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  • Nice looking man with muscles to open wine bottles.
  • Must have:  pleasant personality, enjoys wine and conversation and enjoys sharing kitchen–with me.
  • A big plus:  can laugh at my jokes and witty humor, likes music and dancing, and isn’t scared of new things.
  • Oh, and cannot be allergic to pets…or me. 🙂
  • Also:  must be single with no attachments.


While visiting my younger daughter in Tennessee the other week, we made a trip to the local winery. Although the weather was cold with freezing precipitation, we had a great time. We did the tasting tour and of course I said I wanted to bring the entire vat of peach wine home. They didn’t take me serious at first but then said that it would cost about $30,000. That might be pocket change for some people but I just did not have the cash on me that day 😀 .


I cannot drink red wine for some strange reason—makes me very sick. It has been suggested that the tannins are the culprit but I don’t know and I don’t know if it has to do with some of my allergies. I can drink white wine and more fruity wines with no problem. I had all but given up on wine years ago because I never found anything that I really liked but today, there is so much more variety. I’m even thinking about making my own 🙂


We bought a few bottles of wine and one night after we returned home I texted my older daughter that I was having trouble opening a bottle. She said she had no problem—that she unwrapped the top and gave the bottle to her boyfriend and _(name withheld)_ opened it. I said that I didn’t have a _(name withheld)_ to open my wine and we just laughed. So…I came up with this want-ad.


As for my advertisement… a girl can dream, can’t she 😉 ? Have a great day! 🙂

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After a little delay, I finally got my blog going at My World Too. I decided to post pictures showing the beauty of our Earth. On Wednesdays, I will make a post about something I feel needs attention. Right now, PLASTIC is a dirty word to me. We use way too much plastic. Just recently, some of the food packaging I have been buying for so long…well, they had been using waxed paper but they switched to plastic. Non-biodegradable plastic does not break down easily. It lasts forever it seems. Even the plastics that do splinter into smaller pieces still leave little pieces that cannot be removed from soil easily. When this gets to the ocean, marine life suffers including water fowl. This is unacceptable. We are killing animals and causing them to suffer.


I’ll be on a plastic theme for a while. It is important to me and I am very passionate about this so if you would–please–I would very much appreciate if you could get involved. We are responsible for what we do and what we don’t do. We can demand certain things and work together–there is a thought I like to hear–to make our world better. Rather than complain, why not share something that you think we can do to help our Earth. Start a dialogue with others. Read and research. Be picky and use good sense. Don’t be swayed by certain things. Just like most things, the political machine is at work and trying to cast a bad light on efforts to help our Earth. We still have to compromise but we need to work together and we need to get off this fossil fuel binge we are on for our own good and the good of animals and the environment.


Today’s post at My World Too

It’s Wake Up Wednesday (link). Our Earth is important but we are treating her like crap. Hopefully, I will post something each week that will get your attention. My first concern is PLASTIC. It is a BIG concern!


  • Do you know how many plastics (a variety of polymers…non-biodegradable plastics) there are in your life each day?
  • Do you know how much plastic you use?
  • Can you recognize the plastic in your everyday life?

Here are some plastics. These are rather pretty, don’t you think? Nice colors…it makes you want to go buy some CD/DVD cases doesn’t it–don’t fall for it.


“Plastics” by Kevin T Houle (link) via flickr [Terms of Use (link) – no changes made]

It seems like everything is covered with plastic from food to garbage, packaging…it’s even in cleaners, toiletries, makeup…you name it. Plastic does not dissolve like toilet paper. It sticks around for years and years—lifetimes. And, sometimes it breaks down into small enough pieces that are not so visible but are still a danger to the environment and to us as humans.

Too much plastic #1

“Too Much Plastics #1” by Sergio Russo (link) via flickr [Terms of Use (link) – no changes made]

Look around and see if you notice plastic in your daily routine. Do you see it? Do you know where it goes once you are finished with it? So much plastic ends up in the ocean and in the bellies or marine life and water fowl. If we remain at the rate we are going, there will be no marine life left.

Is this acceptable to you? It is not acceptable to me. It’s important to me that we wake up and do something before it is too late if it is not too late already!


