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Artists create according to how their spirits are strummed. Some use difficulties and tragedies in their lives to take us to new heights. They show of their experiences not only through their eyes and ears but through their souls. As an artist, it is how we endure these tough times that gives a picture of our journey. This can be in the visual context or the auditory, written, and other. Whether the artist really wants you to understand, he or she is “telling” of their experiences, so art is more than what we see or hear—it is what we feel as an artist and it is what we feel as an observer–though they may not be the same. Make sense?

Intentionally or not, I am drawn to people and their blogs who tell of this journey. Some artists are in the infancy of this voyage. Some are in the middle and some have reached the other side. Creating art is good therapy for people with sufferings of many kinds. We need to learn how best to express ourselves for us to continue the journey. And, this is not a planer existence. We as humans are comprised of multilayers. Sometimes all of the layers are not in sync. It takes time. Sorry if this is a little deep—it is not meant to be.

Works and creations are how we cope with life. Many will tell you that they do what they do for another reason but so many artists are giving a reflection of who they really are—what they really feel or have felt and their connection to life. Artistry is the best gift we have to deal with our problems. Sometimes, we don’t know or understand our need or desire to why we want to express certain things but I bet if someone watches long enough and really gets to know you, they will understand.

In the past two years I have watched such people. Some were just beginning on their journey. I have watched a metamorphosis take place as time goes along. Some have completed their journey and are to their Happy Place. Others are still working along. No matter what, their journey is beautiful.

I am a very non-superficial person. That is why I am such a caring individual and why I get hurt so easily. Sometimes, we need those times of difficulty to bring us back in line. For so long, I had problems creating new things—those from the heart. I think I had to begin my journey again. The journey is the real story. I cannot rush it but enjoy it as I go. I wish you the best wherever you are along the way.

Happy Gardening along your journey!



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