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Several years ago there was a hearing for the public to weigh in on the proposed building of a church in Alabama. It was to be built along the edge of a community and there was talk that this would be a good thing but people spoke out against it.. many came and said they didn’t want it. As each person voiced their opposition, the attendees cheered. A church? Opposition? Who could oppose a church?


Imagine a church being shunned by the community. Even the city council was against them. Some said it would cause problems with traffic. When that didn’t seem to satisfy the people wanting a place of worship the public said they would prefer to have a more commercial use of the land. Are you kidding? Everyone seemed against building this church. Who would dare? Every qualification was met but still the council voted 7-2 against it.


What do you feel? Is it upsetting to know that people would oppose the building of a place of worship?


Well, you know me. This wasn’t some satanic church nor was it another Christian church. It was an Islamic center. There weren’t 10 or 20 in town. To my knowledge, they did everything that was asked of them—met all the requirements so people had to get creative to oppose the church-center.


As long as we think that the church is a Baptist, Methodist, or Catholic Church everything is good. The people who are opposed are the “enemy” but as soon as we know it is an Islamic ‘church’ we blend in with the opposition and the “enemy” becomes the congregants.


I used to be like that.. well maybe not this bad but I used to feel uneasy but then I realized I have no more rights than anyone else. When we think we are the chosen ones–which in turn makes others not chosen–then we have built a wall between our brothers and sisters.


There is a verse from the Bible that comes to mind. It goes something like this… Whatever you did to the least of my brethren, you did to me.


Treat others as you would like to be treated and not as you ARE treated. Have a great Saturday! 🙂

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I’m going to be quite honest. I’ve read some vile things—very nasty things—hateful—full of so much anger.. I cannot believe people talk this way toward others and about others—and they come from the mouths of people claiming to be Christian. The wrathful God is from the Old Testament, one filled with anger but the God of the New Testament is one of love and forgiveness—there is no wrath or vengeance from Jesus.


Everyone needs to quit thinking about what others do behind closed doors. See people as people and do not categorize them. How can we treat people so mean? Excuse me but I think people need to quit thinking about what happens with anyone especially related to sex. Treat others as you would like to be treated—period. Sex should be the last thing you think about or the body parts of someone else or even yourself. That’s personal. Someone just said how abhorrent it was for anyone to do “those things” but yet it’s fine to commit adultery, lust after another, covet, murder, steal, and so on.

 Mirrored Sunset

“Mirrored Sunset” by halfrain (link) via flickr

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Get a mirror and look in it. What do you see? Do you see a halo somewhere? A crown or something? If you do, you may have some delusions of grandeur you need to end. We aren’t perfect but we blame others for their choices or their differences. Race, religion, being vegetarian, not being vegetarian, eating chocolate–not eating chocolate, choosing to not drink alcohol or choosing to drink…it is all judgmental. People are different. Not all people believe the same way and it doesn’t make it wrong. There are personal choices.


Do you know what is worse than someone with no knowledge? Someone with partial knowledge and no wisdom.

Years ago, there was a phrase that became popular. I think it needs to be popular again. What would Jesus do—WWJD? Did Jesus throw anyone to the wolves or sentence them to hell while he walked the earth—humans? Was he ever mean to anyone that is recorded in the Bible? When people came to Jesus to be helped and healed, did Jesus first ask for payment? Did he judge? What’s the catch? Surely there is something that is not being told, right? (scratches head) Hmmm.


People came to Jesus all of the time wanting to touch his garment or to just be around him. They wanted him to come into their homes, eat with them, talk to them, heal them. He didn’t go around pronouncing sentence for their misdeeds and sins. He was a very laidback fellow in my opinion. Some people would argue that he didn’t have a regular job. He even lured some guys away from their jobs and he hung out with the wrong type of people—how dare he! (sarcasm 🙂 ) He expected others to provide for him—his food, his clothing, etc. To think that he was THAT TYPE OF PERSON! Oh my! He should have provided for himself and not depended on others to take care of him, right? Hmmmm. 🙂 Just trying to add some perspective to the mix… We cannot judge others.