I will continue to post pictures of beauty–outstanding beauty–but I will also post what I believe to be one of our biggest downfalls and that is PLASTIC. Recycling is NOT the answer. We need less plastic–not more. 🙂 Our world needs us to help.


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As promised, this is my first post at My World Too. No earth-shattering details…just laying the foundation to build upon. We all live on the same planet and we must get along to move forward. I see two things that need to happen before we can move forward and that is acknowledging our earth and accepting responsibility to her as well as developing a respect for other people…humbling ourselves. We can’t hear if we don’t listen. 🙂

From “My World Too” . . . My World Too . . .

Responsibility. That’s what I want the end result to be for this blog in some form or fashion. I do not know where this road is leading but I hope for a better understanding of our world if only it serves as a way for me to express my desires and hopes. The idea began when I became agitated about the apathy and even hatred toward others for caring about our world. Why would one find fault with someone who cares?

We need to take action. I have a feeling that I will be called an alarmist—I detest names but if that is what it takes, so be it. Our actions and inactions are hurting each other and future generations. Each of us has the responsibility of making this world better. We cannot sit back and wait for someone else to do something. We should do no harm and make our earth better than the way we find it. We may not all agree on everything but I hope to do or say something or use the words of others to make an impact…sow some seeds…something 🙂 . I want to share what I see.

We should care for our world and quit taking advantage of her. She has given us so much–a home–resources to shelter us, to feed us, to heat and cool us–so very much. People who take and never give are really thieves and that is not acceptable to me. I refuse to be a thief but we all are and for that we will pay a price maybe not in our lifetime but perhaps in the lives of my children–your children and grandchildren and their grandchildren. You may not agree that there has been any climate change or that humans have had a negative effect on the world. You may disagree with everyone who sees changes in our atmosphere, our oceans, our weather, glacial melting, our water supply, the depletion of resources, etc. but we are abusing these precious commodities–and our earth.

The earth owes us nothing but we owe her everything. So this blog is here for me to vent my frustrations about our world–my world–the world I want to be here tomorrow and the next day and the day after. I want to share some of her beauty–some of what we take for granted. I know if we do not change, there will very little of our world left for the next generations–our descendants. Sometimes, I think we are not worth it–that we should just perish–a sobering thought. We are selfish humans only wanting and never giving back. It seems that way.

It is time to give back.

                                       It is time to care.


We are the caretakers and it is time for us to start acting like it.

Notice:  Best behavior required. This is not a stage for politics–I am not a fan and it will not be tolerated. Again, best behavior is required. Thanks. 🙂

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My World Too

Someone said I can’t complain if I am not willing to do something so… I’m doing something.

I am exasperated by how much we take for granted. What tipped the scale was the childhood friend from facebook who swears that climate change is a scare tactic. To be honest, I used to wonder if it was possible–to try to scare people into believing such–but then I began to dig and discover things I wasn’t happy about. Do you realize how much people regurgitate what others say–hate speech–biased data–all type of things? People just rehash what they hear depending on how the information is slanted rather than finding out what is actually factual.


This is not acceptable to me. I love this world. I love people—or I try to. It isn’t always easy. So…in my efforts I am beginning a new blog about our world called …   My World Too.


I want it to be a place where I can post things I read, things I discover, thoughts of “what if…” I want it to be about our world and things that I consider important. I am passionate about having a world here for the next generation and many, many more. This new project may become something I don’t like. It may not go the way I hope but it scares me that we dismiss our responsibilities to our world. I may only stir the pot but at least I will have tried something.


This world, this Earth…she owes us nothing but we owe her everything. It is time we begin to care for her and quit taking from her. If interested, you can find this blog at   http://earth2morrow.wordpress.com/ 


It is just by accident that it comes at the time of the UN Climate Summit. I really had no idea that it would come together like this. I have been working on this project off and on for a couple of months…researching…reading…watching videos…talking to people. There is a wealth of information out there but you have to be careful where you tread because you can get caught up in the bickering and politics. It is easy to forget what the real interest is…us working together to help our earth.


