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I envy people who can write words on the page that come together like a joyous song telling a story. I can’t do that. I’m not a poet and am limited in my writing capabilities but it doesn’t stop me from desiring to tell a story. In school, I absolutely hated writing. Being told by a writing teacher in sixth grade that my thoughts were unoriginal didn’t help so it was sheer shock that I landed in an honors writing course in college. It was tough—good—but a challenge. I learned quite a bit but have since forgotten more than I think I acquired. It’s true that one must keep in practice as for a number of things. I’m way out of practice. 🙂


A couple of years ago I envisioned a tale — more movie-like than anything else. I didn’t see it as a book of words but I started to write about it. I knew where I wanted to end up…I started with the ending and gave more substance as I went along until I got back to the beginning. That project is fueled by a collection of music pieces. I like it because it has a bit of history in it. Like I said, it’s more movie-like. I can see the scenes like they are real and I can almost touch them in my mind. Gives me goosebumps. It’s not finished… 😀 Just like my life – so many unfinished things.


Most of my writing has been at command – not for fun or entertainment. We are all different. Some people have their muses and they continue to write as long as they are moved to do so. I say this all because I realized people write from varying perspectives. Some choose to tell a story of what they know. It can be reality based. Some writers can command characters they create to elaborately unite for a theatrical composition. The words come to life with no or little struggle. There is much power in this because not only do you create a story but you are in command of how you want the reader to absorb each scene.


I don’t know why but I began to write several weeks ago. Well, that’s not true. I needed an escape. Fantasy is so much more fun than reality. Unlike the previous project, this one starts at a particular place, with certain people/characters. I don’t really have an ending. I’ve enjoyed taking the characters through different situations, adding locations, adding characters, and doing research for certain parts for which I needed more information.


I envision the story in my mind and write the words down. Certain parts have to be in a particular place so I write them in and then go back and fill in between the points like drawing a line on a dot-to-dot picture. I only hope that if I publish it, that people will be able to see the picture that I have drawn and maybe it will make just a bit of sense. What is ironic about all of this is that this story today is not far from the story I wrote for my sixth grade teacher that she labeled unoriginal. Hehehe. This is real life. Some things aren’t original and the really good ones can be repeated… Ok, that’s my take on it. 😀


Happy Gardening! 🙂

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If you could see my face, you would see  tears rolling down my cheeks. It is with great sadness that I write this. For a better writing you may want to check my blog, Protect Your  Heart (link), but the latest info is here.

It has been a terrible week already. I had my heart stressed at the doctor’s office Monday and it was so bad that I had to be treated there for a reaction to the drugs–we were waiting to see if I needed to be taken to the ER. It was really scary and I know my oldest daughter was worried. She did so good! This mom could not be any prouder.

I just returned a few hours ago from my husband’s love nest (arghhh). I’m going to spare most of the details but I had asked for prayers for him the other day. There is a lot missing between those two times. My husband is lost and doesn’t know what it means to be married and have vows. When I wrote the book I thought there was still a chance for us to work things out. Now, that I have found out just how deep he is in… No! 

I will tell this. The other woman contacted one of my girls again… People, this is not ok to do under any situation. No, the baby cannot be held accountable but you cannot gloss it over and make everything look ok. This is not a touch-up job and a “Febreze air freshener thing ain’t gonna fix this under no circumstances.

Just when things level out, I get hit in the head with something else. You know, killing me quickly would have been so much more humane. And, for those who think I am telling my daughters how bad their dad is…again, I don’t have to open my mouth. Give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves. YEP. He did. Right now, I am in adrenaline overdrive which I didn’t get over from yesterday–still shaking.

May your gardens grow great and be filled with beautiful bounty and may your heart never feel the pain I have felt for so long! Please take care! I will decide if I will continue blogging but right now….I have to take a break. I need time with God and no one else and nothing else. I will try to keep my morning prayers posted. They are one of the best things I have done.

Again, take care and may God bless you!


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My Boo-boo

The pattern calls for 3 picots and I made 4. What a bad mistake even if it is early on. I thought about doing an alternating sequence but if I can’t remember 3 rather than 4 do you really think I can remember to go 3-4-3-4?? Not in any way, shape, or form–too many cobwebs. And, by adding the extra picot I made the chain longer which will not look right. 😦

I was so happy to get some smaller yarn to try. It is more dainty looking (I cannot say “daintier”). This is a size 20. I had been using a size 10. There is a big difference and the needle I am using now is a size 7 which also makes a difference. Is that confusing enough? The yarn/thread goes even smaller believe it or not. Normally this wouldn’t be a big thing but since the thread is smaller, I could not get the finishing knot out. I still have almost no feeling in the right hand and it has become more cumbersome to use. All of this will have to be trashed—not that it matters about the knots but about the long tail that doesn’t show.


