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It’s time to make a difference…to make your voice heard…it’s time to do something for our EARTH!




How does your garden grow? Are you caring for it? Is it healthy? We all have a stake in the gardens of the world. Doing nothing means choosing to ignore and this inaction is actually detrimental to all of us. It is our responsibility to reach out to each other and make positive gains in taking better care of OUR Earth!!!

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My World Too

Someone said I can’t complain if I am not willing to do something so… I’m doing something.

I am exasperated by how much we take for granted. What tipped the scale was the childhood friend from facebook who swears that climate change is a scare tactic. To be honest, I used to wonder if it was possible–to try to scare people into believing such–but then I began to dig and discover things I wasn’t happy about. Do you realize how much people regurgitate what others say–hate speech–biased data–all type of things? People just rehash what they hear depending on how the information is slanted rather than finding out what is actually factual.


This is not acceptable to me. I love this world. I love people—or I try to. It isn’t always easy. So…in my efforts I am beginning a new blog about our world called …   My World Too.


I want it to be a place where I can post things I read, things I discover, thoughts of “what if…” I want it to be about our world and things that I consider important. I am passionate about having a world here for the next generation and many, many more. This new project may become something I don’t like. It may not go the way I hope but it scares me that we dismiss our responsibilities to our world. I may only stir the pot but at least I will have tried something.


This world, this Earth…she owes us nothing but we owe her everything. It is time we begin to care for her and quit taking from her. If interested, you can find this blog at   http://earth2morrow.wordpress.com/ 


It is just by accident that it comes at the time of the UN Climate Summit. I really had no idea that it would come together like this. I have been working on this project off and on for a couple of months…researching…reading…watching videos…talking to people. There is a wealth of information out there but you have to be careful where you tread because you can get caught up in the bickering and politics. It is easy to forget what the real interest is…us working together to help our earth.


My next post will be the first post from this new blog. It’s important to me. It’s one of my passions. 🙂


Gardens are recyclable. Each year, something new is planted, tender plants–vegetation–are cared for until the fruits of harvest come along. Eventually, the growing season dwindles and plants die back. They are removed from the field–allowed to become compost for the next year’s seedlings. Cycles are what keeps us going. Whatever your gardens produce, I wish you Happy Gardening! Go sow some seeds…seeds that will grow wonderful plants and bountiful gardens. 🙂

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Is there really any truth to what people refer to as global warming or climate change? I don’t like political things—nothing new—but Friday, I reposted a video on facebook that I thought demonstrated our effect (humans’) on our earth. A longtime “friend” said it was good except for mentioning global warming. In truth, the entire video was about nature and what man has done–see video at the end of my post if you are interested. She also said the French were stupid…sometimes I just shake my head.


I told her that glaciers would soon be a thing of the past and polar ice is disappearing faster than it can reform. That seemed to just anger her. She said that we have had heat waves in the past and they were nothing new. She also said global warming was a term made up by an idiot trying to scare people.


Ok. I get it that people are skeptical. I was too, at first. It seems that so many people do not understand we are here to care for our earth and we are destroying it. It’s easy to stick one’s head in the sand and pretend nothing is happening. It is easy to make fun of others when you don’t understand the science behind the observations.


I asked her to unfriend me on facebook…I wanted her to know I was not happy with her comments. I’ve known her all of my life but I will not be told that this is just a matter of differing opinions. I told my daughters about it and they wondered how anyone doesn’t see what we are doing to our world—our home–our earth. I am very passionate about some things and this is one of them. Science is not an opinion.


I really dislike it when people try throwing their weight around attempting to agitate others and she has been doing this in several ways. I said something about it in a private message and she said that she has been stepped on too many times. I kindly said I have been stepped on all of my life but it does not give me the right to step on someone else. There are some other things about this but writing them would be just more bashing another person. My intent is to show we need to be aware of our world and not closed in or sealed off. It is about more than a few people. What we do here affects the entire planet. Other people live here, too.


I am afraid that this is what happens when hatred becomes such a part of your life that you cannot see past the end of your nose. You can tell me that the tree in my yard is purple when it is really green. Just because you say it is purple does not make it true. Just because we ignore our part in the destruction of our world doesn’t change things. We either acknowledge and make changes in our lifestyles or we ignore and doom our planet to an early death or at least human life. Responsibility is not party affiliated—republican, democrat, independent or other. We all are responsible. We choose to do something or we choose to ignore. We choose to be a part of the solution or we continue to be a part of the problem. Simple.