My next post will be the first post from this new blog. It’s important to me. It’s one of my passions. 🙂


Gardens are recyclable. Each year, something new is planted, tender plants–vegetation–are cared for until the fruits of harvest come along. Eventually, the growing season dwindles and plants die back. They are removed from the field–allowed to become compost for the next year’s seedlings. Cycles are what keeps us going. Whatever your gardens produce, I wish you Happy Gardening! Go sow some seeds…seeds that will grow wonderful plants and bountiful gardens. 🙂

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This is the post I was working on last week—yada, yada… 🙂 These videos are so powerful with what they have to say about ALS.

I read a rant about this and I had to ask why they were ranting and raving. They didn’t talk about people being hurt by the dumping of ice. They didn’t argue whether the money would get to the proper source but rather the individual was yapping because they were tired of hearing about some disease called ALS. (Big SIGH!!!)


I opened my mouth in several places around the internet–I didn’t hear anything bad about what I had to say and I tried to be polite. I said that people might get tired of hearing or seeing videos but that this has raised awareness in people—at least some people. Look at how much we take others for granted when they have something we don’t understand. Unless we are touched in some way with whatever disease it is, we turn a blind eye. People with ALS… I’m sure all of them would love to turn it off too but they can’t. They are stuck in their body even when their bodies become foreign to them.


I don’t like what we have become as humans. We distance ourselves from what we don’t understand and criticize others that act different from us. Who gives us that right? ALS is a most awful disease. One thing I hate to see is watching someone lose control over the simple things. It usually doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and that elongation of time to those suffering from ALS is part of the let-down of their body. I really have no clue what they suffer but I understand losing control over muscle movement.


Note:  I wrote the above before I saw Bill’s challenge and if Bill can do it, so can many of the rest of us. Here are two very important videos—they have touched me so much.

Bill’s challenge (I love this!!!) 🙂 


And, if you have not seen this one…this is one we should all watch. It is this and more…


It bothers me that some think one disease deserves more recognition over another. I’m speaking about people who are upset that this cause that became internet viral is taking away from cancer research…it’s high time other things besides cancer become our focal point. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t look at any one disease lightly. Cancer took the life of my father and rheumatoid arthritis took the life of my mother and you know what I suffer from. There are plenty of areas that need focus.


We are all in this together. We should celebrate the triumphs and support all who show compassion to others. Let’s be good to each other. 🙂

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I am trying so hard to understand people but it isn’t easy. There are those who say the meanest things sometimes. It’s not easy for me to watch suffering and pain or people ignoring others and maybe inflicting some pain of their own. We should be careful of our words. We need to think of others. I am still growing and I speak out about things I see as injustices—not to provoke but to discuss and see if we can resolve things. Too often there are those who have stuffed their ears and maybe pulled the wool over their own eyes.


I had a rough week. This is supposed to be an inspirational post…LOL… I will see what I can do to make it that way. 😉

I took a reprieve from facebook this week because I could not deal with the negativity. It is suffocating—I feel like I am being choked. People speak bad about the ice bucket challenges; there is meanness about political issues; negativity about environmental issues; and then there is what some may call stupidity about science issues. I threw up my hands, made a cover picture that said, “Closed. Gone fishing,” and included a note that said it bothers me how people treat others. It was obvious I was a little peeved.


This did not sit well with some of my facebook friends. One messaged me. She was concerned. Another one asked if there was anything I needed. She gave encouraging words and said that I help her in ways I don’t know because of what I go through and things I share. They were being nice. Another one didn’t reach out, didn’t try to talk to me—but I didn’t hold it against her. We aren’t close and have become more distant after our run-in about the climate change video when she was saying negative things about people. So what did she do? She changed our relationship status to family but we aren’t family. There are people I barely know who I consider closer. I did not get a choice to deny the request—thanks, Facebook. I really appreciate it (sarcasm). I guess FB knows best, right? I am kidding but FB did ask me how she was related…sister, aunt, etc. Can anyone claim you as family? That is scary if so. And, if you unfriend them before they remove the relationship status, does the family status remain…as in…would I still be tied to her in some way?


