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I have a thought (sometimes more than one at a time 😀 ). What if people woke up and decided to not oppose one another—to not be against—to not find fault—to not criticize—to use positive reinforcement, etc. Is that a doable feat? Is it possible for us to work together? Is it possible to help one another?



Something has to give! We can’t keep complaining about everything. The more people yell at each other the more yelling they will do because no one can hear the other and what does this all do???? It just makes us angry because we aren’t being heard and people quit listening. We can’t keep taking advantage of people. So…please…I’m asking that we try to spend one day finding the good in everything and if not the entire day, maybe just 30 minutes will help and then build from that.


We all complain too much, including me…so please help me out. Thanks. By the way, GOOD MORNING! 😀


Happy Gardening! 😀


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Ok, so I’ve lost my mind. Is it really a bad thing? 🙂 I had a wonderful time on vacation—an impromptu one—just the best. I am still smiling and I am torn on what to share. From my pessimistic viewpoint, I am scared that future plans may not materialize for one reason or another but I never thought last week would either. Be careful what you ask for.


You know that part where you list your status on things…single, married, etc.? Let’s just say that I’m no longer available. 😀 And, I am extremely happy. The movies aren’t this good. Even if things go south, I have been given such a great gift. If I were to die today—not planning on it—I will die one happy woman. 😀


I will say this…this is not someone I just met but someone I knew a long time ago, someone that I had a thing for and evidently still do. There is such a great story to tell and I hope I can tell it all someday soon but right now, there will be just bits and pieces.


Many girls (me included) spend so many waking hours and many sleeping ones, too, dreaming of the perfect guy. We know what he looks like, how he smells, how he walks and carries himself…we don’t tend to dream of the person who completes us, just who we idolize. Sometimes it is the same person and sometimes not. Hmmmmm…giggle…giggle… 😀


Lastly for today, rarely do we get a second chance, but a third chance? It is almost unheard of. This is our third chance—probably our last. We are taking advantage of it. Please wish us the best. And, in his words to me, “We are playing for keeps and you aren’t going to get away this time.” …giggle…giggle… 😀 😀 😀


Happy Gardening and may all of your gardens grow bountifully and be eternally blessed! 😀

😀 …giggle…giggle… 😀

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Friday marked more changes in my life. It began with an appointment at the cemetery—a beautiful one–100 years old this year which butts up against the Augusta Country Club and Augusta National where The Masters Tournament is played each year. I need a single plot—just for me unless I get married somewhere along the way but I don’t see that happening—or at least anytime soon.


I had a place in the family plot in Girard but we rarely go down there so I wanted to choose something in town. I buried my grandmother here some years ago so there is reason for me to be here. There were no places in the old beautiful section so I chose a place high on a hill looking down in all directions. A few trees are nearby. It is beautiful and quiet—so peaceful—and you can see both golf courses 😀 not that I am into golf that much but the greens are always immaculate.


Warning…. Graphic display of my skin–my apologies 🙂 

Next, it was off to get my tattoo!!!! And, yes, I have a tattoo!!!! This was taken later that night.


Not sure why people talk about pain but I see why people want to get more of them. I think I want a contrasting color later on to set it apart from my light skin and awful blood vessels. Thank you to the person who drew this design 😉 . Either people are very nice to me and say they like it or they really do. I am betting on the latter because most people are honest with me 😀 .


It was a good day. There are lots of changes and the biggest one is shedding the old and starting on a new path just in time for the New Year.


May you find peace and happiness in your gardening and may you always be blessed. Happy Gardening! 😀


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I am overextending myself but I am beginning another blog… I know, but this is important to me and is an extension of my morning routine. It began this morning. Please don’t feel that you must read it or follow it.


I have so many things that I am trying to do and do not know if I should continue them all or concentrate on any particular one or something different but I feel compelled to spread my wings even more. There must be a reason. With that said, this was the product of my prayers this morning. There was no thought about it just that I had to do it.


The blog is called My Letter to God and is found at   http://morningletters.wordpress.com/   My morning routine is daily devotional, meditation, and prayer. This will be part of my prayer though this is a very minuscule part.


My life is about to take a big turn and it is not all positive. I must reach out and do what I have been preparing for all of my life. I am a giver and I am not happy unless I am giving from my heart.


