing about some evil monster within us but this has to do with technology. There is so much pushback from those who believe someone is coming for our guns that we don’t have a database that keep track of gun purchases/registrations. No computers can be used. GQ magazine did a story this year about it (here). It’s not like TV where you run a serial number and instantly come up with a person who it is registered to. It can take days to find out who a gun is registered to using microfilm. This is not something where many employees are on the job either. There are databases to check to see if the gun has been used in crime but according to the article, since 1986 computers or networks cannot be used to catalog gun registrations. This was supposed to protect us (eye roll).


We use this type of mentality – thinking the government isn’t going to search us out for our weapons as long as we have these preventions in place. Ok. I get it but come on. Do you know what is being done now—what I see that far outweighs this? AI – artificial intelligence is being used and unsuspectingly. No one thinks twice about programs used to read your text so as to find a target audience for certain advertisements. Didn’t know this is happening? Have you ever noticed typing something in a chat/message box and all of a sudden you see an ad having to do with what you just wrote? This type of targeting is used for nothing nefarious so why be concerned, right? Hmmmm…


For most, AI technology isn’t what you think it is. You expect AIs to be robots or some personification you can see and fight against but AI technology is already amongst us. In efforts to create faster response times, we have predictive texts, predictive ads, predictive whatever just because software “observes” your patterns and makes predictions. No, this isn’t technically called AI but it is the precursor to it.


Say you want a security system that will arm your house when you are away and keep tabs on what is going on at home. As we strive to want better and faster, we are buying into networks that will keep track of habits in order to better serve our purposes. Next will be “automated” security preferences and responses according to the needs. Communities will be networked together. Think security, phone, internet, emergency services, etc all tied together for the good of the people and community. Sounds great, right? It’s already happening. Every time we add something to make things easier for us, we compromise our freedoms. We buy into this every single day.


We can purchase watches and other technology to keep up with our heart rate, blood pressure, location, etc. Our smart phones have been locating us for years even when you ask it not to track you. Have you ever passed by a store and all of a sudden get an ad sent to your email or text? All of this information is fed back to a central system (so to say). I know, it sounds far out scifi but it’s with us today—not ten years from now. Look at the amazon brick and mortar stores where there is no checkout line. You walk in-your card is read-you pick up items off the shelf and walk out. Sounds fun, right? This is part of the AI technology that will evolve to make our lives so much easier that we will never question how this can be used against us. It’s like addiction. It’s all about getting us hooked and then we question later why we so easily bought into this type of model.


Let me go back to the reading of text. What will eventually happen is that everything we type on a network will be “read” in order to detect certain problems like crimes—–or potential crimes. In fact, this is already being done in some places. There won’t be a need for someone to contact authorities about hate speech or whatever because the authorities will already know. Still, this isn’t completely AI technology. This is very simple text recognition but again, it is the basis of what will lead to problems and losses of freedom. We will push to have more detections in order to “preserve” our freedoms but we won’t recognize that we are actually doing this to ourselves until it is too late.


Look at Edward Snowden. He let the world know how much the US was spying on its citizens and others and what did people say? “Oh, it’s fine so long as it keeps us safe.” It is this myth that helps us sleep easier at night. We never see the problems before they happen. We even repeat history. We are not a smart bunch when it comes to the masses. There is no escaping this if we keep on the same path. The more I write about this and the warning signs of where we are today, the more I hear people say, “So what?” “There is nothing we can do.” “You are just paranoid.”


Smart phones began as “needed” technology for an advancing world. Now we have smart cars. These things begin with a network feeding and receiving information constantly but as advances are made, the less need for this back and forth communication thus the development of AI technology. Again, this begins simple—benign—not suspecting of anything. It develops into something that is more in control of our lives with us having fewer freedoms. I know I sound delusional or paranoid or conspiracy theorist like but these are things happening today and they will evolve into something that controls our everyday life 24/7. Are you ready for this type of takeover? Remember, we can’t even allow a gun registration database but we can allow computers/machines to take over the rest of our freedoms. Think about that. Don’t keep focusing on the one tree when you are overlooking the forest. It’s what you don’t see or don’t realize that can hurt us.


Happy Gardening 🙂

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If you have been keeping up with the news-real news-you know the plight of the Sioux and their fight to keep the oil pipeline from ever carrying that first drop of crude oil across their lands or near the waterways. You may think, oh-the pipeline is legitimate and is for the good of the people. Well, here is my take.