People do not know Jesus. They say they do. They do not understand forgiveness. They say they do. They do not understand God. They say they do but they don’t. The Jews did not understand Jesus. They did not understand love. You cannot hold love in your hand. You cannot quantify love. They wanted rules to follow—a checklist of sorts. They wanted to go by the old law but the old law became out of date. Do you see any similarities to today? People want rules to follow and when they are not followed, they want punishment–they want retribution. History is repeating itself. We are doomed to repeat history when we do not learn from our mistakes.


Jesus said that love was the greatest commandment. If you love, you do not have to worry about anything else—true love—true compassion. You do not want to harm others or take advantage of people. You are not selfish. You do not want to deny people health care, basic human rights—clean water—food—love—compassion…  


WE SHOULD BE ASHAMED AT OURSELVES! We are not living the greatest commandment. People are protesting the federal government, the president, some people who have spoken out for those who have been hurt—there is even a protest this Saturday–people want to continue this hatred believing others are of lower stature. We need to take a good long look at ourselves—pull that plank out of our eye and learn what love is. Start by looking in our yard and quit looking in someone else’s. 🙂


Why do we wish bad things on people? We know better! We want a set of rules to live by because if we have only love we believe chaos will ensue. We fail to trust. We fail to believe. We refuse to let go of the rules. Rules give order and numbers where people rank. Ranking is important, right? 😀 LOL! Remember what Jesus said? The first will come last and the last will be first. This has to do with love and being humble.


Read the parable of the Prodigal’s Son (Luke 15 – link). YOU are the brother who remained at home. When you rejoice at your brother’s return and feel no animosity toward him because he took his inheritance and blew it and then returns home—do not judge him. When you reach this point where you feel only love for your brother who has come home, you are on your way to finding real love—to finding God—finding how to treat others—equally.


Unconditional love. It is what God offers. If you cannot give unconditional love to others, how do you accept it from God? You want forgiveness but you must forgive others and not judge them. You have to see them as people—people only. You are not God. You do not get to judge and hand down sentence and then be executioner. Is it tough to hear these words?  


If God was to ask you, “Did you love all? Did you do everything you could for all people?” what would your answer be? 🙂


Happy Gardening! 🙂

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On Sunday, I turn 55 years of age—old to some and not old enough to others. Wisdom comes at different stages of life but none of us is as wise as we should be. If you were to ask me what I would desire from anyone, I would say respect. Love would be nice—you know, where one has compassion for another in the general sense of the word…the words of humility and selflessness come to mind. But respect is very special. 🙂


There is much I want to say. I am a post behind but I will catch up. There is a lot the Bible has to offer on these subjects such as love, humility, respect, grace, forgiveness, etc. and I think I have something to offer as well. I also have questions. I will conquer them as I go.


You may remember the story in the Bible (John 8, KJV if you will) about the woman who was said to have been caught in the act of adultery. The leaders and Pharisees brought her to Jesus and asked what the law said should be done with her…do you remember the story? They were trying to catch Jesus in a lie or to find he was not who he said he was–anything to trip him up. Very seldom–if ever–is the entire chapter of John preached in one sermon. Usually the top portion that I am referencing at the moment is used with other portions used for different sermons but the context in this particular instance is very important for the entire chapter. I urge to read the chapter especially if you are a Christian.


I am going to paraphrase the story.

  • Someone reminds Jesus what the Mosaic law says about a woman caught in adultery–that she should be stoned and they ask what he says. What does Jesus do? Verse 6 says that Jesus stooped down and wrote in the ground. Jesus continued to write while they continued to ask. He looked up and said:  he that is without sin…cast the first stone. He returned to writing in the ground. After a while, Jesus gets up and looks around—he asks the woman where are her accusers. What did she say? She said no one was there to accuse her and Jesus said he didn’t either—to go and sin no more. (Not the end of the story.)


