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Some time back I started to live what I believed rather than saying what I believed. Then, I began to talk about it. I have written about some of the pivotal moments that caused me to see things in a different light. Each one of them involved people I personally knew—some I even taught in Sunday school—some were what I considered really good friends.


When you stand up in church and speak of how you are being inconvenienced by others who believe differently than you do, I don’t see that is right. When you say nasty things in church about our president and calling him the anti-christ, I see that as hate. When you tell me personally that you cannot love someone of another faith or of another color or just different than you, I see intolerance. Perhaps you say that you have been persecuted. I say that self-persecution does not count.


I still believe in God though my belief is and has been a lot different than many people but that’s my right. I’m not less of a person. I’m not less of a Christian. I’m not wrong. 🙂


You see, Jesus taught us to love all people. He didn’t come and tell us that we should shun people. He didn’t hide behind walls or fences. He came with open arms. When a Christian/minister stands before the congregation in church and says that “we” have been inconvenienced too much because “we” have been tolerant for too long and it is time to change…they are right. It is time to change but not in the way they believe.


I dare you to pick up a Christian Bible and study only the four gospels until you know them by heart and then I challenge you to walk Jesus’ walk…don’t add to it scripture wise…forget what Paul says…just for a bit. Leave the Old Testament behind. Listen to the stories that Jesus relays in the Bible. For those who do not believe, I still think the stories have great meaning—humility is the biggest facet of the New Testament. Pick up the cloak of humility, and slip on the sandals of Jesus…walk in that path—not the path of the teacher or the one who judges but the one who dines with the unfortunate, the ones who are despised by others. Talk with them and learn to see through their eyes. And, realize that the greatest commandment of love is the willingness to become last, give up your seat at the front, share a meal with those who have none…


I’m not confused about what I see and understand. I know exactly where I am and where I am headed. I have no fear of leaving this world and spending an eternity in fire because I stand up for people who are not welcome in this world. You have no right to tell anyone they are going to hell. I don’t care if you think you are doing the best for them. Place yourself in their shoes. Do you want to hear that you are going to hell? No one anointed you to be the judge and executioner. That’s what Jesus was trying to say. When we elevate our status above another, we cannot serve; we cannot be humble; we cannot be last… In other words… we will not be first if we are not last. So if you believe someone will burn in hell, you don’t know God and you do not understand forgiveness and grace. 🙂


Again, I challenge you to read and study the gospels…forget everything else for a bit and see through the eyes of Jesus and then place yourself in the place of the person he interacts with. It requires letting go of the checklists and how-tos and don’ts. It requires a pure heart with no hate. It requires having love and tolerance. Can you imagine someone preaching that Christians should be intolerant to others? Jesus’ mantra was tolerance…to offer the other cheek. You don’t get to a point where you say…hey, I’m fighting back because there is no fighting. There should only be love. 🙂


 May your gardens grow with tenderness and love. 🙂


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Every Morning

Every morning is Easter morning…

 ~ 😆 ~

Check out the kid to the right keeping time. He is precious. I love this song…

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I pray this prayer this resurrection morning 🙂

Whether we gather together in body or mind and Spirit only, we commune with You to remember the selfless love—the gift that means everything. We can never repay what has been given to us but may we give all to You from the heart—willingly and sacrificially. May we emulate Jesus’ time on earth as He helped those who needed it, not just a few but all people no matter what. We, being many, can do so much but we first must believe that we can 🙂 . May we share across the table all of the blessings we have been given. And, may we honor God, our Lord and Savior, each and every day. I pray this in His Holy Name…Amen.

 Merry Christmas!        —– No, that isn’t a typo. 😀


Disclaimer 🙂 :  At times I seem to be a little nontraditional in my beliefs as a Christian. I think it is because Jesus taught us to LOVE everyone. It is a journey, my journey, which each of us must walk, or run or stumble, etc.  Essentially, we are all one, period. 🙂 And, yes, today is Resurrection Day (SMILES).

Happy Easter and Happy Gardening! 😀 😀 😀 Be Blessed!

I love this song… Every Morning Is Easter Morning! (link)

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