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A broken heart

The death of Debbie Reynolds the day after the unexpected death of her daughter, Carrie Fisher has been blamed on a broken heart but there are those who question if something like this is even possible. It is possible especially if you are older and not in the best of health. What we feel—pain—it is very real. It can outweigh physical pain easily and in itself cause physical harm. Our bodies can only take so much trauma before it kicks back.


My 4th great grandmother on my mom’s side died this way. It was recorded in a journal kept by a farmer in the community that both she and her husband had been sick—most likely influenza. The family story that has been handed down through the years is that he passed away first and as she lay with him, she wished to die and did so on Christmas Eve just after the US Civil War. They were buried together in a single grave—very fitting from what I understand as a testament of their love for each other.


This interview done last year was one of the best in my opinion for Carrie Fisher and Gary–I love Gary too. Both actresses will be missed.



A broken heart is very real. Be good to yourself and Happy Gardening! 🙂


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If you didn’t see the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, you really need to watch his intro…(link)

This says it all in a nutshell.


Have a great Friday…hug those you love…smile at those you don’t know…wave at those who may be having a bad day…but do something to brighten someone’s day! 🙂


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Dogs are remarkable

My first dog will always remain special in my memories of her. She was part hound and part birddog. Her mother stopped in our yard to have her pups and I wanted to keep one of the pups. My dad finally gave in and she was a welcome addition to the family. She was my dog. I loved her. I was about 5-7 when she came to live with us. We had other dogs—all were left with us in the same fashion where someone dropped them off because they were unwanted. I have many stories I could tell about her but she died such a terrible death. She got her leg hung in a wire fence and she was there for days and got blood poisoning. We took her to the vet…I remember when it happened but she was too far gone. She was my baby. 😥


Dogs are special creatures. They can be trained for many different jobs. Jobs like those used for guiding blind people, or health companions—some can detect the onset of seizures before they happen—and there are those who are trained to detect cancer cells in urine samples. Yes, believe it or not there is a 97-98% accuracy. Hey, I remember when pregnancy tests were not that reliable. Here is the story I read (link).


Science is remarkable. We are still learning and there is much we do not know.


Thought I would share in case you haven’t heard about this. 🙂

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Today marks 150 years since the signing of the surrender by Robert E Lee at the Appomattox Court House. The Atlantic publication published an article about it (as have many media outlets). They mentioned that the war and cease fire has not really gotten very far because in many eyes, it is still being fought. I can attest to that.


I have been commenting in a certain media forum where people are still fighting for “states’ rights.” There were comments yesterday that it was all Lincoln’s fault…I kid you not. I don’t understand. If people had their way, I would be living in a separate country that condoned slavery as a right guaranteed under the Constitution of the Confederate States of America. (excuse me a minute—I need to barf 😐 ) If you have never read this document that actually says the following, I encourage you read it—all of it.


We, the people of the Confederate States, each state acting in its sovereign and independent character, in order to form a permanent federal government, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity — invoking the favor and guidance of Almighty God — do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Confederate States of America. (link)


It is not pretty. You have to remember that there were black people who were free but many whites did not recognize their freedom. I can go on and on about what I have learned over the years and I am ashamed at our country and I am ashamed of people today. From The Atlantic:


“It is easy to proclaim all souls equal in the sight of God,” wrote James Baldwin in 1956 as the Civil Rights Movement took hold in America; “it is hard to make men equal on earth in the sight of men.” Philosophically and theologically, claims of human equality are as old as the hills. But the real struggles for genuine equality of natural rights, of equality before law, and of equality of opportunity are much more recent in historical time. (link) 


Just because you claim something does not make it true in everyone’s eyes. In other words…you can lead a horse to water but if that horse doesn’t want to take a drink—it will die right there in front of all the water just because it refuses to do what it needs to do. People are not any wiser than a horse who refuses to drink.



My great-grandfather

My Georgia family owned the farm I grew up on and what is known as Millhaven Plantation is less than 5 miles down the road. I cannot confirm this happened exactly as I was told but this was the story I grew up with… General Sherman made a visit to Millhaven on his march to the sea. That’s how close the civil war came to my backyard—that’s a little close for comfort. The story goes that Sherman was a Mason and the owner of Millhaven was a Mason. It is said that was the reason the plantation house was not burned but crops were stolen as were livestock and after the troops took what they wanted/needed, they destroyed part and ran off the rest of the livestock before heading to Savannah. I think the outbuildings were all destroyed but I can’t say for sure.


