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  • I have several projects I have been working on at one time—not usually a good thing for me but it keeps me motivated.

The first is a soft block–a cube. Again, Simon likes it so it will probably remain with him. It is made from some of the same material used in HIS quilt 🙂 though it wasn’t meant to be his quilt—or his block :). I thought about making blocks with lettering on the sides for a baby or something to that effect—actually, to go with the quilt—but I’m not into baby things right now. Here is Simon with HIS quilt and HIS block…

Simon and HIS quilt and HIS block

The pantry shelf cross-stitch is complete. The one on the left is the new one and the one on the right is the one I did many years ago.

Pantry Shelf cross-stitch

I am not happy that canning lids have changed since I used to make these. I have several hanging in my kitchen and if I add to them, I will have to change the rings to match. Progress… Change does not always equal progress.

Then, there is this simple cross-stitched cross with beads.


My first thought was to give it a halo effect with thread and add some beads on the main part of the cross but I opted to add beads for an outline. It is ok and looks better than this photo but next time I will stick to the plan…

The next table runner is coming together. At least the blocks are pieced together. I have to add the strips and begin quilting.


For wall hangings, I like to use polyester batting but I will use cotton batting for the runner. BTW, the next quilting project will not involve pinwheels or watermelons but will consist of flowers—oh, I love flowers!

Lastly, I made appliqué templates for another sewing/quilting project.

Applique templates

I have misplaced a project that I didn’t finish and cannot seem to locate it. The pattern I drew is also AWOL and must be with it. I have to start over and I really hate that!

Overall, it was a fair week for creating, designing, and finishing projects considering the pain I had after the procedure. The pain is not as bad but my leg still looks like someone ran over me with a car and backed up to do it again :). In time, I will be back to my old self–I hope!

  • What projects have you been working on? And, do you find that you have more or less time to work on them in the summertime?

When the girls were younger, I couldn’t wait for them to be out so I wouldn’t be on the road running them everywhere but then when summer came, there was always something I had to do other than making things—grownup things and not kid things and was relieved when school began. All of my time spent with the girls was so treasured but there never seemed to be enough time for everything–still isn’t :).

Whatever you are working on, I hope your projects are coming along nicely. Happy Gardening and may your day be truly blessed!



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True Confessions

I have to confess that when I started my fan quilt blocks I had not made one before. And, I wouldn’t be doing these except that they were precut when a friend gave them up. Let’s face it, adjoining 2-D curved pieces is not my idea of fun because I struggle with it on the machine. Yeah, I know they have tools to help with this now, but that’s not the point.

The fan quilts I have seen while growing up were pieced together, not appliquéd, but the instructions I had on hand (multiple and various resources) said to appliqué the fan onto the background. I did not like this idea and found that hand-piecing the fan did the trick with no puckers or flattened arcs—I am really impressed at how well they are turning out. I haven’t finished with those blocks because I changed my mind about what to do with them and now want to make a queen size quilt but do not have enough matching material…will work on that later (perhaps next year???).

So, I want to ask…

1) How many fan quilts have you made?

2) How did you assemble the pieces- appliqué or other?

3) Which way do you recommend?


Happy Gardening and try to stay cool!


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by kellimays @webshots



What is it about purple flowers that stirs my creative juices? I don’t know. Here is a water lily that is absolutely beautiful.



by guy_mercier2000ca @ webshots



And, here is a purple crocus similar to the one that was a model for my flower appliqué.




Purple Pansy



And, finally here is the delicate pansy.




Of the fabric I have purchased in the last 6 months, about 80% of it has been some shade of purple/violet. I’m sure I will grow out of this trend (maybe), but I love how the shades of yellow and green cradle the purple flowers. I don’t know what it is. Oh, well. Happy Gardening! Have a nice weekend and enjoy the flowers.



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Fans and flowers

This is what I have been working on this week. The fan block started with some cut pieces a friend gave me. I added the white and I really like how the fan stands out.

