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I was going to write about the debate last night but I find my pinterest account more interesting—much like the super bowl from Sunday night. Just like FB, I said I would never have a pinterest account. I finally set up one a few weeks ago—didn’t tell anyone. I wanted to store some images and information for something I am writing and it was the perfect thing to use. Then I added some other categories. I don’t follow people and I don’t usually re-pin things from other people.



I found a photo of a flower decorating idea the other day. It’s pretty—I think. I find it hard to understand how popular it has become—interesting. I try to remain in the shadows. My FB is lagging—I really don’t like it because only one of my real friends is on there…ok, maybe 2. 😀 Interesting how we connect to each other and don’t connect.




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Fairies, like butterflies, flit and float along the way. We think of them as thoughts belonging only to children…well, and Walt Disney. Close your eyes. Take in a deep breath and see the beautiful flowers around.  The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and there is the occasional buzz of a bee. Serenity surrounds you like a snuggly blanket. A smile comes to your face. Perhaps you get goosebumps or a slight chill. Your smile grows larger. This is the place of peace. This is your place.


I like to think of fairies bouncing from one person to another, touching us ever so slightly to bring us to this place, to bring a smile to our face. What job do I want when I grow up? That of a fairy. 😉 I want to be able to touch each person and give them that peace within and to give smiles all over. I have been working on it. 😀


If you ever feel tempted to close your eyes and think of a beautiful garden filled with stupendous flowers that brings a smile to your face, you may have been touched, even kissed, by a fairy. 😀 What? You don’t believe in them? Hmmm. Close your eyes. Think of the beauty. You are there. 😀 Fairies. They are like butterflies and one day, I hope it is me. 😀 😀 😀


I write from the heart. I write of things I see important in life. I hope you do, too! 😀


Happy Gardening! 😀

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Beauty is said to be in the eyes of the beholder. I wish we all believed this to be fact. Too often we evaluate beauty according to what others say it to be. Another phrase that goes along with this is one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So, in reality, it is not just what we see with our eyes but what we see things and people could be–a work in progress so to say. Some people can take what I consider trash and really make it into something to treasure. I can only sit back and admire the beauty in not only the project they create but their creativity. We all have gifts to share and each of us has talents. Please use these wisely but please use them 🙂 . Just like a rosebud, before it opens and shows its true colors, we ARE a work in progress and we have much to do. 

Happy Gardening! 😀

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Have you ever sat back and watched a butterfly or butterflies—not just for a few minutes but for perhaps all morning or afternoon if you can find the time—ok, maybe an hour? 🙂 If you are stressed and/or have difficulty meditating I encourage you to watch a butterfly…possibly making it a habit to do so. See where the butterfly 050913-1goes and what it does. Watch its movements. Then think of yourself as the butterfly. So light and free. You bounce from one flower to another.


How much we can learn from a butterfly. Close your eyes and continue to think of yourself as the butterfly. The sky is blue—beautiful. The wind is light. The fragrance of the flowers fills the air. Your favorite smells are pulling you—guiding you. You feel so content and begin to fly so high. You feel free. No cares to think of. Nothing to bring you down. You smile 😀 to yourself as you look down and see the green grass, the flowing water, other butterflies in the distance and you think,

Wow! Can it be more perfect?

Well, can it? Could you have any more peace?



Be a Butterfly! 😀

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It was a working weekend and I overdid. The person who used to share my life (and our my bed) came to help my daughter clean the yard Saturday morning. Shocking, right? She asked him one more time to come to help but thought he would not come. I had places to be (tatting class for one) but opted to stay home to make sure things went ok—right choice. The neighbor lady came and helped us on Sunday and I paid her yard man to haul the yard waste away Tuesday—YEA!!!!! The front yard does not look like a jungle anymore but the back…well, I’ll get back to you on that. The individual who came Saturday cut that big limb and cut the weeds in the backyard. It is the most work this man has done in years–real work–really. We pruned the bushes in the front so bare that there are only about 20 leaves per bush now.


I passed out Friday morning…the increase in depression medicine is not going well. I was washing my hands in the kitchen sink then reached back for a towel and back I went—straight back—wham on the floor. Not a great feeling. Last night, I fell on my way back to bed. Two pills made me extremely moody, agitated, and I was having muscle tremors and the headaches were worse. I was supposed to increase to 3 pills this week, but I have decided to go back to one pill to help me sleep like it was originally prescribed and possibly go off this medicine. I can see why they say to watch for suicidal tendencies. I have never been able to take any type of depression medicine–too many side effects and other meds interfere with them.


  • Things are coming together—finally—at least in the virtual world. There are links to my other two blogs but the one with the book is not quite ready—so close that I have butterflies—notice the photos to the right.
  • I have added a page for my bucket list and will keep it updated–possibly better than my memory quilts and other projects.
  • Some of the plants are ready to be set out for our fall garden but I need to get azaleas and whatever else.
  • And, I have decided on a cell phone–I delayed it to this week when the foot traffic is a little less than it was last week due to the I-phone 5. No, I do not want an I-phone… 😀 Today should be the day. I’m excited!!!!


