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It’s time to make a difference…to make your voice heard…it’s time to do something for our EARTH!




How does your garden grow? Are you caring for it? Is it healthy? We all have a stake in the gardens of the world. Doing nothing means choosing to ignore and this inaction is actually detrimental to all of us. It is our responsibility to reach out to each other and make positive gains in taking better care of OUR Earth!!!


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My Halloween wasn’t that great. I put some chocolate popovers in the oven just before the trick-or-treaters were to begin ringing my doorbell. When I turned the tray around, the pot holder slipped. Well, when I woke up yesterday, I was experiencing less sensation in my right hand than usual so I could not tell I was grabbing the oven rack rather than the pan. I had second degree burns on one finger and first degree on 2 others. I still have feeling deep down (let me tell you) but on the surface, that feeling sensation has diminished moreso before the burns :/ .  After doctoring my boo-boos, I took some pain meds and went to bed. Ok, we haven’t had our first freeze yet and the only weather advisory we had before I went to sleep was a wind advisory for this afternoon.


I awoke in the wee hours this morning when my youngest who lives in Tennessee texted saying it had been snowing most of the night. She gets excited 😀 — wonder who she gets that from. 😉 I went back to sleep and when I woke up later, I looked out questioning why it looked like snow falling from the sky… I checked my phone for the weather and saw a winter weather advisory. I dismissed it at first because I thought it was for Tennessee and then I realized that was snow on the radar–locally–then I started to replay last night in my head…pain from the burns…pain during treatment…more pain while giving out candy (I actually tolerate pain pretty well)…more pain…then pain meds and sleep. I looked out the window again and saw rain but some snow too. What? It’s November 1st … isn’t it? We rarely get snow but NEVER this early!!! 


There wasn’t much snow and it hasn’t been cold enough to stick but this is weird–really weird. There was real snow (sticking to the ground) just east of here on the way to Columbia (SC). Very interesting. And, I was trying not to turn on my heat … yet. 🙂 Hope your Halloween was a good one.

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Is there really any truth to what people refer to as global warming or climate change? I don’t like political things—nothing new—but Friday, I reposted a video on facebook that I thought demonstrated our effect (humans’) on our earth. A longtime “friend” said it was good except for mentioning global warming. In truth, the entire video was about nature and what man has done–see video at the end of my post if you are interested. She also said the French were stupid…sometimes I just shake my head.


I told her that glaciers would soon be a thing of the past and polar ice is disappearing faster than it can reform. That seemed to just anger her. She said that we have had heat waves in the past and they were nothing new. She also said global warming was a term made up by an idiot trying to scare people.


Ok. I get it that people are skeptical. I was too, at first. It seems that so many people do not understand we are here to care for our earth and we are destroying it. It’s easy to stick one’s head in the sand and pretend nothing is happening. It is easy to make fun of others when you don’t understand the science behind the observations.


I asked her to unfriend me on facebook…I wanted her to know I was not happy with her comments. I’ve known her all of my life but I will not be told that this is just a matter of differing opinions. I told my daughters about it and they wondered how anyone doesn’t see what we are doing to our world—our home–our earth. I am very passionate about some things and this is one of them. Science is not an opinion.


I really dislike it when people try throwing their weight around attempting to agitate others and she has been doing this in several ways. I said something about it in a private message and she said that she has been stepped on too many times. I kindly said I have been stepped on all of my life but it does not give me the right to step on someone else. There are some other things about this but writing them would be just more bashing another person. My intent is to show we need to be aware of our world and not closed in or sealed off. It is about more than a few people. What we do here affects the entire planet. Other people live here, too.


I am afraid that this is what happens when hatred becomes such a part of your life that you cannot see past the end of your nose. You can tell me that the tree in my yard is purple when it is really green. Just because you say it is purple does not make it true. Just because we ignore our part in the destruction of our world doesn’t change things. We either acknowledge and make changes in our lifestyles or we ignore and doom our planet to an early death or at least human life. Responsibility is not party affiliated—republican, democrat, independent or other. We all are responsible. We choose to do something or we choose to ignore. We choose to be a part of the solution or we continue to be a part of the problem. Simple.


In case you don’t believe we are doing harm to our atmosphere, weather, water supplies, etc., I urge you to begin to study in depth about the oceans and the measurements of elements and aquatic life, temperature changes, salinity, etc. Chart data. Include information about storms. Study the levels of the atmosphere and how much pollution there is. Then take a look at how many trees have been destroyed and not replanted—particularly the rainforests. Study the ice shelves of Antarctica. Observe the polar habitats that are disappearing before our eyes. And, if that’s not enough, begin studying about solar storms. Don’t take anyone’s word for it but don’t believe everything is all hunky dory.


Sorry. 🙂 Sometimes I have to vent my frustrations, too. Oh, and here is a link to what started it all… Hope you enjoy it! It has been around a while so you may have seen it before.



Have a great Sunday! 😀

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One of the scariest times of my life… This is what happens when too much ice accumulates on trees (I had mostly pines)…my poor house and yard.