When the white man came to the continent of North America, the lands were already settled. The white man was the immigrant with no legitimate claim.

  • Most will say that Columbus discovered America but he wasn’t the first white man and America was already discovered.

Imagine if schools taught history in that light. The greatness and pride we were taught in school of how the white man took this country changes in perspective the more we learn the real story. Face it. We were sold a bill of goods and are we are still buying the BS.


In time, we-the white man-fought against the Native Americans or what I call Real Americans. On some fronts it was subtle. Like any good marketing ploy, the buyers/takers found something the Americans (Indians) would trade. A little swap here and a little swap there and the white man had gotten in the door. Eventually, we swindled the Americans out of their lands and put them on reservations. OOooo… pat ourselves on the back (sarcasm).


Reservation life was almost the equivalent-no, it was actually worse than ghettos because we were creating ghettos on purpose and not providing real resources to help. After all, if you keep someone “down” they won’t know they are “down” and will not present a problem for others, right? Sigh. I could go on and on about this.


Fracking (fracturing) is killing us. It is causing earthquakes-what do you expect when you use water to blast out gas in rocks that have been in place for millions plus number of years? And what type of water is used? Contaminated water which is another issue. Tell me there is no chance of water contamination when we don’t know that. Let’s ask Oklahomans how they feel about never-ending earthquakes due to fracking.


Take a look at the fracking wells. I was particularly interested when I was planning on moving to Colorado. Here is a link to show fracking wells plus other info: http://www.drillingmaps.com/fracking.html

Fracking wells tend to be in the poorer areas of the state. That’s because people who have money won’t put up with it and those who don’t can’t fight it. Usually, it’s a done deal before anyone can try to fight it in court but this piece is not about fracking. It’s about oil, Real Americans and greed.


pipeline liquids

Pipelines carrying liquefied fossil fuels


pipelines natural gas

Pipelines carrying natural gas


Oil was never meant to be used in great amounts. In natural form, it contaminates water and land. It can never be removed completely. When burned, it pollutes the air. It does harm and kills wildlife including humans. These pipelines are not safe. Leaks happen all of the time. The companies go to great lengths to hide these spills and misreport the spillage. This is greed at its finest. We allow this to happen. We encourage it when we don’t stop it.


One of the ‘take and give’ (in the white man’s eyes) legal actions came in the form of treaties. Listen, if I was a member of a gang that surrounded you with weapons and threatened to kill your family, would you make a treaty with me to save them? You bet you would. That’s how I see many of these “treaties” with the Real Americans happened. In order to keep some of their lands and people intact when they were backed into a corner, they signed. Today, we are doing the same thing. Like usual, we go back on our word.


Maybe you see this as a protest against a rightful oil pipeline and that the protestors are in the wrong. I see it as where every American should be outraged and should be protesting against this type of takeover. It should have never been built and furthermore-should have never been thought of being built: One, for the respect of Mother Earth and two, respect for Real Americans. Believe it or not, these actions affect us all.


We have given all of America over to the greedy corporations which in turn own our government. A nice cozy pair they make, right? What’s wrong with this picture? This is not the America that any of our ancestors envisioned. This control is not for the good of the people-all or any-except those who are raking in the millions at the top. I wonder where they live. It’s not around a pipeline or a fracking well or a coal mine, etc.


Until next time … Happy Gardening! 🙂



Photos used are from-http://www.pipeline101.com/where-are-pipelines-located

Credit there was given:  American Energy Mapping (AEM) 2013



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What I am about to write is true and personal. For several years I watched my mother lie in agony and pain, and I could do absolutely nothing (or so I believed) about it. I felt helpless. She took the strongest pain killers and yet they seemed to do nothing but do more harm. She suffered from rheumatoid arthritis (among other things) that was so bad the circulation stopped in one of her thumbs and an index finger. They first turned blue and then black. Both had to be amputated. All of her joints were so messed up that she could not sit or stand. Her body reminded me of the old circus freak shows. It is bad to say but it was horrible for her to live through.


I moved back to care for her. The meds that she took caused all sorts of complications and her autoimmune system began fighting itself-that may sound familiar. This was before she had a stroke. I could tell you some of the most grotesque stories but if you know of someone who has suffered like this, then you already know. It caused me great pain to see her like this and to know I was her caregiver and patient advocate and that she depended on me for everything. I couldn’t make things better—it took a toll on me.


