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It was a working weekend and I overdid. The person who used to share my life (and our my bed) came to help my daughter clean the yard Saturday morning. Shocking, right? She asked him one more time to come to help but thought he would not come. I had places to be (tatting class for one) but opted to stay home to make sure things went ok—right choice. The neighbor lady came and helped us on Sunday and I paid her yard man to haul the yard waste away Tuesday—YEA!!!!! The front yard does not look like a jungle anymore but the back…well, I’ll get back to you on that. The individual who came Saturday cut that big limb and cut the weeds in the backyard. It is the most work this man has done in years–real work–really. We pruned the bushes in the front so bare that there are only about 20 leaves per bush now.


I passed out Friday morning…the increase in depression medicine is not going well. I was washing my hands in the kitchen sink then reached back for a towel and back I went—straight back—wham on the floor. Not a great feeling. Last night, I fell on my way back to bed. Two pills made me extremely moody, agitated, and I was having muscle tremors and the headaches were worse. I was supposed to increase to 3 pills this week, but I have decided to go back to one pill to help me sleep like it was originally prescribed and possibly go off this medicine. I can see why they say to watch for suicidal tendencies. I have never been able to take any type of depression medicine–too many side effects and other meds interfere with them.


  • Things are coming together—finally—at least in the virtual world. There are links to my other two blogs but the one with the book is not quite ready—so close that I have butterflies—notice the photos to the right.
  • I have added a page for my bucket list and will keep it updated–possibly better than my memory quilts and other projects.
  • Some of the plants are ready to be set out for our fall garden but I need to get azaleas and whatever else.
  • And, I have decided on a cell phone–I delayed it to this week when the foot traffic is a little less than it was last week due to the I-phone 5. No, I do not want an I-phone… 😀 Today should be the day. I’m excited!!!!


Have a great day (and rest of the week) and may you have a wonderful harvest from all your gardens! Happy Gardening! 😀


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It’s finally here!!!!! As much as I dislike this saying here it is,


“Happy Fall, Yall !!!”


I have been keeping a countdown button at the bottom of my blog because I love the cooler weather. I really love fall!


Signs of fall – 

  • Simon’s winter coat is starting to come in. He has been shedding-not as bad as in the spring but and the new fur is making his coat stick out.
  • The fall plants are out in the garden shops. I love them. I like the pansies, mums, and ornamental kale.
  • People are spiffing up their yards preparing for the leaves to fall. We mostly have pine and sweet gum but we also have a tupelo, some small maples, and several other specimens from the Arbor Tree Foundation.


I want to get my fall flower garden spot planted by next weekend in time for October so when I look outside I have something to smile at 😀 .  We also need to replace some azaleas that were removed last week. Waiting until spring will not work. Isn’t it exciting? Hope you have a great fall autumn!


Have a good one and may your days be blessed beyond measure! Happy Gardening! 😀


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I didn’t know my father’s paternal family—not really. I remember Granddaddy and his second wife but as for the cousins and great uncles and great aunts—no. I only knew the ones on my father’s maternal side–the ones from the old homestead where we lived. I guess since I was the only grandchild, we made trips to Florida to see my granddaddy. I remember him well though I did not see him many times. Granddaddy had a flower farm right off the coast. He and his wife also had a store where they sold produce that they grew on the farm. I loved to see the beautiful flowers and gardens they had. It was like a wonderland.

Granddaddy holding me–and yes, that says, “Baby Gator” on the door

This is one of my favorite photos with Granddaddy. I remember this trip. There was a monkey exhibit where the people went into an area like a cage and the monkeys would thread a small can down for us to put peanuts in. They would draw the can up and take the peanuts much like pulling a pail of water out of a well. I thought it was so neat to watch them do this.

Granddaddy was a man of few words. I was about 12 when we were at his house one summer. The weather forecast seemed to call for rain with a chance of more rain each day. We drove to the beach one afternoon and ended up sitting in the car for the longest time waiting for the rain to stop. Granddaddy said, “This weather is for the birds.” Well, I couldn’t help myself and began to chirp in the backseat :). I thought my mom was going to slap me. Later, she thought it was the funniest thing.

Happy Gardening and may your memories be great ones!


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Some of us residents go about life this week as though little has changed-even if there are thousands of visitors in town and the world spotlight shines here all in the name of golf. Others have an extra workload and then there is the traffic… It is just a nightmare in places. Me? Well, I try to steer clear of the crowds and go nowhere near Augusta National. It is after all the biggest week of the year for our area. Some people and businesses depend on this week to carry them through until this time next year.

Visitors will notice a real change from most Masters Tournaments and that is the lack of blooming azaleas both on and off the course. The beautiful azaleas with all of their colors and majesty make the grounds look like paradise especially around Amen Corner. It has been that way even before golf was thought about for this location. Our early bloomers-the azaleas in our yard-began blooming at the end of January and the late bloomers which sometimes do not bloom until late April or May (and two specimens have bloomed as late as June) peaked weeks ago (March). This is what happens when a warmer than usual winter morphs into a warmer than usual spring-with no real cold snap. The area’s first strawberry crop of the year is being picked this week-all signs that summer will not be far behind :(.

