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Simon and my (his now) TY baby

Simon and my (his now) TY baby


This is my buddy. Both daughters are gone and the eldest one cannot have Simon live with her right now so he is still with me. He has been clawing the furniture a little too much but he is basically a good cat and sometimes he will sleep with me–nice when it is cold. He keeps me company and I try to play with him but we are running out of “meeces” toys. Note:  I have one cat so please don’t call me the cat lady just yet.


My blog is about to take a turn of sorts and I apologize if there are details that might cause one to turn away. I have delayed my other blog a bit because this is nagging at me something awful. I have mentioned this topic before but barely–definitely not in so much detail.


Sometimes things need to be said. 🙂 I do not know why this keeps coming up but I must deal with it. Have a great day/night and try not to judge me too harshly. 😉

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Simon is 3 years old today. 


Happy Birthday, Simon!


May you have many more! 😀

Simon says, “Happy Scratching!” 

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Once there were 4 plus a cat…now there are 2 and a cat…

The previous posting was about the large portrait of my G-GF. Before the daughter moved this past weekend, she and I went through the house inventory of furniture (and the portraits and such) so I would know what she wants to keep down the road—I want to know who wants what so there is no bickering later on. Believe it or not, she wants the portrait because of ties to my family—a stark contrast to the timid child of years ago but a mature one wanting to keep things that have been passed down through the generations. It is sometimes difficult holding on to so much memories—each piece has a tale to tell.


It was a long weekend for the move—first, extra long and then very tiring. Not everything fit in or on top of the car but she moved the essentials…enough to know that she is not here now. The strings have been loosened as she begins her journey. I wish her all of the happiness in the world! I cannot second guess this decision and can only give encouraging comments, my thoughts if it were me, and then be there when things do not go the way that is planned. Parenting is tough sometimes 😉 . I thought it would get easier but in fact, at times, it is much harder.


Conversely, this was the first time Simon was left on his own for more than several hours. He was so glad to see us when we returned. He is staying close to make sure we don’t leave again…well, not in the really near future. 😀


Things change. We change. Life changes. May we all have a center, a focus, that never changes 🙂 . Happy Gardening in all of your endeavors and most importantly…all of your journey! 😀


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We got Simon 2 years ago this coming February. He is part of the family—our family. He is still into things and that will never change. He still loves boxes and seems to want to fit into the smallest. I am legally his owner but my oldest daughter is his real “parent.” I can do everything for him but he shows allegiance to her. We think it is because he sees her as his equal 😀 . He will sleep next to me now and will sometimes get into my lap—not often but sometimes. He likes to sit on my pillow and just be close to me. Strange behavior for a cat who is a touch-me-not!



The mornings that I take a shower he goes with me and sits on HIS towel waiting for me to finish. The moisture helps his sinuses and believe it or not, he will wait patiently until I am through. We have come a long way since he first arrived 😀 ! I remember when he would not do this. But, he is still master of this house. All who have cats know what I mean by this. I truly do not know what we would have done without Simon this year. He has greatly touched our lives.


For Christmas, I got Simon one of those “mouses” that has a string. When pulled, it vibrates across the floor. He has gone through a few of these—the string comes out… And, believe it or not, he by himself, can pull the string by holding the mouse in his mouth and front paws and pulling the string with his back paws. Rather than take the mouse out of the packaging I just gave him the whole thing… Guess what. The mouse disappeared—I found him later in the living room…the mouse.


Simon loves puzzles—figuring out how things work. That is why he is so intrigued by water coming out of the faucet and going down the drain. He also likes to take steal my pencil and I joke about how he must want to write me a note to tell me what he wants. There are so many more things he does and we love him to death—like I said—he is part of the family…he IS family. Nothing is going to change that.


Simon says…Happy Scratching and may your day be as bright as his! Take care!!! 😀


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He has mellowed—Thank Goodness! He still suffers from headaches—he has sinus issues like the rest of us and sits in the bathroom sometimes when we take showers. I have mentioned this before. Lately, he has been lying down beside me in the living room each morning—lying on his back while I rub his head. At times he will take both paws and pull my hand closer to his head to give more pressure.

Simon half asleep (with eyes open)


Simon is not a cat to lie on his back but he does more so now—I think so his sinus will drain. One of HIS windows has a pallet in front of it so he can lie on his back and nap while he watches the birds—who is spoiled? He reminds me of an otter the way he does this.


Then there is his newest craze…pulling the toilet bowl brush and its storage caddy out. He then proceeds to pull out the brush and leave it in the middle of the bathroom floor. I kid you not! The fireplace mantel is devoid of most collectibles and such because Simon sits there and taunts us. We find that if we ignore him, he doesn’t act out as much but it takes a lot of patience. He is still a cutie and we love him!


Have a great day and Happy Scratching!


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This is a photo of the famed cat in our family when I was growing up—who was more than just a cat. His name was Charlie Brown.

Charlie Brown

Not long after I came home from the hospital when I was 10, our calico cat named Callie had kittens. She liked to sleep with me, particularly under the covers, and my mom was scared she would have the kitties there in the bed. It was tough trying to keep her out. Not long afterwards, she gave birth to 3 beautiful kitties—Charlie Brown, Linus, and Lucy who we called Lucy Locket. They were very special kitties and had a beautiful dad named… Sweet Violet. Sweet Violet was left on our doorstep by a family friend (head shake). My mom usually named the cats and named this one thinking HE was a SHE. I don’t have a photo of him but he was smoky and white—absolutely no stripes.

There are many funny stories I want to tell about Charlie Brown. He was the closest thing to a brother I had. He thought he was PEOPLE. But his dad, Sweet Violet…

My great aunt (who was like my grandmother after my GM died) was staying with us for a while she was recovering from something. Sweet Violet wanted to go outside. My aunt went to the door and called the cat, “Violet, Violet.” The cat would not budge. She refused to call a male cat “SWEET.” She tried and tried with no results. As soon as she said, “Come on Sweet Violet,” up he ran out of the door.

May our lives be beautifully blessed by our kitties and pets and may you have a wonderful day in the garden of life! Happy Gardening and Simon says, “Happy Scratching!”


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Continuing down the animal and pet tales of my life—this one is about cats. And no, I cannot tell you about all of the pets, but I can show you some of the special kitties. This one was not the top cat but she was one of my favorites. You see, we lived in the country and people would drop off all types of animals… Even friends and family would drop them off :(. Don’t ever do that, please.


This kitty was named Midnight. I was out splitting wood one afternoon when I was about 15. I thought I heard something, stopped, and saw nothing. Then I heard this very faint “Meo—ow, me—ow.” I stopped, looked around, and again saw nothing so I continued with my work. It happened again. Finally, I saw her by a tree. Obviously, she was trying to get my attention which I thought was unusual since most cats will not approach if there is a lot of noise.

I didn’t know it at the time, but a friend was moving away and could not take her cat. Someone in their family dropped her off. So sad! We tried to find out if she belonged to anyone and later learned of this story. She was a beautiful cat but a little temperamental. She would not eat out of the other cats’ plate—she had to have her own… Here she is sitting on my mahogany bed (which has its own story in my life) with some of my stuffed animals. She thought she was royalty and we treated her that way :).

Happy Gardening and as Simon likes to say, “Happy Scratching!”


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