Being from the south, I have memories that have been relayed to me from people who were born just after the civil war. There were hard times back then from what I was told but no more than usual really, at least for the white families except those who lost family in the war. My family was mostly self-sufficient on the farm. That helped them survive the Great Depression and I am sure that the same holds true for the civil war. My family wasn’t into owning slaves. The only record I can find for a slave was an older black woman and I don’t know that the record is accurate because my great grandfather is listed as a black man on one of the census records and he wasn’t black.


I don’t know why people want to continue living like it was before the civil war. I have studied local history for many years and it astounds me that people want to still fight about something that is over with. Like I said, my children get it…they understand. I love it that they do. We are only as strong as our weakest part or link. Why wouldn’t we want to excel—for everyone to be successful? It is a sad thing–people wanting to be in control of others. I wish we could all leave this behind and move forward. Acknowledging history and culture is one thing but waving it in someone’s face is another. Pride and arrogance do not have a place in today’s world. I don’t celebrate the civil war but I honor the freedom it brought. To me, there is no need to scream for states’ rights. It was not Lincoln’s fault. It was stupidity and greed that caused the civil war and it is that same stupidity and greed that is driving some of our laws today. We need to wake up. Discrimination needs to stop! Equality for all people is what we need to honor.


Happy Freedom Day! 🙂


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To own a person is wrong. I have a difficult time understanding the fact that some people believe it is right in the year 2015. Can you imagine being owned by another human being? Some will tell you the story about how good slaves really had it. These individuals believe that they need to dispel the myth that slaves were mistreated even though there are accounts in newspapers and letters and write-ups telling and detailing the mistreatment.


I was also warned last night that I should not believe the Yankee lies that are being told called the revisionist history about the civil war. Think conspiracy theories and you will get close to the person’s mindset. It’s awful how people think we are still living in the 1800s and the federal government is evil and it was only states’ rights that were being fought over… People have been sold a bill of goods and something stinks…


It gets worse. This person had ancestors who owned slaves. She was proud of it and said she would never apologize for it. Her pride was her gluttony and will lead to her downfall. How in the world do people function like this? This is why there is so much hatred for others. She wants to divide people and prove that they are inferior. She takes pride in all of this.


It is disgusting but this is the mindset of some of the people from the south. It isn’t my mindset. Clearly, slavery is wrong. I was taught that early on. As I grew, I learned of more atrocities and I also heard the stories of how well slaves were treated. Some were treated well but it doesn’t excuse the fact and it cannot make up for all of the people who were mistreated and killed, raped and taken advantage of…not to mention being sold and never seeing their family again. Saying something doesn’t make it true either. It doesn’t excuse the people in America for owning so many slaves. I know it was a sign of the times but still—it is not right!!! And, until we all learn this there will always be racism and prejudice. In other words, we will never be equal in everyone’s eyes until all people see others as equals.


Truth be told, many people who came to America were slaves and indentured servants. Some slaves were able to gain their freedom only to learn they were never truly free in the eyes of others. How awful! Can you imagine being treated in this way? I can. I have done research looking for slave descendants. It is very difficult and with most lines it is impossible. It isn’t fair and those people who take pride in their ancestors owning slaves—I wish they could see life from a slave’s perspective in the worst situations but they refuse to believe there was any mistreatment. They are close-minded. It makes me sick.


Now do you see why I fight for people to have equality? I will continue to do so and I will speak out against this type of oppression. It makes my heart hurt to know people look down on others and believe their race is superior. How dare they!!! Not one of us is better than another. No one!


Have a great day and plant seeds of goodness! 🙂

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Do you pray for your fellow humans that they will find peace and do you love them above yourself or do you chastise them and pray that God reaps heaps of burning embers on their very soul? Ask yourself what is the right thing to do? I am so very tired of us crying to God and saying we are the ones infringed on and that others are to blame when we are the ones who are to love all people—all nations­—no matter what.


Look at those who are without…those who are hungry and know not what safety means. What do you see? How do you feel? Look at those who are hurting. Do you wish that God will smite them for their transgressions? Or do you reach out your hand to help all people?