Have a very blessed day and Happy Gardening! 😀


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The day has come! My book is online!!! Whoooo—whoooo!!! I cannot believe this is happening. It is really here. The day has finally arrived!!! After 4 months, the time has finally come—almost to the day that I first typed out several pages in a couple of hours in the darkness of the night.


You can access the blog AND book HERE, or click on the photo in the post below or the link on the side. This is something I never thought would happen—one, to write a book and two, to bare so much of my soul. But, it really isn’t about me. It is about life and how we should treat others.


The blog is set up so that each page contains a chapter or section of the book with the front page set aside for blogging about certain subjects relevant to relationships and daily life. I have but one aim … one goal … and that is for someone to benefit from these writings even if it is only one person—but, I am hoping it will be more.


This has become my baby. I am really proud of it but I cannot take all of the credit. It would not exist except for God. There is no way. I just hope someone is touched in a positive way.


This is my gift… It comes from my heart!



Live and love well!


Happy Gardening and please take care of your heart! 😀


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During this week back in 1990, we were experiencing record-breaking heat every day not unlike we have been experiencing this year. Temperatures were ranging about 104 each day. I was pregnant with my first child and had passed my due date. I was miserable and was lying around in the A/C with a fan blowing on me just waiting for her to decide to come out into the world. She had to know it was hotter outside than inside where she was :).

It was hard to tell when it was time to make that journey to the hospital—I had been having contractions for the past 4-6 weeks. All that came to an end when my water broke the night of the 6th. Of course, my OBGYN was in the islands that week so another doctor had to substitute.

She was a beautiful baby. My husband was there with me and us after she was born. To see the love he had for her and for me in his eyes is something I will never forget. How he cradled her with her cute little pink hat as they slept beside me in the hospital room. I will forever remember these memories and how I have treasured those days in my heart. Life was hot on the outside, but things were cool on the inside as our family grew.

My daughter thinks it is special that the day she was born we had record breaking heat and the record still stands. She doesn’t understand that the day is special because of her birth, nothing else need to be said.

Happy Birthday!


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I know that I am a very private person. I guard my privacy with good reason, but I feel compelled to show you a photo of who I am–well, was. This is an old photo of me. I have changed a good bit but this is who I am on the inside even over the years. Notice the purple. That’s me! I probably will not leave this up because I am so private, but I thought people might want to see the person behind the blog–just add about 25 years…

May life always give you reason to smile!


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Hmmm… Am I a quilter or just a person who sews? Am I a crafter or an artist? Yep! That’s who I am. I am a mom, a cook, a cleaner (well, not so much any more like I used to be), a gardener, and have served as primary caregiver for a parent and grandparent (not to mention children), etc. I have repaired things like washing machines and sewing machines though the new ones are beyond my scope. I can design patterns and build many things from different sorts of materials. I have taught mathematics and how to write computer programs (before windows) and lots of other wonderful things, but is there one thing that describes me? No. I do not have a specialty.

by McTuffis @ webshots

When I was young, I raised chickens on the farm and sold eggs in my great-uncle’s store. We were never short of eggs, but I was not a business type of person. I later went into the restaurant business of sorts. I enjoyed it but hated it a lot, too. I have always wanted to do something that was different-not feeling tied to the same thing every day like what my 2 college degrees can do for me (I am not bashing college). Even after 50, I feel like I am still searching for my niche in life because I don’t know where I fit in, what my ONE specialty is.

by bossmare1 @ webshots

I think this may stem because I don’t really want to be a leader but I don’t always like to follow either. I like originality and creativity. This is when I feel my best, complete; when I feel accomplished. I think most of us want to have this feeling of accomplishment, to be acknowledged for our talents-at least our efforts. I have such a love for natural beauty and talents of others. As we mature, we learn new things like weaving them into a basket. The more we learn, the bigger-and perhaps more intricate-the basket.

So, what is your talent, your specialty in life? Do you have one, two, or … too many that you don’t know? Happy Gardening in everything you do!


