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A Quick Blip

I hope everyone is healthy and doing well. I am back for a bit-but my sewing has been put on hold. This quick blip of an update is about me. I am doing a little better-having just taken my 4th round of shots in my probably year-long treatment that began in February. The awful rash is not as prevalent and the itching has subsided. I’m hoping I will go into complete remission.


I managed to get to the beach and this was my view. Had a nice time. Take care and Happy Gardening! 🙂


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  • Nice looking man with muscles to open wine bottles.
  • Must have:  pleasant personality, enjoys wine and conversation and enjoys sharing kitchen–with me.
  • A big plus:  can laugh at my jokes and witty humor, likes music and dancing, and isn’t scared of new things.
  • Oh, and cannot be allergic to pets…or me. 🙂
  • Also:  must be single with no attachments.


While visiting my younger daughter in Tennessee the other week, we made a trip to the local winery. Although the weather was cold with freezing precipitation, we had a great time. We did the tasting tour and of course I said I wanted to bring the entire vat of peach wine home. They didn’t take me serious at first but then said that it would cost about $30,000. That might be pocket change for some people but I just did not have the cash on me that day 😀 .


I cannot drink red wine for some strange reason—makes me very sick. It has been suggested that the tannins are the culprit but I don’t know and I don’t know if it has to do with some of my allergies. I can drink white wine and more fruity wines with no problem. I had all but given up on wine years ago because I never found anything that I really liked but today, there is so much more variety. I’m even thinking about making my own 🙂


We bought a few bottles of wine and one night after we returned home I texted my older daughter that I was having trouble opening a bottle. She said she had no problem—that she unwrapped the top and gave the bottle to her boyfriend and _(name withheld)_ opened it. I said that I didn’t have a _(name withheld)_ to open my wine and we just laughed. So…I came up with this want-ad.


As for my advertisement… a girl can dream, can’t she 😉 ? Have a great day! 🙂

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In the words of my daughter…

Mom, I didn’t know you liked sports so much let alone football. You were never that way when we were growing up.

It’s true. My first husband was so into pro ball that I quit watching a lot of sports BUT… I love college football and began watching while in middle school on Saturday afternoons with my dad. I’m not going to sit here and pretend I know everything there is to know about football but I pay attention to what happens both on and off the field. So why am I writing about football? LOL 😀


UGA (Georgia) has had its ups and downs over the years. We used to refer to the team as the come-back dogs or dawgs—I still do—but when I watched the first game this year, my jaw just hung open to see Gurley (Todd) control the ball. They were not the comeback dogs—they dominated the game that day against Clemson—a rival (stories that I could tell). The game was like a one-man show. I was hoping they could all learn to play as a team. I thought to myself—could these be the days of Herschel? Could Georgia be national champs? A smile came to my face and my eyes began to dance. 😀


Long years ago, the team could be losing at half-time and when they came back on the field, they were transformed into a different entity. Maybe they became zombified—lol. In fact, I don’t know whether it was Dooley or Russell who had such an impact at halftime but it made for some great games. I hate that it was like that—too much suspense at times. It has been that way under Mark Richt, too.


When Hershel (Walker for those of you who may not know who I am referring to) came on the team, things changed—to an extent. There was a new dynamic. My best friend (undergrad) went to high school with Walker so I knew about him before he got to Georgia. He is a couple of years younger. I would see him around campus at UGA. He was a down to earth kind of guy but he seemed immortal at times. He was nice. It seems so strange to remember—so unreal—surreal.


I got to Athens the year after they became national champs (1980). Now some may say they did not achieve that goal but this is my blog and I can write about that another time. Georgia has been known to be an underdog (dawg) team but people love to hate them for some reason. And, that’s what my post is about. I have my own dislikes of some things with Georgia—UGA football—mostly the boosters who believe no one is any better even when they are and think money can buy anything—another topic for another day. But, I am always a dog (dawg) fan mainly because of my dad graduating from Georgia and the bond we had way back when. Oh, and then my time at Georgia of course.