This is not snow…this is ice only…small itsy-bitsy, teeny tiny pellets–sleet and frozen rain (tears, maybe). I could not believe how much there was. It began on Tuesday the 11th, continued through Wednesday and then it began to snow a bit on Thursday morning–no snow accumulation. In the photo below:  the left, where it appears to be less, is the driveway and to the right is the ground where there was more accumulation. This is the only pretty picture…and it ain’t pretty. 😉 Footprints should give you an idea how deep it was.


Ice — doesn’t look that bad, does it? 😉


This is what I saw after the first tree came down Wed night. The second tree is still standing at the time. The house is to the left and the base of Tree A that snapped in two is to the right. The biggest part that fell is pointing toward the house 🙄 I didn’t see what it did to the house until later. When it came down, the power was out and it was dark. There is a brick patio under there somewhere.


Patio pic #1


This is looking into the backyard from the front—with the shed on the right (right of pic #1). I could not even get to the backyard until later—it’s a good thing.


Patio pic #2


This is some of the front yard. This is not a tree down…only limbs. Yeah…a mess.


<- Driveway           House ->


A tree from my neighbor’s yard fell across the road (toward me 😉 ). I took the photo after the road was cleared a bit.


Driveway and road where tree had fallen

My nice driveway. Very few limbs–the only place that did not have limbs or trees. 😉


Now for 2 pictures where trees meet the house. This is the first hit. Hard to see with the shadows but my eave is missing as is some of the roof.



Doesn’t look so bad in the pictures I guess but… The one laying on the house…that’s the story I told before where I was out in the road attempting to remove the one blocking the road. I heard it snap and then watched it fall. It damaged the roof and the ceiling below it.

This concludes the ice tour 2014. Be careful and watch your step as you exit the vehicle–don’t trip. 🙂

By the way, I know people are making fun of all this–that it is nothing–that “we” southerners are making a big deal about it all and that others deal with this all of the time. That may be true but I will say it again…I have never EVER seen this much damage for an ice storm and I have never seen this much ice at one time. Houses weren’t brought down everywhere but this is unreal–surreal. I thought people were over exaggerating when they said ‘catastrophic’ possibilities but I also thought the same when Jim Cantore stood on the shores of Mississippi just before Hurricane Katrina came in and said, “Everything you see here will be gone,” and it was. 


I was hit exceptionally hard. I don’t know why but it isn’t because I have lack of faith or that I am not a good person or whatever reason someone can think of. Things happen, period. I thank God for everything that I have and need. I love snow–I hate ice. 🙂


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Yes, Virginia Amy, there are earthquakes. Ice–sleet, frozen rain, cold stuff–began to fall Tuesday and fell all day Wednesday and then to add insult to injury, it snowed Thursday morning very lightly. It is weird to walk on more than an inch or two (looks more like 3 inches but what do I know) of small ice pellets everywhere–not snow. The snow didn’t accumulate. Let’s revisit…

Two nights ago after much, much ice had fallen, a tree fell and hit the back of the house. I have a 2-story house. The tree broke off at the top–all of the limbs and needles came crashing into the house tearing off some of the eave. The house shook violently. Yesterday morning, I went to survey the damage of more than 24 hours of ice coming out of the sky. I’m telling you that I’m 54 today (yes-Saturday) and I have never ever seen this happen before–not to this extent.

I was in the road with some neighbors yesterday morning and we were talking about this one pine tree leaning over my house. I was attempting to remove debris to clear the road when I heard it crack. I yelled at it to not break off and just like a little child who sees something he/she wants, it didn’t listen. After all it is was a tree. WHAM! Into the house it went. I watched it. You should have seen how big and green it was before it broke off, but that was the problem. It could not stand up to the weight of the ice. I now have a ceiling that may cave in… You get the idea.

The house shook that time, too. I watched it happen and Simon felt it–he was so scared–he is still scared. To be honest, I’m scared. At the time, we still had no power, it was cold, dark, scary…he doesn’t react well to change and he hates cold. Last blog post, I wrote about Jim Cantore coming to town. We really do joke about him in the summer. You probably do, too if you live close to the coast. We have had storms before but I have never ever seen one this bad and not just because I have tree damage. There are only a few tornado hits in this area that I have seen that are worse. This is far reaching–more so than tornadoes. Now for the story…

Happy Valentine’s Day…there are a few minutes left. 😆 I was trying to relax…Friday night with power, some heat, and my internet came back tonight so I was talking to some friends, reading up on some things, writing, answering emails… I was just a having a quiet night in on Friday night, Valentine’s Day. I didn’t care. I just wanted peace and warmth. 

Earlier, Simon came in the room and wouldn’t lay down on his blanket. He was acting strange but look at what we have been through. Each of us is doing whatever we need to cope. All of a sudden the bed began to shake…..the house shook (and creaked)….I have a chest of drawers with handles that rattle when it is moved and it made such a ruckus. My first thought was the ice storm but I knew the ice was almost all melted. In the back of my mind, I kept thinking “earthquake.” Then I received a text from my daughter who was out with her boyfriend. She asked if “that” was an earthquake. I said, “yes.” It was either my house falling down or an earthquake or both.

