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Many girls are taught at a young age how to make fabric yo-yos. Sometimes there is a circle pattern used or a certain glass that is traced around. When I was very little, I had a book about a toy doll made from yo-yos. The book is long gone just as the title has been erased from my memory. I thought it was a Golden Book, you know, those little first readers with the gold spines. Anyway, I thought the tale went something about the doll coming apart or something to that effect – I really have no idea, but I can see the yo-yo doll in my mind. I remember my paternal grandmother reading this book to me. I loved this book. Maybe it’s because she died when I was 3 and this was the one book I remember her reading to me. If there is someone out there who knows the name of the book, please let me know. You know how it is when you cannot remember something – it eats at you! Thanks!

I had no luck in securing more green-striped fabric at the store for the flowers quilts 😦 but found some online. I think I’m obsessing so I probably will not get any more. There was a sale at the store, so I bought material (of course). Some of it will go with the striped fabric. I also picked out some pink and later noticed those two have the same design but different colors. Not much of the pink was left so I got all they had. Then I looked around to see if there was something else I “needed” that fit into my overspent budget. I didn’t find anything, but these 2 items blew my mind:

Number ONE was packaged fabric with printed yo-yos complete with stitching lines on white background! I am not kidding! I don’t remember what the price was, but there was a bit of space between each yo-yo. I thought that was a big waste. Have we really become so cookie cutter mold-like that there is no room for creativity? It’s a shame. I guess if someone does not want excess material lying around the house, maybe, but who doesn’t want extra material? Is there anyone out there who really does not want (not need) extra material? Have you ever met a quilter/crafter who doesn’t want more material? I don’t know anyone except for a few ladies who are giving up sewing because of their ages.

Number TWO boggles my mind! It is called a floss winder. Note, if you own one, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings. It might be perfect for you, but I don’t see that I need it. And, if you haven’t seen one, you first insert a card (used with embroidery floss) into the winder. Then just like adding thread to a bobbin, you secure the thread and then you HAND-crank the thread around the card. I don’t get it. What’s the point? You still have to wind the thread around the card by hand.

This explanation was given at crossstitch.about.com:

“Why to Use a Floss Bobbin Winder:  Wrapping floss around hundreds of bobbins could be rather tedious without this tool. Since I use a bobbin-based storage system for my DMC Embroidery floss, I use the winder to help speed up the organization process.”

Most floss winders are under $2 – some under $1; here’s a link to what one looks like:  floss winder.  

Please tell me how this speeds things up? If I need to wind floss, I get a card out, number the card, open the floss, get it ready so it will not knot, and then wind. If I had a winder, I would have to find the winder, set it up on the box, and go through the same thing except I would crank rather than wind. Then I would have to put up the winder. I don’t see the point, but hey, it’s another plastic thing we have to have, right? 🙂

I have a ton of things to do today, so have a GREAT day and Happy Gardening down the trail of life!



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