There are certain things in this world that I call rights and those are the right to be free…free to worship, free from abuse…free to be educated and not withheld for certain people…freedom for choices we make each and every day. With freedom comes responsibility—great responsibility. We cannot withhold our freedoms for ourselves alone. We must share in that.


Many people of this country—the US—want to deny the freedom of immigration, the very lifeblood for all of us who are not natives of this land. How dare we! How dare we withhold what is the very essence of life and goodness. I think some soul searching needs to be done and you need to look no further than the Statue of Liberty.

 Statue of Liberty

 “Statue of Liberty” by Rudy Norff (link) via flickr

[Terms of Use – Creative Commons (link) – no changes]



The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus (link)

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”


Do you know the meaning of every line? Do you think this was written only for those who had already passed through the entry points to the US or do you think we should welcome immigrants to this great nation?


You may choose to trash other people or trash the history of the United States but President Obama is not your enemy. He is not the anti-Christ. This great country is made up of people who should take pride in our Constitution and our founding fathers. Slavery was abolished but discrimination thrives today just as much as it did 100 years ago maybe even more so today.


Are there changes to make in your life? So many of the people that came to this country were descendants of unloved people—those who were discriminated against whether it was religious persecution, race, sex, whatever…even disabled. I encourage you to look at the bills before your state legislature and see which of them scream hatred for another. What can you do? Don’t sit by and become feeble. Live every day like it is a gift.


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Do you have a well-documented pedigree? Are you from high quality stock? Maybe you descend from kings or royalty… I think there are plenty of skeletons in our closets and if we knew how bad they were, maybe we would take a different approach to people. Maybe we would be more accepting but we pride ourselves of our prized pedigree building walls between those who we believe are of lesser importance when we should open our arms and welcome them.


I have spent years doing genealogy research—some on my family lines and much about others. I have learned a great deal about people in general and I have learned much more than a history book could ever teach. Some people seek pedigrees that others will marvel at. I remember back when I thought about joining the Daughters of the American Revolution…I have several ancestors who fought in the war that broke our chains from the mother country. I was doing it for my daughters’ benefit more than anything else. I wanted to leave some sort of ties to their legacy on my side of the family since there is no real family to help them when they get interested in my family’s part of history. I eventually declined the invitation in the end because I was living too much in the past and I wanted to live in the present and future. That sounds awful but here is a part of my past and why I cannot judge anyone due to race. 🙂


Much of my dad’s family was fairly easy to trace. His paternal line came out of North Carolina and the surnames are all related. Looking at historical records, it is believed that there was a single progenitor who settled here in North America but from where he came is of question. Many believe he came from England before 1700. Oh, again, I don’t know of any ancestors coming to America after 1800. There is more about this line but I won’t proceed right now.


Emotions get caught up in the tales for me because I like to experience and see through each person’s eyes and speaking of eyes…my eyes are bluish greenish with brown spots. My mom’s were darker blue with brown spots and my dad’s eyes were lighter blue—almost silver with brown spots. You would never know that I have Native American blood—actually from both parents. Weird to me. Most of my dad’s family line hails from the British Isles…Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England but there is one family who has been traced to Germany. The Hillis family—my dad’s maternal line and the line that owned the farm on which I grew up were from Ireland but before 1785. I really wish I could get them back across the sea but there are no records of detail that have been found in Ireland and to my knowledge they were not Catholic so I think I am out of luck.


As for my mom’s family…before they settled in Alabama, they mostly came from Virginia through Tennessee. Most were US Revolutionary soldiers or descendants so many of them have left a mark in the historical records such as land grants, etc. I had good times (and bad) locating family ties—connecting with long distance cousins and talking with people. My grandfather—let’s get him out of the way—his line is the most problematic. There is a DNA surname project that is ongoing but his line of DNA markers show his haplogrouping belongs to that of the Nordic tribes while most of the surnames are connected (not his) and they are not Nordic. That would be par for my grandfather. He also had French ancestry that has been hard to prove because I cannot establish who the woman’s father was due to missing records. I cannot establish the validity to the Native American ancestor in his line nor if it is true that there was also at least one African American but odds are good that both are part of my heritage. I laugh at this because my mother’s mom was really racist and she had absolutely no reason to be. Sad. Really sad.