In case you don’t believe we are doing harm to our atmosphere, weather, water supplies, etc., I urge you to begin to study in depth about the oceans and the measurements of elements and aquatic life, temperature changes, salinity, etc. Chart data. Include information about storms. Study the levels of the atmosphere and how much pollution there is. Then take a look at how many trees have been destroyed and not replanted—particularly the rainforests. Study the ice shelves of Antarctica. Observe the polar habitats that are disappearing before our eyes. And, if that’s not enough, begin studying about solar storms. Don’t take anyone’s word for it but don’t believe everything is all hunky dory.


Sorry. 🙂 Sometimes I have to vent my frustrations, too. Oh, and here is a link to what started it all… Hope you enjoy it! It has been around a while so you may have seen it before.



Have a great Sunday! 😀

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We have various gifts—an array of talents—even skills that can be developed. One of my gifts is empathy. It is like a curse at times because I can feel the pain of someone just hearing about their condition never meeting them or knowing what they look like. People who can do this don’t understand how someone cannot empathize completely and so goes the other way, too.


Part of this is being in tune with one’s surroundings, knowing what to expect because of previous circumstances. Gifts are talents and what we choose to do with them is up to us. I could sit here and find fault about things I feel are “wrong” (from my perspective) or I can write about certain situations so someone else may see another viewpoint and hopefully become more aware of others.


Trees. We take them for granted. Forestry is a business that depends on good husbandry practices—being good stewards of the land. It takes decades for a tree to mature…longer for hardwoods compared to softer woods (in general). I love trees–some more than others. There is a tree that stands out from the others in this picture. Until the trees around it were cut down, no one really noticed its true magnificence and beauty. Some still don’t but that’s another story.


This is what we call progress—cutting trees so that more cars can pass through my neighborhood…an expressway. Not my idea of progress by the way. I get emotional about some things and this tree is one of those things because of what it represents…when we are not allowed to mature to the point we need to be in order to see the true forest…all of the trees…how important each one plays in the role of life. Of course, I’m not talking about trees but about people (trees, too). We each play a part. Using our gifts is important. Being able to use our gifts is important, too.


Embrace your talents. Develop them no matter what age you are. It is never too late. 🙂

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A friend shared this with me today. She met Stanton Lanier when he did a fundraiser for their hospice years ago. I had to share. Isn’t this just beautiful? Ahhhhh . . . . . 🙂 


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I have been taking another little vacation—this time to see the younger daughter. I could get used to this being on the road. I always liked it when I was younger—especially to see and enjoy nature in different settings.


It’s been 4 months since we have seen each other. It is easier today to keep in touch than it was years ago—I wish we had the technology of today back when I was in my 20s 😀 . She and I have that feeling of closeness but it is still hard to deal with the physically boundary of separation for both of us. Life is like that—dealing with the dips and the crests.


I have been enjoying every day. First with my daughter but I am also really enjoying nature—things that I will hold in my heart on both fronts. I thank God for allowing me to be here and to share in the experiences we have had this week.


There is much soul searching to do for the days ahead. Which path is the right one? Is there one that is better than the rest? In the meantime, remember to hug the ones you love and take an extra hug before you say goodbye—for both of you. I wish you much peace and happiness 😀 .


One of the photos I took on my walk the other day 😀 …


Happy Gardening! 😀

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Fairies, like butterflies, flit and float along the way. We think of them as thoughts belonging only to children…well, and Walt Disney. Close your eyes. Take in a deep breath and see the beautiful flowers around.  The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and there is the occasional buzz of a bee. Serenity surrounds you like a snuggly blanket. A smile comes to your face. Perhaps you get goosebumps or a slight chill. Your smile grows larger. This is the place of peace. This is your place.


I like to think of fairies bouncing from one person to another, touching us ever so slightly to bring us to this place, to bring a smile to our face. What job do I want when I grow up? That of a fairy. 😉 I want to be able to touch each person and give them that peace within and to give smiles all over. I have been working on it. 😀


If you ever feel tempted to close your eyes and think of a beautiful garden filled with stupendous flowers that brings a smile to your face, you may have been touched, even kissed, by a fairy. 😀 What? You don’t believe in them? Hmmm. Close your eyes. Think of the beauty. You are there. 😀 Fairies. They are like butterflies and one day, I hope it is me. 😀 😀 😀


I write from the heart. I write of things I see important in life. I hope you do, too! 😀


Happy Gardening! 😀

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