I wish I knew then what I know today. Since that time I have cared for other people and watched and learned. I’ve read and discussed things that I never dreamed of back then. What I am about to say is not going to sit well with everyone but this is where reality comes to life—where it meets the pavement so to say.


What if I told you that there is something that would have helped my mom, something that would have given her quality of life-in my opinion-and helped her to live on without the complications? It may have even lengthened her life with less pain and again, with quality of life.


Stigma was a topic in a recent post. We apply that word to things we don’t usually accept. I live with epilepsy which has been stigmatized during my lifetime-less so of late. Hippies of the 60s were unfairly stigmatized as were those who were categorized in this group whether they were hippies or not. Remember, it only takes one’s perspective to categorize someone. Ok, you get the idea.


Some things are acceptable depending on the group of people you are with and some things are never acceptable. I used to think everything was black and white, red or green, purple and yellow, etc. I never thought I could help my mom as each day I watched her face one battle after another and waste away before my eyes. I can’t play the shoulda, coulda, woulda game but there is a chance that I could have helped her.


Welcome to the 21st century where it is not taboo to speak of cannabis oil and treatment with cannabis. Sure, there are people who still believe it is off limits and that it is the devil weed but if you had a child who suffered severe tonic-clonic seizures that were not controlled by any other medication… are you going to tell me you will not try cannabis oil that has been proven to help stop or at least slow down seizure activity in some patients? I would do it in a heartbeat! I would get cannabis oil or cannabis in some form for a child, my mom, anyone who is in my care who needs it. I would not hesitate one bit. Before you leave my post, I would like you to read on.


We have been fed a bunch of malarkey. I believed for a long time that it was a gateway drug. I need to say that there are those individuals who go on to use “heavier” drugs but truth be told, they were headed in that direction any way. It’s the nature of the beast—think addict and you get the idea.


Last year, Georgia passed a law that allowed patients with limited illnesses to possess and use cannabis oil such as a child with uncontrollable epilepsy…HOWEVER, the governor and lawmakers failed to provide a way and means for parents and patients to legally obtain cannabis oil. Ever since then there were certain lawmakers and residents of Georgia that have literally been fighting to get a legal way to get help for these patients. One was via new legislation which has failed at every angle. Number two…people have been traveling out of state to “legally” obtain  cannabis oil but illegally transport it back to Georgia. The governor sternly warned there would be consequences for these actions.


  • So, why sign a bill into law that helps those who need treatment but not allow them to get treatment?


Well, that’s what everyone here has been asking. Another bill was submitted that added more ailments and provided instate cultivation so that patients could get adequate treatment. It came to light this week that our lovely governor would not sign any instate cultivation bill while he is in office…and he doesn’t leave until 2018/19 so…this is the proverbial rock and a hard place.


Ok…onto the last of the story. Since the governor has championed support in the state senate (more like strong-armed), a sufficient bill will not leave committee. There is nothing that can be done for another year and this is only February. Think of how many more people will suffer and die because of this insane approach. I learned today that parents will publically put their lives on the line to transport cannabis oil for their children, loved ones, those who are suffering in order to force the governor’s hand. This will get ugly but how does one tell a parent that they cannot get the treatment the child needs? That’s like have a life-saving drug in the pharmacy out in plain sight but no one can purchase it…


Whatever stigma cannabis had in the 70s, 80s, 90s…that stigma needs to go away. My mom would have benefitted from this, both her pain and her arthritis and she would not have had the side effects from the drugs she was given. We allow alcohol to be consumed like it is water as long as you are old enough but cannabis??? Alcohol is so much worse. 


I wish I knew then what I know now and let me say that people who refuse to provide treatment to those in need, even those who get in their way, should face stiff consequences—even jail time. FYI, these are my opinions. People are suffering and dying and we are supposed to stand around and watch? No.


May your gardens grow with lasting abundance–always! 🙂


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From Facebook


This church was vandalized last night. It sits a block down the street—the same street—from my church. Why would someone do this? Oh, because the minister is a little different…he was the first one to get a marriage license in Augusta after SSM became legal.


Don’t tell me that this is ok. It isn’t. No one has the right to do this. The persons responsible did not have love in their heart and they did it under the cover of darkness because they wanted no one to see them. The minister has asked for prayers for the people who did this. I concur but also ask for prayers for the community and communities all across this nation. No one is better than another–no one.


