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There is nothing like making Christmas ornaments to put one in the mood for this special time of year. And, the smells of the season help us to encapsulate a sliver of time that will last as a memory for years—perhaps a lifetime. Some of the smells that activate good Christmas memories for me are seasonings such as cinnamon. I think that is why I like making these ornaments. This is more than a children’s activity though with proper supervision, it proves to be a fun thing to do with kids.

I bought these cookie cutters years ago to make sugar cookies, but they did not work very well no matter what I tried so I have been using them for cinnamon ornaments for almost 15 years now. I love the way they turn out. This is the process I use.

I use a ratio of 1 cup cinnamon to 1 cup plain applesauce. I usually double or triple this amount each time.  Note that extra cinnamon is needed for dusting the cutting board and cookie cutters. I protect my cutting board with foil and use wax paper or plastic wrap on top of the dough to protect my rolling pin.

I measure and then stir ingredients until well blended being sure that there are no dry or wet pockets. I tend to mix with my hands to finish. I then dust my board with small amount of cinnamon adding a bit to the top of the dough. Next, I roll out dough using wax paper or plastic wrap as a shield until the dough is about 1/3 inch thick. By this time I have my foil lined cookie sheet ready to go. I cut shapes being sure the cutters are packed full, then releasing to cookie sheet. I repeat until I have enough ornaments or when dough becomes too dry. I use a straw to make a hole at the top of each ornament for a ribbon hanger—this is important.

After the shapes have been cut and begin to dry, they will tend to curl, so I turn them over a few times a day transferring them to wire cookie racks when they have dried a bit. It takes a few days for them to dry completely. This year is the first time I have used the oven to help me dry the ornaments. If you use this method, don’t heat higher than 200 degrees for more than 2 ½ hours. I noticed some uneven shrinkage, so I will return to the no-heat method next time. This photo was taken before drying.

After the ornaments are dry, I insert a ribbon hanger in each and then package individually.

Other tips:  I dust the cutters with cinnamon between each cut. After I cut each ornament, I smooth the edges of each shape and usually date the back, but I skipped adding the date this year. If I have to break away like I did this year, I cover the bowl containing the dough ball with a wet towel. Here are the ornaments packaged and ready to be sold. These are for the church’s restoration fund.  Each one has a note that says to be sure not to eat and to keep away from children-decoration only.

Happy Gardening and may you enjoy all of your adventures this time of year!



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