This season was shaping up nicely if they could only play as a team. I tend to read people. When the camera is on the athletes while on the sidelines, I read them. I can usually tell if the person is genuine in their actions and more specific—their inactions. I mention this because I noticed a few things I didn’t like. It’s tough to have a superstar on the team. It creates friction. Remembering back to Herschel’s time…he thought about going pro before graduation and there were people pushing him to leave Georgia and do just that. I was pulling for him to stay. It was a powerful time back in the day. Games were awesome to go to. I’m going to tell you that I believe education should come first and then extracurricular activities like football. Nothing can take away your education but you can lose the opportunities football gives you in the blink of an eye. An injury can come along just like when they found one of the players on the roster this year had some problems and was removed from playing for fear of permanent injury or death.


News of Gurley’s suspension hit hard last week. To me, Georgia has rivals and then there are RIVALS. Auburn and Georgia Tech are probably the biggest two RIVALS. I would add Clemson to the mix and the Florida Gators of course. It is so bad between the Gators and the Dawgs that Florida doesn’t come go to Athens anymore. They tried to have the teams play in Athens and the town regretted it…again.


All of the SEC East and West teams are rivals but…of all the teams Georgia was playing this season, the team to beat should have been decided with the game against Auburn. Hold that thought. Georgia lost to Carolina and shouldn’t have but those are the breaks. I like to watch the teams mature along the way as the season progresses and figured if Georgia had so much at the beginning, just imagine what they could do toward the end of the season when the SEC games really count.


As soon as the news about Gurley broke, everyone said it was all over and said Georgia would lose last Saturday against Missouri. Guess what. They won…34-0. I was shocked but not totally. Missouri didn’t even score and the UGA team looked and played like a team—a real team. 🙂 That’s what happens when you remove the superstar iff (if and only if) the team has been practicing and knows what to expect. I saw a team determined on Saturday—one that was there to make their mark and that they did. Much attention has been given to Gurley but one person who really stepped up to the plate was the quarterback, Hutson Mason. He has come a long way and hopefully will be able to keep going. Georgia has not played perfectly this season but they have some real talent when used together. Mark Richt is no Vince Dooley and this team isn’t the come-back dawgs. 🙂


As fate would have it, Auburn lost Saturday to none other than Mississippi State—wow, what a team. I am amazed at what Mississippi State can do. I kept expecting the Tigers to come back but they didn’t. I wanted a National Championship this year for Georgia. I thought they could achieve it but I watched them give that game away to Carolina. I don’t think they are as good as Mississippi State or Ole Miss probably but that’s my opinion. I think they are better than Alabama but I don’t know about Florida State and then there is Auburn… 🙂


Now it’s time to talk football. The Georgia-Auburn game will be played in Athens…Georgia 😀 . Can Georgia win? I don’t know. It was a game I thought of getting tickets for but wow—out of my price range. Parking would have cost more than the tickets. Georgia can win if they want to and have players healthy enough to play. This is the game I have been waiting for. It is a month away and there are a few others before the team gets back to Athens to play the Tigers. It can be a long road.


The only thing I have heard in the news is about how Gurley needs to be back on the team. I want to say something about that. NCAA rules are there for a reason. If you break those rules whether you are a school or a player or whatever, it will reflect badly on the school as well as the player and team. Integrity is something that should come first because if we don’t have integrity, what good is it to play football in the first place? I’m very serious about that. I can sit here and point fingers but that’s not what football is about.


The Bulldogs may not win another game the rest of the season and that’s ok because in my book they have proved that they are a team no matter what some crazy sports person writes—I’m looking at a certain blogger at ESPN. And, that’s good enough for me. I had reconciled that if Georgia had beat Carolina I would put those dang crappy looking flags on my Jeep. My children asked if I was crazy. I said if they won, I was going to do it and keep them there until the end of the season. They lost but I’m still pulling for my Bulldogs—(Dawgs) 😀 .