People will know us by the fruits of our actions. Always look for the fruit. It will tell you everything.


Love humbly. 🙂


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Life isn’t going the way a lot of people want it to go right now. I’m sorry. I feel your pain.


We are upon the end of June and the US Supreme Court will announce decisions today and Monday for the final wrap-up for this session. One of the big decisions is for same sex marriage. Most people believe (some are scared) that SCOTUS will rule in favor of SSM. That may further exasperate your pain. I think they should rule in favor.


I don’t have to defend my beliefs. I’m entitled to have them. I am a grownup and want this for others which means that I’m not being selfish. I think marriage is sacred whether you are married in a church or not. I think it is a serious covenant and commitment. I believe it is for life and I don’t think it should be taken lightly. With that said, I do not advocate a difference of marriage for same sex couples compared to heterosexual couples. I think marriage is marriage and I believe in equality for all people. It’s none of my business what people do behind closed doors. I don’t want to know what you or your spouse or significant other do in your bedroom. It’s no one’s business.


I believe this decision was made before they even heard arguments. Writing decisions takes a bit more time. Each justice has to plead their case whether it is in support of the decision or in the dissension. Case law is cited including any precedents that have taken place. I wish everyone knew more about the decisions that have been decided through the years. I never really cared about it until last year and I have been reading more about various cases.


People believe that states have the right to govern themselves but there is a problem with that. States are deciding to go against the US Constitution in making laws and that is where problems lie. Certain people have rallied and railed that they will do everything in their power to go against SCOTUS should they rule in favor of SSM. I believe these open threats are tearing at our country. They are wrong. I remember a certain war that was fought on this land…our homeland. Rather than choose to do the right thing, the south chose to go to war and the results were disastrous. We are still fighting the effects of that war which began in 1861 and ended 150 years ago.


I look back and see where certain people tried to stop such a nasty war because they knew the consequences. They would rather concede than fight. Certain ministers will have you believe this is the end of the world and that you need to gird on your armor and fight. I say, it is better to reach out a hand than to reach for a sword. It takes a strong man/woman to carry a full set of armor into battle but I wager that it takes a bigger man/woman to lay down his weapons and find compromise.


Life is difficult but it does not have to be. The path is lit—the road is clear. We can choose to walk down the path together or we can choose to fight each other in battle but remember that once you pick up that sword of aggression, you need to be prepared to kill. I do not think it is an option or that it is acceptable. Do you? Really read what Jesus tells us in the Bible. The answers are there. All you have to do is look.


I may be wrong but I will venture to hope that the vote goes 6-3 in favor with (I hope again) Justice Roberts in support. That would mean a lot. No matter what happens, I give my support to people who are marginalized, disenfranchised, and discriminated against. I stand with them. They are my brothers and sisters and they matter just as we all matter. 🙂


Happy Friday! 🙂

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Joan Rivers used to say that and I would get a kick out of it every time.



But, seriously, can we talk?


For the past week or so I have been talking to people about race and how we can get along with others. I have heard some nasty things including that awful phrase that we should send Black Americans “back” to Africa. I don’t get that. You have to be some kind of sick person to think that way. Then yesterday when someone was really being mean, I said they shouldn’t be racist and someone else said the person wasn’t racist…I had a problem. I wondered if maybe they didn’t know what racism is. It turns out they knew they were being racist but they excuse themselves for it and say it is others who are racist. That is worse than not knowing better.


Let’s look at what racism means. Racism is when you generalize against a group of people in a derogatory way due to their race or color of skin. It can easily be avoided if we treat others as equals and the way we want to be treated. Simple, right? I think it is but no, it isn’t.


In this confrontation, I wasn’t treated nice at all and was called a hypocrite of all things. I don’t know why I expect people to act better. Maybe it is because these people call themselves Christians. They continued to wail about how their rights have been infringed on, yada, yada… I began to get sick.


In contrast,  here is a story that began to break my heart to think we are teaching racism to people…to our children. This little girl was told that black is ugly and that she couldn’t be Frozen’s Princess Elsa. How awful. Who would even think such a thing? Here is the story if you have not heard it…link…


This is a terrible thing but we are telling kids this all of the time. What is in your heart matters. What you teach children matters. How we treat others matters. This is important. Let’s make it right for all children.