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It’s time for some thoughtful writing that tells a little more about myself. Here goes… To begin with, this blog was meant to be writings and musings of my world and how I trudge through the garden of life hoping to share something of myself with others. I didn’t expect it to turn into such a sewing and quilting theme, but sewing gives me such satisfaction in my life right now. So, just who is the woman in the mirror

Growing up, I had some difficulty coping with life especially in my teens. On the outside, I looked normal; on the inside-it was much different. Most people never knew there was anything wrong, and there wasn’t until I was diagnosed (sounds so awful, doesn’t it). I prided myself on being able to care for myself and was able to do almost anything I set my mind to-with restrictions and limitations. I even helped to re-shingle a house and do other not-so-feminine activities like splitting wood, carpentry, and such. I was able to go to college and graduate with double degrees almost like checks on a bucket list, but these were things many never imagined I would do or even excel at. I didn’t talk about my health issues and hid my seizures for fear of being rejected – a seizure would consist of numbing sensation on one side of my body. As time passed, the seizures were controlled so no one really knew there was anything different from my inside world.

It has not been all easy and carefree-there is much missing in this story. In the past 10 years or so, as I began to have real problems-awful headaches, lack of short term memory, falling due to dizziness and permanent loss of feeling and some paralysis, I lost friends and family relationships were tested. A lady who I considered to be my best friend believed I was inventing symptoms believing that there was nothing wrong with me because these changes came suddenly-I was able to do about anything (with some limitations) before. She cut off all ties and said some nasty things-that hurt. Another lady told me that I did not have enough faith because surely God would heal me if I just had more faith (that’s what she said)-that really hurt. Then there was the family member who said I did not need to see doctors because there was nothing wrong with me. That was hard because she was my grandmother. Others believed I would ‘get well soon’ as if I was recovering from a cold. All of these things have happened in the last 10 years, and each has left its mark, so I guard my feelings and don’t speak much about issues I face. I don’t want to be hurt any more. I know others who have more problems than me so I cannot complain because it could have been and can be so much worse.

So what seems to be my problem? Well, I was born with an arteriovenous malformation or AVM for short in the cerebral part of my brain. Yeah, not a lot of people have one. Mine is rather large and deeply embedded. It is definitely not the largest AVM but it’s sure not the smallest. It mainly affects one side of my body, but it also affects mobility, speech, and cognitive applications just to name a few. Most people do not even know they have one of these things until it starts to give them problems or worse – when it bleeds. I was diagnosed with this thing before our modern technology of today (sounds prehistoric). Its location and size are why I still live with it. I was diagnosed the old fashioned way-before CT scanners and MRI machines. Yes, people held me down so they could insert that nasty needle into my neck artery in order to pump ‘dye’ into my brain (cerebral angiography). I remember it like it was yesterday but in fact it was 40 years ago this year. It was very traumatic for someone who did not know what was going on because I was not told what to expect. Back then, patients were not told very much but as a child-a preteen-I was told even less (nothing).

As I have aged, I have explored treatment and surgery options. For me, there is little hope for quality of life after “treatment.” I have known very few people with brain AVMs, fewer have one located in the same area and relatively same size, and I have never physically met someone who has one. There is no cookie cutter method of how to deal with these things. Many times doctors tell patients that they must have surgery only for the patient to discover they will never see any type of normalcy again. Many of the AVMs are aggressively treated and then patients wait for about 1-2 years only to have more surgery because other problems develop in the brain. Some do fine with treatment depending on the case, but I had a lady tell me that she wished so much that her husband had opted not to have surgery because he died the second time around. Others continue through years of treatment hoping to one day gain something normal in their lives again. I could write a book on my experiences and stories from others, but I know I am lucky to be alive – it is actually more than luck.

So, who is the woman in the mirror? Is she who she aspired to be so many years ago, or does she only see a shell of what is left? Each day I live, I struggle to fill that void-that shell, and as Paul Harvey used to say, “Now you know the rest of the story” though this is only a partial glimpse into my life, a part that I do not easily share.

Happy Gardening to all and may the person you see in the mirror be the person you have aspired to become and if not, may you continue to fill in the gaps until you are.


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I updated my profile:  About me, the person behind the blog. I had written that extra piece a while back but forgot to add it in when I first began the blog.

So, what’s in the garden today? The temps are deciding how the garden grows I’m afraid. It is still HOT missing records just shy of a few degrees and will be hotter next week – into the 100s again! I cannot take this. I don’t do well in the heat. So, I am inside most of the time. Today, I am working on a quilt-a small one. I hope to post some pictures later on, but it is taking me longer than I wanted to get to it. Sewing is one of my passions that came from necessity. I will talk more about sewing and quilting later on. For now, here’s to happy gardening inside and outside!

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