Then there is the appliquéd flower top that is ready to be quilted. The block itself is 12 inches square with the top measuring about 22 inches. I guess I am in a spring mode with all of the pinks, greens, and purples I have been working with lately.

I did these by hand and must be honest and say that this is my first fan block. I have avoided fans  in the past because of the difficulty (for me) to machine stitch, but I found that it was easily done by hand. I plan to use the block in a greeting card holder wall hanging. The flower will be a square table topper that can be hung if desired.

I have not been doing well this week so I have been very slow and am very behind-so no memory quilt posting-my apologies.

Happy Gardening in all of your sewing endeavors!


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Flower Appliqué

Ok, here is the appliqué project I’m attempting to work on but am having problems getting to it right now. I haven’t done appliqué in a while, so there is somewhat of a learning curve until I get some practice down. The pattern is nothing intricate, but I love this flower!  I like the simpleness of it though it is not a true crocus. I think it is bright and cheery.


This is the practice one. I didn’t like the purple against the green stripes after I looked at it together, so I may go with pink for the next one. Hey, since it is not really a crocus I think it’s ok. I’ll experiment some more after I get this ready to quilt. I went back to get the rest of the green striped fabric and of course, it was all gone 😦 (sniff, sniff)! I should have known that would happen. I’m going tomorrow to see if I can find more at another store. Keep your fingers crossed.

Happy Gardening and may all of your flowers and fruits be bountiful and beautiful!


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Last week was one crazy week. It began Sunday a week ago when a friend brought me several little batches of material she was getting rid of. Some were projects in progress or UFOs (un-finished objects) – most were just cutouts that had not been sewn. Most of the designs are not produced any more. There are some beautiful pieces in these batches. I’m not sure what I will do with them, but I think I can find (or have) material that will coordinate (cross your fingers that I have it on hand!). I’m not sure how this will fit into my plans for the coming months, but then on Friday another friend gave me some quilt tops she had not finished long ago and some rolls of decorator fabric. Wow! What nice friends! I still need to decide what I will do with everything. Here’s a glance at the material from the first friend.

If I’m going to give the finished projects to the church to sell for restoration, then it needs to be something other than a big quilt – it will take too long to hand quilt. Some thoughts for the fan cuts could be pillows, placemats :(, lap quilt, etc. I’ll tell more about the quilt tops and rolled fabric at a later time. Right now, I need to focus on my appliqué project. I’m really excited about this! I wanted to post photos, but they did not come out that well. I have the first petal sewn but need to go back and recut the white part of the petals. I just do not like the way it looks because I used an old piece of muslin-remember that I was just doing a dry run but then decided to finish the project. I really like it, but I hope others will, too. I’m not sure how I will finish it. It could be a big pillow, but I’m not crazy about that idea – yet. I’m toying with the idea of a lap quilt that can be hung if desired. The second idea will probably win out. Depending on how well this turns out and how it is received (remember the lady who thought my crazy quilts were potholders), I want to make a larger flower quilt, but I need to finish designing the block patterns.

It’s cold today, but no snow 😦 or ice 🙂 is predicted like it could have been. I think most people have had their fill after we had the ice on top of the snow last time. Most people I know are ready for spring. As for gardening and plants, there was a time I could grow anything (got that from my dad), bring it back to life, etc. Now, I’m having trouble keeping things alive since I keep it so cold in the house. My poinsettia from 2009 is looking rather ragged and the rose bush my hubby gave me for our anniversary has dropped all of its leaves. On the up side, there is new growth on the little rose bush, so maybe there is hope… 🙂

Happy gardening in all parts of your lives!