My mom’s mother’s line is the one I know most about. She had a Native American ancestor so I have nothing but mixed blood all around…lol. This same line is where the Huguenots tie in. My maternal matriarch—as far back through the female line as I can go with any certainty—married a third generation Huguenot descendant. You want to talk about religious persecution…the family that came over in 1700 were trying to escape so that they could build new lives here. They were first uprooted out of France into other parts of Europe as they sought freedom but when the influx of refugees disturbed the status quo, they were sent to America–not totally of their own free will.


Four generations of my female line–Mom, me, my grandmother and my great-grandmother.



There is a lot I know about my mother’s maternal line and I have had to fight over it because I was told I didn’t descend from the very line I descend from—even though I had things passed down to me from the 1800s. In fact, the person who told me this made me caused me to dig that much harder to prove what I thought I knew but I filled in a lot of blanks and documented much of the information with historical records that were not in my possession. He even published a book with the wrong facts which he still makes money from. I was kind to him and tried to offer to share what I had not because I knew I was right but because I wanted to share (he had posted a note asking for help–if that doesn’t beat all) and his last response to me was that he felt sorry for me. Please. He was extremely disrespectful. I thought he wanted to know the truth. My mom would have loved to set him straight and she might have known him—I don’t know. He is probably distantly related. See…we don’t get to choose who we are related to.


There is a mindset that tells people they are right and they believe it even when the differing facts stare them in the face. In the case of the person who told me I didn’t belong, the proof was in my family’s cemetery lot–believe it or not. You see, my family always took care of one another. After a sister’s husband died and she was not able to care for herself, my ancestor took her sister in to care for her. The sisters in this generation were very close and remained close no matter how many miles apart.


It turned out that the sister who was taken in outlived the one who took care of her and she is buried in the family plot in Alabama. I had visited it many times but I didn’t know all of the story until several years ago. I was disowned by extended family and believed the guy who failed to do his research because of his title–he is a bigshot genealogist. Her grave and the historical records are there that show what is truth. Census data, pictures, etc. I cannot make him believe it is true–he holds onto another belief and he doesn’t accept me. Is that how we are to treat family? I don’t think so.


What does this say about who we are? Don’t hide behind someone. Don’t hide behind your beliefs. Reach out to those who need. Accept others with love in your heart.


May your gardens grow with great beauty and tenderness! 🙂


A variation of this post has been waiting since last year to be posted…I might catch up one day. 😀



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I have three entries that need posting. First up is concerning a post from last year. I have always enjoyed hearing the Cherokee story where the old man is telling his grandson about the two wolves inside who fight each other for domination of the person. The boy wants to know which one wins—the good one or bad one and the old man answers—the one you feed. 🙂

Black and white wolves from wikipedia


I love this story! It is so relevant even if you don’t subscribe to Native American folklore. When we choose to do good, we reap good things. When we choose to do bad, we reap bad things…simple to me but important.


I wrote a cryptic post when the leader of a certain church passed away last year. You know who I’m talking about. I didn’t want to bring attention to him so I just referenced his stance enough so people would understand. I wrote about love and hate.


He was so hateful and he spread seeds of hate, he nourished those seedlings until they bore more seeds and repeated the cycle. He believed he was speaking God’s word but he drove people away from the very thing he aimed to bring people to and I find that quite ironic. He drove some of his family away and it wasn’t because he was right. He fed the wrong wolf and hate consumed him.


My posting was about being careful to feed the good wolf. I had no idea that it could be called into question of what I was saying but I was harshly criticized and scripture was quoted… I know I have hit a nerve when scripture is quoted, lol. Listen, I grew up in a Disciples of Christ church but some of my ancestors had ties to the Baptist church and you haven’t lived until you listen to a true hellfire and brimstone sermon which I have had the “privilege” to experience time and time again, so… 😀 I have been around the block a few times and as a friend likes to say, “This ain’t my first rodeo.” 🙂


There have been times where I have not allowed certain comments when I think they are not helpful to the discussion at hand—as in they may do more harm than good. It doesn’t happen often but it has been maybe three or four comments that I have withheld. If you have been one of these—my apologies. It turns out that the person who criticized the wolf posting was the same person who criticized the love and marriage posting where I lost followers or readers (not as many as I thought I would) because they believe I am wrong about loving all people and wanting equality for all.