As for the winner of the coveted Green Jacket for this year—who knows who will win but I tend to pull for the underdog. You should know that since I seem to march to the beat of my own drum and I tend to play a different tune. So, here’s to someone winning who is so deserving of the Green Jacket but is not favored to win—or something like that. It is nice to see fresh faces.

Happy Gardening!


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  • I seek to walk amongst the fog on a mountain top, to sit and watch the sun rise up and shine all around.
  • I seek to sit under a tree and listen to the birds sing out.
  • I seek to smell the flowers strolling through the gardens with the one I love hand in hand.
  • I seek to stop by a waterfall, hearing the rushing water cascading onto the rocks below-to see the sun glisten in the droplets and feel the spray on my face.
  • I seek to see the beauty of every single day, taking in every sight and sound.
  • I seek to share things that only my honey wants to see and touch, to make him happy and whole.
  • I seek to hold my family close, my love even closer, to let them know I truly love and care for them.
  • I seek to grow and bloom in the springtime with flowers all over spreading the fruity scent of pollen.
  • I seek to remember the good times along with the bad rocking on the porch with my husband enjoying each moment we spend together.
  • I seek to lie back and watch the clouds gather and pass as the wind blows along.
  • I seek to watch the sun set filling the sky with beautiful colors melting into darkness allowing the stars and heavenly bodies to be seen and absorbed.
  • I seek to do all of these things and more but most of all I seek to spend the rest of my life with you!

Happy Gardening on this Valentine’s Day! May you seek good things and reap good things. And, may your love for one another never die.

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from photoop23 at webshots

Last year I made a post about how the forsythia bush around the corner from our house was in full bloom the first week of February in 2011 (SEE Anticipation). We had a really cold winter last year, not just a few cold nights and then warm up and repeat… It was bitterly cold for extended periods of time and it snowed last year. Bitterly for here means in the single digits with highs below freezing. This year, we have barely been in the freezing temps (for lows)—well, there was one night in the teens, but it was back into the 60s in no time—not our usual winter, but most people have not had their usual winter.

That same forsythia bush was almost in full bloom on the 12th of January this year and we are still waiting for winter to arrive. Many trees are pushing into their pre-bud stage. Historically, our coldest times are in January and February, but the long-range outlook still shows warmer than normal temps. I so needed a cooler winter after the hottest summer we have ever had (recorded), and we needed it to kill off some of the bugs. As it stands, we are in bad shape come spring and summer. On the other hand, I am still trying to make up for all of the money we paid to the power company trying to keep us semi-cool.

Oh, well. We take what we are dealt and need to find good in it in some way. Happy Gardening and hopefully, your plans for your spring gardens are underway!


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Looking NW toward city hall and Talmadge Memorial Bridge

I love Savannah—so much rich history; so many things to do and see. I have always felt a connection because I spent quite a bit of time here through the years. My father was born here; my grandmother (Lillian) and my grandfather lived here; and, even before that, my great-grandfather (Lillian’s father) shopped here. There is just something about this place. After not visiting for quite a while, we went for a very brief trip Saturday. I had promised a visit to my dad’s first cousin but since it was a last minute decision to go I had not called ahead—next time!

Propes Hall

If you have never been to Savannah, you might want to check it out. The city sits just west of the mouth of the Savannah River, the same river that lies a few miles away from us today. Established in 1733, Savannah has ample colonial history predating the American Revolution. The area is especially beautiful in spring when the Azaleas are in bloom. Plants seem to exude romance on every corner and square and if not romance, the feeling of value and worth is certainly present. I’ll have to write more about Savannah, perhaps later. If one can have a love affair with a city, Savannah would be mine (except that it is hotter and more humid than where we live).

We strolled down River Street Saturday afternoon to see some of the shops and the market that lies along the river. This district was restored and revitalized in the 1970s and has helped the city to thrive. Then, we stopped at the Boar’s Head for a late lunch. It is probably my favorite place to eat on River Street, but I could spend several posts just talking about the food in Savannah-past and present.

These are some of the sights from our trip.

Tour boat

Handmade baskets at the market

I wanted to see the boat parade that night but we opted to trek out to Tybee—to the beach (Tybee Island).

Boats setting up for parade


The sun was setting as we drove out across the marshlands and every time I go, I remember my childhood as we would drive out to the beach—so much excitement—memories with family—anticipation. It’s about 15 miles through marsh and islands and there is so much to see along the way. Sorry, there are no photos of the trip out there but here is one of the pier. It was darker that it appears in this photo, but this is looking northward where you can see the large cargo ships coming and going into port.

While at the beach, I like to collect a few shells (or pieces) though Savannah/Tybee is no Sanibel.

We wrapped up our trip by stopping by the mall on the way out of town. It was sad to say goodbye, but we had to get back that night. It was fun to get away. Maybe we will take another trip soon, but next time we have to visit friends and relatives. If someone were to ask me what I liked the best about Savannah, I could not answer except for the feeling I get when I am there.

Happy Gardening!


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