It hasn’t been a good week. And, this? The epicenter was a few miles away–seriously. Yes, really. So….I wish you a good Valentine’s Day–a day late and if nothing else happens, we hope to celebrate my birthday later today–it’s after midnight. If something happens, we plan to celebrate my birthday later today. And to think I didn’t want to celebrate…… 🙄

Blessings …

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Fall feeling

…not really. The calendar says October but it doesn’t feel like it. A few weeks ago, the temperatures were in the mid to upper 80s–a few 90s. This week, we have been back in the 80s from upper 70s but at least the nights have cooled down a bit. After the hurricane passes through the temperatures are supposed to drop–Tuesday’s high is supposed to be about 60 degrees but Tuesday is October 30. Hmmm. I can’t complain too much. My energy bills are down–such a good thing.


The allergies this fall are some of the worst I remember experiencing–there have been pollen alerts most days. And, while at the doctor’s office this week, we were told that flu is here already–early by 2 months…it usually shows up a week or so after Thanksgiving–after families have had time to visit for the holiday. To top that off, there are health care professionals who had flu shots who now have the flu. It is looking to be a long winter.


wikipedia – isn’t he cute…

Not only are some leaves falling now but there is this certain squirrel who I promise is targeting me by shooting pieces of pine cone every time I step out the door. He has gotten me a few times so far. I can just see him up in the tree laughing… Ok, maybe that is him chewing. 😀 I hope you are having a wonderful fall or autumn. 


May your gardens be richly blessed and may your day be wonderful! 😀


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Feast or famine

We have weird weather at times…


We live just northwest of the city and so often we get missed or receive very little rain when showers move through. It is crazy. I can watch the radar and see rain coming but the clouds usually split before they reach us. They usually reform after they pass over us, too.

Three times this week we have gotten little to no rain when all around us received quite a bit. In fact, it has flooded just south of here all 3 times. I lost control of my car yesterday when traveling home from town because it was so bad. I regained control but when I got home…no rain, just sunny skies. It was pouring just a few miles away. I call it feast or famine. On Thursday, the ditches were overflowing just a mile from the house. Life. Hmmm. I really do like things in moderation, but I cannot complain. At least someone is getting rain and it is has been nicer with the cooler temperatures even with the increase in humidity.

Unfortunately, lives have been lost the past few days due to the weather and probably people driving too fast for conditions. I hope you are getting a mix of weather and not the same humdrum thing. Take care and Happy Gardening! 🙂


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During this week back in 1990, we were experiencing record-breaking heat every day not unlike we have been experiencing this year. Temperatures were ranging about 104 each day. I was pregnant with my first child and had passed my due date. I was miserable and was lying around in the A/C with a fan blowing on me just waiting for her to decide to come out into the world. She had to know it was hotter outside than inside where she was :).

It was hard to tell when it was time to make that journey to the hospital—I had been having contractions for the past 4-6 weeks. All that came to an end when my water broke the night of the 6th. Of course, my OBGYN was in the islands that week so another doctor had to substitute.

She was a beautiful baby. My husband was there with me and us after she was born. To see the love he had for her and for me in his eyes is something I will never forget. How he cradled her with her cute little pink hat as they slept beside me in the hospital room. I will forever remember these memories and how I have treasured those days in my heart. Life was hot on the outside, but things were cool on the inside as our family grew.

My daughter thinks it is special that the day she was born we had record breaking heat and the record still stands. She doesn’t understand that the day is special because of her birth, nothing else need to be said.

Happy Birthday!


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In 1936, the record high for June 29 was 105 degrees. Well, guess what. Bro-ken! It got up to 106 at the airport where the official temperatures are recorded. So, 2012 will go down in the history books. Please, please, let this be the only record high…

I know car thermometers are not always accurate, and I know that temperatures taken around a car can give false readings. When I left the house Friday afternoon, the temperature on the car thermometer was 101-not sitting in the sun. It was around 105 from local observation stations. About 3-5 miles away, the car temperature was reading 111… Those same stations were registering 109 the next time I checked. Life is HOT! And, as we were pulling through a drive-through fast-food place, we noticed wilting weeds. If the weeds are wilting, you know it is dry!

People are betting whether we will break or tie our all-time record high of 108 on Saturday. I would be extremely happy if we do not make it above 100 :).

Stay cool and drink plenty of H2O! Happy Gardening!


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Earlier in the week, the forecast for today (FRI) was 97; then it went to 100; now it is 105 or HIGHER. Our records for heat are as follows (according to the weather channel website):

June — 105  (1952) 106 (2012)* 

July — 107  (1980)

August — 108  (2007)

September — 106  (1925)

* update… June 29, 2012; June 30, 2012

We are set to at least tie a record but I have seen forecasts calling for 108 temperatures (cough, cough). This is not my idea of fun. Oh, I am looking forward to cooler temperatures.

What do you do to keep cool? Is it staying inside with the A/C cranked up? Or, is it drinking smoothies and shakes and eating lots of ice cream of popsicles? Or, do you like to spend your time in the pool—oh, to have a pool about now…? Maybe it is a combination? Stay cool whatever you do!

Happy Gardening!


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