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Ok, I am paving a new road for my crafting ideas. Yes, I know I gave a list of what is was planned, but I am now starting down a different path – an unexplored road in a way. I admit that the memory quilt project has really changed the way I look at things. I feel that I am at another crossroads in life, but I’m not sure that I moved out of the intersection last year :).  We all need purpose in our lives, and we need to share our purpose and fruits with others. Anyway, I stopped sewing just before Christmas and could not find the motivation to get going again. During the time away, I have been working on some family genealogy things – it is really hard to juggle too many things. Creating things (sewing, quilting, and other arts and craft things) defines me – genealogy or family history helps me to understand who I am or at least from whom I came. I’m not one of those people who has to have a family tree chart that shows I am connected to a million people. I search to know the individual, his/her obstacles, and his/her successes and triumphs. I have been doing this for more than several years, more than a decade or so, actually. I not only want to remember the past but I want to tie it together with the present and the future. Does that make any sense? I think that is why the memory quilting project has endeared me so. 

New ideas for my sewing projects are being hammered out. This is a change from what I was planning even a week ago. I do not need more material – repeat after me, “I do not need more material!” I can recite this all day, but I broke down and had to make a visit to the cloth store – everyone knew that was coming, right? I spent my profits from my mini quilts (that I will not receive until the end of the month). Eeeeek! Why? Why do I feel that I need more material other than there was a sale? I have a new vision. I do not do a lot of appliqué work – in fact I do very little – almost none at all, but I just designed a quilt block using a purple crocus for a model. I love flowers, so I have picked out some material that I REALLY need (?) and am ready to go. I just hope this turns out like I see it in my head. I plan to post pics of the work as I go. Here are some of the colors and materials I will be using: 

I am also sketching blocks for a birdhouse quilt…and a Sunbonnet Sue quilt…, but they are being pushed to the side for awhile. Then there is an Alzheimer’s memory quilt design I have started. I will blog more about this in later postings, but for those of you who know me, you know that I suffer from a disability that has some of the same effects as Alzheimer’s. In some ways, my disability is worse and in some ways it is not as bad, if that makes any sense. I am not comfortable discussing it openly but have been “afflicted” (such an awful sounding word!) since I was young with more manifestations (not a great word either) in recent years. Whatever ailment that can eat away at the mind is detrimental to one’s very being. Other people do not understand what they cannot see especially if they have never experienced a loved one suffering from such diseases and disabilities. This is really hard on the person who is suffering. I could blog just on diseases like this alone, but I want to draw attention to the people – who they are – not names and faces per se, but their importance in life as individuals. Everyone deserves to be honored and remembered; well that’s the way I see it.

Unless you walk in the shoes of others you will never know what they face.

This is true no matter what struggles one faces, and we all have struggles of one kind or another. So, in short, I am on a new journey, one that is not definitive. It is a little scary, but I need this. It’s time. 

Happy Gardening and may we all take time to walk in the shoes of others so that we may understand each other better!


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I am so excited! September begins this week and this symbolizes that cooler weather will be just around the corner. Yea!

Procrastinator at large – I have yet to get my crazy quilts up and going, but I have finished designs for several quilting projects. I have completed templates and patterns for at least 4 projects with several more in the works. One is a sailboat pattern, a flower pattern, a block pattern with blocks and triangles, and a coffee cup pattern. The coffee cup is an appliqué that I have cut out and am ready to do the stitching. Other projects include some Christmas offerings with some using the trapunto quilting technique. I like the way this looks though it does take some extra time. Other projects are still on the board and have yet to be transformed into patterns. One thing at a time.

I have also been busy making ribbon roses or flowers. I wanted to use some of these little flowers in my projects and thought it should not be so difficult to make them. After getting all of the material together, it is rather easy but it does take some time to sew. I could glue them using hot glue but they are much prettier when sewn and they will last longer without glue, too. They look so nice that someone wanted to purchase some of the flowers – so I have been making extras. There are many more things I have been involved with lately, and there is much to get done this month.

As far as my outdoor garden goes, I still have some plants that are blooming and others that are still looking beautiful, but I do not have any more vegetables. I cannot have everything, and I dare not complain. Great gardening to all!


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