Here is a fun fact if you don’t know…

Herschel was #34 and played as a running back. Who was his match from Auburn? They had the same number—played the same position—were the same height and born the same year… 😀 Those were good times. (Answer is below…)


And, if by chance you were watching the game last week you may have a noticed a guy named Brendan Douglas who scored a touchdown by flipping over Missouri’s player…just watch the video…it was good. 😀



Answer to the Herschel question.

Go Dawgs 😀

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Life really likes to throw us some curve balls sometimes…when we least expect it. Last month I had to make a surprise visit to the hospital for several days. I’ll get into the whys later but I am having to go off the medication I have taken for over 40 years—not an easy feat as I am trying my best to limit the withdrawals. I had an interesting little stay—the nurses were great. I felt bad that I needed so much help from them at times and tried to limit my calls to the desk.


The worst things were the belly shots—OH MY! I was purple by the time I left from all of the puncture wounds everywhere–either putting stuff in or taking stuff out. I have to thank my caregivers. They each give me so much and I can never repay them. I would not be here if it were not for them. Thank YOU!


Here are a few photos — not so beautiful but a bit entertaining–maybe. 😉


All that was left by the time I thought to take a pic of food. I was so hungry after being in the emergency room all day. I had not eaten. Cute idea.



Here is another dessert.



Waiting for my CT scan. I look rather calm given the tension of not knowing what was going on both in my body and in the ER and hospital. I was trying to let people know I was ok by sending them this photo taken in X-ray.



The food was actually one of the redeeming qualities of my visit. Some things were better than others but breakfast was usually very good.


At peace…finally…



I looked awful while in the hospital but this is a rather ok photo — almost angelic if I do say so. 😀



And, here is … “me and my buddy.” He went with me everywhere and cried in the middle of the night. Too bad I couldn’t go far. I didn’t even see the hallway until the day before I left.


If there is ever a “next time” I’ll be sure to have a photographer to stop by after I get a makeover (kidding). I am so glad I don’t have a photo of my leaving the room toward the end of my stay. To see how mobile I was, I used a walker with security strap (safety) while in my hospital nighty — not a sight for the weak. 😛


Finally, the night before I left, I was able to walk to the little couch by the bed and sit for a while. That was awesome. The little things in life. 😀 One of my caregivers slept on the couch all but the first night and another caregiver stayed with me for that one, too. I’m so sorry but I’m so grateful.


I have been a sick little human and have a ways to go but I know others who are having to go through chemo treatment again because their cancer did not go into remission. My situation is nothing to theirs. Blessings to all. 🙂

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Whether you are Irish by blood, have adopted Ireland as the Motherland, or are just a tad partial to green…this is the day we all remember our Irish roots. I have wanted to go to Ireland since I was a wee child, when I learned that my paternal grandmother’s family line left there … but it was way back in the 1700s. Ireland holds mystery because I don’t know the reasons they left but I feel sure they were oppressed in some way or at least saw the move as a positive one with hopes and dreams for the future…for generations to come.

We tend to look at Ireland through rose colored glasses—we see the intrigue, mystery, unknown…we see the good things—positive things. Heck, Ireland is about half the size of Georgia (ok, it’s a little larger than half) and there are castles everywhere. Who wouldn’t be fascinated? Only someone that sees that type of thing all of the time—duh 😀 . I didn’t know until this year that giant sequoias grow in Ireland. There is much more and history is just a part of it.