If you would like to learn this type of tatting, there are plenty of videos on the web and there is a book I purchased at Hobby Lobby using a 40% coupon making my total to be about $15. It is not the best book but it included needles (not sure all of theirs do). It is called Learn Needle Tatting Step-by-Step by Barbara Foster. This particular book included 4 needles AND a needle threader. A set of needles was about $12 on its own, so I figure I did pretty well.


I have a lot to learn and as evident above and there are lots of misfires in that brain of mine. I still confuse right and left but we won’t go there. Have a most blessed day and may you be a light for someone who needs it today. Happy Gardening in all that you do, and we can all become master gardeners on the road of life! Please take care. 😀 


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The day has come! My book is online!!! Whoooo—whoooo!!! I cannot believe this is happening. It is really here. The day has finally arrived!!! After 4 months, the time has finally come—almost to the day that I first typed out several pages in a couple of hours in the darkness of the night.


You can access the blog AND book HERE, or click on the photo in the post below or the link on the side. This is something I never thought would happen—one, to write a book and two, to bare so much of my soul. But, it really isn’t about me. It is about life and how we should treat others.


The blog is set up so that each page contains a chapter or section of the book with the front page set aside for blogging about certain subjects relevant to relationships and daily life. I have but one aim … one goal … and that is for someone to benefit from these writings even if it is only one person—but, I am hoping it will be more.


This has become my baby. I am really proud of it but I cannot take all of the credit. It would not exist except for God. There is no way. I just hope someone is touched in a positive way.


This is my gift… It comes from my heart!



Live and love well!


Happy Gardening and please take care of your heart! 😀


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My book blog is ready to go. The photo of the wedding rings isn’t exactly how I wanted but it is good enough. They are put together in the form of an infinity symbol. The inscriptions together say, “I will love you (his) – forever and ever (mine).” A red heart is drawn through the two as if they are tied together. This is the result:




Here is where I am totally nervous—it seriously goes online this week. I will enable the links when it is up and running. I want to be so happily excited and joyous but I am scared silly. I have butterflies and my stomach is in knots. I would appreciate any and all thoughts and prayers. I feel like I am stepping off a high dive for the first time but I don’t know if there is water below.


Life doesn’t happen by chance. The choices we make have consequences. If anyone decides to read the book, I apologize. I want you to know that I have changed from the person I used to be and this is a very good thing!


May your week be a happy one—Happy Gardening! 😀


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I learned to tat today! I really did. I can’t believe it. The classes began back in September but things prohibited me from getting there. A friend paid my registration fee–thank you! I am not excellent (yet—and I doubt I will get to where I want to be but…) but my picots finally look more alike than the last 100 times I have tried. This lady uses a weaving needle and it is the difference between night and day. I wish my grandmother could see me now. I hope she would be proud of me—her little sugar pie learning something that I can only aspire to be as good as she was and will never come close but I’m trying. I was a quick learner and caught up to where the group is but I want to do some practice runs before I start my towel project. And, I have to teach the girls to tat…


Other things…

When I decided to put the book online, I had no idea it would take so long to get the photographs just like I wanted—even some of them aren’t exactly like what I want but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have 8 more photos to do plus the “cover” photo needs finishing. I had to redo about half of them because I didn’t like the way they looked after I put them on the page. I really hope this turns out good. You will know when I get it done… I think I need to really celebrate that day because I never thought it would take so much time but then again, I have had some things come up along the way.


Have a great day/evening and Happy Gardening! 😀


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I am working on photos for the book/blog website. The main photo I want is of two wedding bands. I found a photo on the internet. I love it but cannot find where it originated to see if I could get permission to use it or what. I borrowed it and drew a heart in it to see how it would look. I love it. More than likely I will use my current wedding bands for the photo, and hopefully, I will be able to take all or most of the photos needed. This is what I have been busy with.


I have long needed a light box and decided to make one this past weekend. Of course I made it after I took the photos of our wedding bands. My youngest has the photo I want to use and is touching it up, but I may go back and begin again using the light box. These things take time to get it just the way I want–I used to be faster at this. I was playing around with some different editing software but still have much work to do as you can clearly tell–I have a large learning curve. I am out of practice taking photos AND editing them. The first two photos were scanned–before digital photography 🙂 . I think the one of the porcelain jewelry box looks pretty good. 


Now to get back to work. I hope your day is blessed and great things are happening in your life. Please take care and Happy Gardening!


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