At the time of the post last year, I was still trying to avoid confrontation. I still would like to avoid confrontation but that isn’t going to happen and I cannot shrink in the corner anymore because I have a lot to say about treating others like we want to be treated. I’m not hiding and I’m not shrinking or avoiding these days. So, if anyone wants to hit at me—strike at me—make sure your aim is good. I may turn and offer the other cheek but I will not hold back of what I believe when people are being hurt.


So…to the person(s) who think like my harsh critic…yes…be careful of the wolf you feed. If you are reaping hate—you are feeding the wrong wolf. 🙂


Grow gardens of goodness and love rather than gardens of hate and contempt! – Thanks! Take care… Amy 🙂

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My life is sometimes defined by the losses of people, friends, family that I have had to deal with along the way. With each loss, a part of me seems to disappear. I attempt to move on but there is always something missing because there is lack of closure…missed times and saying goodbyes. I miss some of these individuals every day and some I miss less often but it doesn’t mean that I miss them any less.


About 2 weeks ago I received a call about the farm…business stuff. It was a neighbor from my childhood…we grew up together and are distantly related. He was sending some paperwork to me and said he had a picture of his older brother taken with me in 1963—WOE! Most of my family pictures were destroyed. I have a few negatives but my mom didn’t keep the family pictures with her when she moved and people destroyed everything when they broke in and stole stuff. People have no conscience.


I was both excited to think about a photo I didn’t remember but I was also a bit torn as I anticipated seeing the brother. He died over 27 years ago. It is so sad—a bad car wreck. Senselessness. Memories—some are very painful ones—some are very playful ones but they still hurt. I don’t know what was with all of us…most of us that grew up together got married and then divorced not long after. In fact, there were only a handful of people that I grew up with who stayed married and even less stayed married AND happy. And, that is truly sad.


I didn’t mean to sound morbid. This was me at 3 years old. We were at the spring banquet for the Eastern Star. I remember we had to walk around together with a basket and give out gifts… 😀 …fun times. Later that year, in September, my paternal grandmother passed away and my family’s lives were forever changed. See how everything is sewn together with that thread that binds us. This is right before I began looking like a poster child for starving children because I was so sick. Pictures…memories… Oh the thoughts of good times and bad.


Have a great week! 🙂

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In the words of my daughter…

Mom, I didn’t know you liked sports so much let alone football. You were never that way when we were growing up.

It’s true. My first husband was so into pro ball that I quit watching a lot of sports BUT… I love college football and began watching while in middle school on Saturday afternoons with my dad. I’m not going to sit here and pretend I know everything there is to know about football but I pay attention to what happens both on and off the field. So why am I writing about football? LOL 😀


UGA (Georgia) has had its ups and downs over the years. We used to refer to the team as the come-back dogs or dawgs—I still do—but when I watched the first game this year, my jaw just hung open to see Gurley (Todd) control the ball. They were not the comeback dogs—they dominated the game that day against Clemson—a rival (stories that I could tell). The game was like a one-man show. I was hoping they could all learn to play as a team. I thought to myself—could these be the days of Herschel? Could Georgia be national champs? A smile came to my face and my eyes began to dance. 😀


Long years ago, the team could be losing at half-time and when they came back on the field, they were transformed into a different entity. Maybe they became zombified—lol. In fact, I don’t know whether it was Dooley or Russell who had such an impact at halftime but it made for some great games. I hate that it was like that—too much suspense at times. It has been that way under Mark Richt, too.


When Hershel (Walker for those of you who may not know who I am referring to) came on the team, things changed—to an extent. There was a new dynamic. My best friend (undergrad) went to high school with Walker so I knew about him before he got to Georgia. He is a couple of years younger. I would see him around campus at UGA. He was a down to earth kind of guy but he seemed immortal at times. He was nice. It seems so strange to remember—so unreal—surreal.


I got to Athens the year after they became national champs (1980). Now some may say they did not achieve that goal but this is my blog and I can write about that another time. Georgia has been known to be an underdog (dawg) team but people love to hate them for some reason. And, that’s what my post is about. I have my own dislikes of some things with Georgia—UGA football—mostly the boosters who believe no one is any better even when they are and think money can buy anything—another topic for another day. But, I am always a dog (dawg) fan mainly because of my dad graduating from Georgia and the bond we had way back when. Oh, and then my time at Georgia of course.