Ireland…(BIG sigh)…if I could, I would leave today and it would be an extended trip… Hey! It’s my dream 😉 . I would stay at least for 6 months (more) to do some family digging, to visit places I want to see… Hey, it’s a dream. Throw a harp in there while we are it 😆 . Excuse me while I go back to dreaming… 


Oh, and it wouldn’t be Ireland to me without a little Enya…



Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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I was upset today—I’m still upset…upset in the way that I let things and others control me, even the weather. Sure, the weather isn’t controllable but how I react is.


wikipedia [Not my car 🙂 ]

My youngest was set to have biopsies on Thursday…something scary in itself. I have cried, prayed, thrown temper tantrums (there is a reason—you would understand, I’m sure, so take my word for it) 🙂 , prayed, sung, prayed, cried… She is my baby. Throw icy weather in there and we have a mess—an emotional mess because it is supposed to ice with power outages. I love snow…not ice.


The plan was (is?) to meet her in Atlanta tomorrow to bring her in for tests on Thursday. We had problems getting all of this set up and now with the ice (or presumed ice), I don’t know if she can get here. The doctor appointment was moved but the biopsy schedule was cancelled so I am praying for direction. I was told the doctor can get it scheduled but we have to wait until Thursday after he sees her. It’s not as easy as just rescheduling all of this so we wait and see and take baby steps.


Do you see a pattern? Yeah, Job moved back in and I’m trying my best to make some humor. Life isn’t easy. About that, my mom would say something funny like, “What fun would that be?” She knew the hardships of life and tried to keep humor a part of her outlook.


At times, I feel alone, unworthy, scared, not good enough. Other times, I feel anger, frustration, distrust. No matter what I feel, it is what I want to do for my daughter—to protect her at all costs—both of them.



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I have listened to Enya (link) ever since Watermark (link) was released. I have several copies of the same albums due to overplay 😐 . That is easy to do with cassettes but not so easy with CDs. I used to drive a lot and one of three artists/bands were usually in the stereo–Enya, The Moody Blues, or Meatloaf 😉 .

I believe there is a healing quality about music and not just softer tunes. Music has an effect on our drive as a human being but what brings out positive in one person may not do the same for another. It is what we identify with within the songs–what stimulates our brains. 🙂

I have my favorite Enya songs. This is one but not my very favorite.

Happy Gardening! 😀

~ 😀 ~

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Meet Lionel, Gus’ and Fern’s cousin—ok, maybe they are not so closely related and there are 1000s of miles between the three. When we last saw Lionel, he was about 15 feet up in the air and he was probably the size of my hand—maybe larger. 😯 We were on the farm looking at crops. My daughter saw Lionel first. His web spanned the entire field road (the black spot to the right of him is something in his web). 😮

Lionel is not some little spider and I will be quite honest…I do not like spiders…even the smallest. There was no one for miles but the closest person probably heard me yell and scream. We took photos and then backed down the road very carefully so as not to disturb him. 😐

By the way, if you wonder where these names come from…I have no clue. 😀


I wish you a very happy and a very safe Halloween! 😀

And, Happy Gardening! 😆



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Gus (his story here) was a roa__ … bug that I found the last day of my mini vacation back in August. I thought he was dead but when I reached to pick him up, he waved at me. A blogging friend joked that maybe Gus wanted his belly rubbed—cute, right? 😆 I wonder if he may have been saying, “Help me. I can’t get up.” 😀


While away to see my youngest daughter last month, I took this photo. Meet Fern. Isn’t she adorable? She wasted no time in getting around. She was traveling almost as fast as we were that day. 


Fern and Gus have a cousin I want to share with you later this week. Life is filled with all sorts of treasures and so is the garden. May yours be eternally blessed! Happy Gardening! 😀

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My hospice friend, the girl I grew up with, the one who was a part of my family for so long is moving away…about 500 miles…sniff, sniff. I haven’t seen her since 28 years ago this Saturday. That changed today 😀 …

I still haven’t met her husband. He has already moved and wanted proof that I was real–as she said, “She’s not a Yeti.” So, here is the proof…

Yeti and JJ

Yeti and JJ

I’m not a Yeti…I’m an Amy 😀 .

Have a great Friday and greater weekend! 😀

Take care and Happy Gardening! 😀

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