Have a great Thursday! 🙂

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Someone told me today that we need to separate races meaning people of color or black people from what he considers white people…head-desk… I say it this way because we are not pure—we have been mixing races for so long. I asked how he proposed on doing that since so many of us are mixed blood and are not really white or black to start with. He began a tirade of how he believed white people were so much better than others and lots of other hateful bigotry remarks…head-desk… I can’t believe people are like this.


I don’t have hate for any race. I see us all as one. We are all humans, well the jury is still out for those who think like the guy above. We can choose to be racist or we can choose not to be and accept all people regardless of color. We are all the same. We really are.


I have a childhood friend who is white (actually, she is like me—mixed ancestry) but her grandchildren are mixed white and black–each one. She doesn’t see color either. 😉 We grew up in the south with a lot of racist people around but we aren’t racist. I wish people could be like that but even some of my friends are bigoted. It pains me to know I can only do so much but then again, slowly but surely my friends are either changing or they are not my friends anymore.


I hear people fighting to keep the confederate battle flag flying in their state—not just South Carolina. I have tried to get people to see things differently but they want to be bigots. They are proud of it too. Why? I sure don’t know. They are tied to a time that supported slavery. That’s not acceptable to me.


Something awful happened last week and it was the result of hatred. I can’t tell you how much there is. I have seen changes happen in my lifetime but I have also seen people hold onto their bigotry and they have let it fester inside. It has grown in some ways. I am deeply saddened by what they display because it not only gives us a bad name but it is ugly; NASTY; it is a monster that comes out in the form of what that guy did last week in Charleston.


This is not an isolated incident. Believe what you will, but there are people all over who believe like this guy. Some of them take to the internet every day and say awful things. Some talk about our president. Some of them link up on facebook. Some are secretive and some are not.


I don’t condone this type of feeling or action. There is no room for hatred and bigotry in this world. Sure, it is a free country. You can be just as big of a bigot as you want but don’t ask me to be your friend and don’t think you are going to get a free pass from me. I will let you know that I don’t support your hatred.


Removing the flag is just one of the many things that need to be done. Pride can be an awful thing and this is what has happened because we let pride get in our way. It is time to change…it is time to grow. Humble yourself and ask what can be done for others. Respect should always be given… 🙂


The people in Charleston should not have died and people who say racist things should know better–they should act better and treat others as they would like to be treated. We have failed in some ways because we have looked the other way when bigoted people make remarks–we have given them a free pass. No more.  



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Brené Brown as you may know is one of my biggest heroines. Her testimony of truth is rich, vital, and clearly a part of who she strives to be. She is a seeker. She does not accept life “as is” because she looks at the bigger picture, the gestalt.

I have linked to her videos a few times and I just cannot get enough because she is so relevant to the times we are witnessing. We are a broken society but we can choose to fix the wrongs we have inflicted on ourselves.

I want to share this blog post of hers…

Own our history. Change the story.  —  by Brené Brown

When we deny our stories, they define us.
When we own our stories, we get to write a brave new ending.

I know this is true. I may have learned it as a researcher but I live this truth as a daughter, a partner, a leader, a sister, a mother, and a friend. When we push down hurt or pretend that struggle doesn’t exist, the hurt and struggle own us.

I’ve learned that writing a brave new ending means:

  1. We can’t smooth over hurt feelings in our families. It’s too easy for stockpiled hurt to turn into rage, resentment, and isolation. We must talk about it. Even when we don’t want to. Even when we’re tired.
  2. We can’t pretend our family histories of addiction and mental health issues don’t exist if our hope is to write a new story and pass that legacy of emotional honesty and health down to our children.
  3. We must own our failures and mistakes so that we can learn and grow. It’s hard but I’ve seen how it becomes part of a family and organizational cultures and unleashes innovation and creativity. It doesn’t feel comfortable, but courage rarely does.

Owning our stories is standing in our truth. It’s critical and transformative in our personal and professional lives. It’s also critical in our community lives.

Until we find a way to own our collective stories around racism in this country, our history and the stories of pain will own us.

We will not get away from the violence and heartbreak. Fear and scarcity will continue to run roughshod over our country. Yes, the violence in Charleston is also about access to guns and, more than likely, mental illness. But it’s also about race.

Our collective stories of race in the US are not easy to own. …

continue reading — (link)


Can we make a difference? Yes… Happy Gardening! 🙂



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