This season was shaping up nicely if they could only play as a team. I tend to read people. When the camera is on the athletes while on the sidelines, I read them. I can usually tell if the person is genuine in their actions and more specific—their inactions. I mention this because I noticed a few things I didn’t like. It’s tough to have a superstar on the team. It creates friction. Remembering back to Herschel’s time…he thought about going pro before graduation and there were people pushing him to leave Georgia and do just that. I was pulling for him to stay. It was a powerful time back in the day. Games were awesome to go to. I’m going to tell you that I believe education should come first and then extracurricular activities like football. Nothing can take away your education but you can lose the opportunities football gives you in the blink of an eye. An injury can come along just like when they found one of the players on the roster this year had some problems and was removed from playing for fear of permanent injury or death.


News of Gurley’s suspension hit hard last week. To me, Georgia has rivals and then there are RIVALS. Auburn and Georgia Tech are probably the biggest two RIVALS. I would add Clemson to the mix and the Florida Gators of course. It is so bad between the Gators and the Dawgs that Florida doesn’t come go to Athens anymore. They tried to have the teams play in Athens and the town regretted it…again.


All of the SEC East and West teams are rivals but…of all the teams Georgia was playing this season, the team to beat should have been decided with the game against Auburn. Hold that thought. Georgia lost to Carolina and shouldn’t have but those are the breaks. I like to watch the teams mature along the way as the season progresses and figured if Georgia had so much at the beginning, just imagine what they could do toward the end of the season when the SEC games really count.


As soon as the news about Gurley broke, everyone said it was all over and said Georgia would lose last Saturday against Missouri. Guess what. They won…34-0. I was shocked but not totally. Missouri didn’t even score and the UGA team looked and played like a team—a real team. 🙂 That’s what happens when you remove the superstar iff (if and only if) the team has been practicing and knows what to expect. I saw a team determined on Saturday—one that was there to make their mark and that they did. Much attention has been given to Gurley but one person who really stepped up to the plate was the quarterback, Hutson Mason. He has come a long way and hopefully will be able to keep going. Georgia has not played perfectly this season but they have some real talent when used together. Mark Richt is no Vince Dooley and this team isn’t the come-back dawgs. 🙂


As fate would have it, Auburn lost Saturday to none other than Mississippi State—wow, what a team. I am amazed at what Mississippi State can do. I kept expecting the Tigers to come back but they didn’t. I wanted a National Championship this year for Georgia. I thought they could achieve it but I watched them give that game away to Carolina. I don’t think they are as good as Mississippi State or Ole Miss probably but that’s my opinion. I think they are better than Alabama but I don’t know about Florida State and then there is Auburn… 🙂


Now it’s time to talk football. The Georgia-Auburn game will be played in Athens…Georgia 😀 . Can Georgia win? I don’t know. It was a game I thought of getting tickets for but wow—out of my price range. Parking would have cost more than the tickets. Georgia can win if they want to and have players healthy enough to play. This is the game I have been waiting for. It is a month away and there are a few others before the team gets back to Athens to play the Tigers. It can be a long road.


The only thing I have heard in the news is about how Gurley needs to be back on the team. I want to say something about that. NCAA rules are there for a reason. If you break those rules whether you are a school or a player or whatever, it will reflect badly on the school as well as the player and team. Integrity is something that should come first because if we don’t have integrity, what good is it to play football in the first place? I’m very serious about that. I can sit here and point fingers but that’s not what football is about.


The Bulldogs may not win another game the rest of the season and that’s ok because in my book they have proved that they are a team no matter what some crazy sports person writes—I’m looking at a certain blogger at ESPN. And, that’s good enough for me. I had reconciled that if Georgia had beat Carolina I would put those dang crappy looking flags on my Jeep. My children asked if I was crazy. I said if they won, I was going to do it and keep them there until the end of the season. They lost but I’m still pulling for my Bulldogs—(Dawgs) 😀 .


Here is a fun fact if you don’t know…

Herschel was #34 and played as a running back. Who was his match from Auburn? They had the same number—played the same position—were the same height and born the same year… 😀 Those were good times. (Answer is below…)


And, if by chance you were watching the game last week you may have a noticed a guy named Brendan Douglas who scored a touchdown by flipping over Missouri’s player…just watch the video…it was good. 😀



Answer to the Herschel question.

Go Dawgs 😀

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