Have a great day (and rest of the week) and may you have a wonderful harvest from all your gardens! Happy Gardening! 😀


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It’s finally here!!!!! As much as I dislike this saying here it is,


“Happy Fall, Yall !!!”


I have been keeping a countdown button at the bottom of my blog because I love the cooler weather. I really love fall!


Signs of fall – 

  • Simon’s winter coat is starting to come in. He has been shedding-not as bad as in the spring but and the new fur is making his coat stick out.
  • The fall plants are out in the garden shops. I love them. I like the pansies, mums, and ornamental kale.
  • People are spiffing up their yards preparing for the leaves to fall. We mostly have pine and sweet gum but we also have a tupelo, some small maples, and several other specimens from the Arbor Tree Foundation.


I want to get my fall flower garden spot planted by next weekend in time for October so when I look outside I have something to smile at 😀 .  We also need to replace some azaleas that were removed last week. Waiting until spring will not work. Isn’t it exciting? Hope you have a great fall autumn!


Have a good one and may your days be blessed beyond measure! Happy Gardening! 😀


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I thought I would share photos of some of the ribbon roses I began making last year. I use them on quilting projects and such to add dimension and to give a project that extra flair.

Ribbon Roses

This is what I use to make them. It is a ‘plastic’ yarn needle usually sold in packs of two.

Susan Bates Luxite Plastic Yarn Needles 2 3/4"

Yarn needles from Joann's website


I cut off the very end of the eye so that it forms a fork (cut too much and it will not work well). I got the idea from this website (down the last few times I checked) where they suggest a metal needle. I broke several good ones before thinking of these yarn needles. I like them better because I don’t have to worry about sticking myself with the point. I sew the roses with matching thread so there is no discoloration (from glue) or disassembly later, and the back of the rose is finished so that it is easily attatched to projects. All of these have leaves, but I frequently use them without leaves.

There is a variety of colors I can use and I can decide on just how large (wide) or small a rose I want to make. With the variation of ribbon widths, I can make smaller roses-I like the small ones because they are dainty enough to use in dried flower arrangements and such.

Happy Gardening!

UPDATE:  These are a few samplings of what I have used my roses in… my favorite mini-crazy quilt; ducky crazy quilt; sunny crazy quilt; and the flower that I used for my icon before the crocus quilt. There are more, but these are the photos I have uploaded so far. Thanks, Lillian for asking.


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by kellimays @webshots



What is it about purple flowers that stirs my creative juices? I don’t know. Here is a water lily that is absolutely beautiful.



by guy_mercier2000ca @ webshots



And, here is a purple crocus similar to the one that was a model for my flower appliqué.




Purple Pansy



And, finally here is the delicate pansy.




Of the fabric I have purchased in the last 6 months, about 80% of it has been some shade of purple/violet. I’m sure I will grow out of this trend (maybe), but I love how the shades of yellow and green cradle the purple flowers. I don’t know what it is. Oh, well. Happy Gardening! Have a nice weekend and enjoy the flowers.



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It’s March!

Crocus by guy_mercier2000ca @ webshots

Around here that means everyone is cleaning inside and out, painting and doing updates and repairs to their houses. When I was little, March meant that everything got washed and was hung on the line to dry-all of the big bedspreads and rugs, too. All of the summer clothes were unpacked, washed, and hung to dry. The house was opened and aired out. Today, I open our house as little as possible in the spring after the pollen arrives-there seems to be more pollen yet we live where there are less trees and bushes and the pollen count is already high right now.

I’m still working on my quilted table cover (the appliquéd flower). I’m doing an echo design around the flower with a vine design in the yellow sashing. I’m considering a fan design for the green border…. I should be finished with this, but there is so much going on… CAT NEWS – We took Simon to the vet yesterday for a shot and weigh-in. This was his first trip with us, and he did great-absolutely no problems. We are still adapting.

Dark clouds seem to be still looming-a lady in my Sunday school class lost her daughter yesterday. There was nothing the docs could do for her because her body just shut down so they turned off life support. She was about my age and had a child the same age as my youngest daughter. I thought this would be a new month-no death-no sorrow. My hope is that the clouds will soon disappear making room for sun-filled days (not weather wise-we need the rain).

Last night, we had storms come through and lost power for a short bit-all before midnight, so I’m not sure if one could say that March came in like a lion. Today is much better with temps closer to where they are supposed to be (much cooler-so nice!), so I tend to think March came in more like a lamb. May your March be fruitful inside and out and everywhere in between. Happy Gardening!


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Fans and flowers

This is what I have been working on this week. The fan block started with some cut pieces a friend gave me. I added the white and I really like how the fan stands out.

Then there is the appliquéd flower top that is ready to be quilted. The block itself is 12 inches square with the top measuring about 22 inches. I guess I am in a spring mode with all of the pinks, greens, and purples I have been working with lately.

I did these by hand and must be honest and say that this is my first fan block. I have avoided fans  in the past because of the difficulty (for me) to machine stitch, but I found that it was easily done by hand. I plan to use the block in a greeting card holder wall hanging. The flower will be a square table topper that can be hung if desired.

I have not been doing well this week so I have been very slow and am very behind-so no memory quilt posting-my apologies.

Happy Gardening in all of your sewing endeavors!


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