I kindly asked her to remove the family relationship. She had a temper tantrum. Needless to say, it resulted in her deleting me (unfriending) which I really don’t think is a bad thing but that was not my intention. She was not interested in anything I had to say. She just wanted to manipulate. I found that hurtful but that is on her. So often we want to love only those who love us. She isn’t a giving person…she takes too much and doesn’t give back.


Just think if we only love the people who love us…and not love all people. We need to love everyone especially those who do not love us. I tried to explain this but she wasn’t having any of it. Sometimes negative people need to get out of our bubble. Hopefully, they will be close enough to see they can’t hurt us and they will reap good things without having a negative effect on us. Sounds bad but sometimes there is a limit to what we can tolerate and still be positive.


There is so much apathy in the world that I applaud people and things that bring to light information such as the ice bucket challenge. ALS is such a dreaded and terrible disease…Bill knows this (Hi, Bill 🙂 [LINK]). I had concerns about it at first but I was like—it’s about time people get behind other little known diseases and bring awareness to others. Whether it is because we aren’t affected or we are just too busy or whatever, we need to become aware of others who are suffering and do something. By the way, here is a link to Bill’s own ice bucket challenge. (More about this next time.) 🙂


Then there are those who are trying to bring awareness to charities for what is called Japy day…this idea of having a world day of charity has been tried before and we need to keep trying—not give up. There was a video made and shared about helping the homeless. People found fault with it for many reasons but you know I don’t care. I think the real reason was to bring about change in our world—to remove some of the apathy. People said bad things because they said the video was a stage production. I don’t care. If someone is doing something to cause positive change, WONDERFUL! We need all the help we can get!

First video – about Japy Day – 30 August 2014. Second video – encouraging others to help and to show what community means. Yes, I know it is AUG 31. I had planned to post this earlier this week but it is never too late to help others.


I have a friend who said homeless people don’t need food and clothing and they don’t need stuff people give them. He said that people do this so the giver can feel good about him or her self. The person, this friend, well, he is practically homeless so I didn’t expect to hear this from him. I said… “You missed the point. This is to bring awareness to people who don’t see homeless people as humans but as a blight of humanity—something that hurts their city, etc.”


I became very vocal to him because of other things he said. Listen up! I don’t help other people because it makes me feel good. I help others because they need help. Sometimes I do feel good that I have done something to help another but that’s an intrinsic thought and it’s my own pat on the back that I did right…I did what I am called to do…being a caretaker and giver. We are all supposed to do this, to care for others. We should not boast about our deeds but I think feeling complete…as in we have been successful reaching goals is a good thing. It helps us to continue on that path. If we just do one thing and that’s it, no, that’s not what it is about. But, also, we can’t judge others either. I can’t tell you what to do and not do. I just do what I can and keep doing it. We don’t do things because people deserve something. We should do things because people need us and in turn we all help each other.


It’s true that all of the problems with homelessness are not going to be solved with this one video or a few people but one of the big problems is there are those who do not see homeless people. They are ignored…like they don’t exist. My daughter said, “But they do need those clothes and food and shelter and such until they can get back on their feet or if they can’t get back into society they still need these resources.” My children are very smart. 🙂


This friend said that homeless people need work…jobs…help in getting jobs and resources to become presentable. He found fault with the video and my stance of how we should help. I can be wrong. It’s hard to accept being wrong but I can be wrong…but I’m not wrong…not this time 🙂 . I can choose to back down, shrink into a corner or I can choose to be vocal. I’m being vocal. I don’t want to hurt anyone but we have to reach out to people. I’m not saying to put yourself at risk but be more aware of what is around. Appreciate people more. Smile. Become passionate about life and let it infect others. Don’t let people hurt you with words. Don’t let the negativity in this world tear you down. Find a way to help others. If we only helped as much as we criticize…sigh


I’ve studied people. Observing, watching. We like what makes us feel good and that isn’t a really bad thing. There is so much hatred in the world. Isn’t it time we remove the hate? 🙂

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Beautiful music…the strings strum my soul.

~ ~ ~ 😀 ~ ~ ~

Be blessed beyond measure… 🙂

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