Why isn’t it recorded what Jesus wrote? Think about that. Why would it say that he wrote in the ground and yet not say what he wrote? Odd isn’t it? I think what he wrote was very important—important to the people in the story but not necessarily for us, the reader, because it would take away from the focus or possibly someone left it out. I don’t know. Some would have you focus on the sin in the story but what chapter 8 is about is not the sin but judging others.


  • The story continues with Jesus talking to the Pharisees. He told them who he was and his relationship with the Father. Verse 15 says that he judges no man but that they judge after the flesh. In verse 26, Jesus says that he has many things to say and to judge them. The conversation and teaching continue but is basically summed up that those that want to kill Jesus are clearly the ones who do not have love in their heart. They think they understand the law but Jesus tells them they do not because they are not of the Father. Clearly these individuals believed they were safe from God’s wrath whether they would be saved or spared from the depths of hell but Jesus is telling them that they believe falsely—that they are wrong.


This is important also because pride can bring you down. It is easy to do. I continue to read and hear people talk vile things against people. They are calling themselves Christians. I’m serious about this having hate in one’s heart—you cannot have love if you have hate. The Bible talks about serving two masters. Most people think it is good and evil—God and satan but it can be love and hate. You must choose which one you feed…love…or hate. It cannot be both. It is easy to talk about it. It isn’t so easy to follow through.


I know people think I have lost my mind but we cannot judge people—that’s not in the cards. Whatever you believe—in a god/God or no God…we just cannot hate on others. Why did the men leave and not stone the woman? Hmmm. I think it was what Jesus wrote. The Bible says it was their convictions that led them to leave. There is a thought that Jesus quoted scripture in the ground just like he always answered the rulers and Pharisees. He always fought fire with fire.


What about the second time he wrote? Well, it could be the names of the men or their sins. I go with either one of those or even both. There is a suggestion that Jesus possibly wrote about Hosea 4—specifically verse 14 but the whole chapter has significance.  I’m not saying this is what happened but it would make a lot of sense. Maybe one day I will elaborate but you can check out this website (link).


I have tried very hard not to hurt anyone by what I say or do. I have tried to respect people no matter what their belief. I have tried to live my life not judging others—it’s difficult to do when you aspire to a higher level but trying to be better is a personal goal and not a goal to compare everyone else to. Each of us walks this earth. Rather than kick a person when they are down or in a situation where they could use a hand…are you the good Samaritan? Or, do you pass by and ignore the person? Or, perhaps you walk over, kick them and then spit on them.


A person who calls himself or herself a Christian should be about Christ…he or she would be wanting to live a life loving others as he did–not only the lovable but the unlovable. And, for those who want to throw stones at me—there is a target at the top of this post you can print out and practice with. It was made by me with no intention of infringement. 


May your gardens be filled with love–always. 🙂

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Thanksgiving for us in the States is this week and while everyone seems to insist it will become the first shopping day for Christmas sales, many people are still content on staying out of the stores and at home with loved ones being thankful for what we have together—and not just good food and football 😉 .



Not much to choose from – these are the frozen ones – I chose one of these 🙂 . Maybe it will thaw in time to cook. 😀


For the last few years I have spent Thanksgiving with a friend’s family—big family. The girls and I went the first year their father was out doing his thing with his girlfriend. We spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with this friend from church for two years and I appreciate it so much but this year my children are all gone and one will be working Thanksgiving and the day after and the day after that so the plan is for me to make a turkey and take it to visit the daughter in town. I haven’t made a turkey in a long while so I hope I can still do it—preferably without burning myself as my Halloween burn is just starting to look pretty decent. 😀


I was reading Barb’s Thanksgiving post (link) when I was reminded of the one holiday that I am so thankful I will NEVER have to repeat and it goes something like this…


When my girls were very young, their other siblings—their father’s first children, came to visit either at Christmas or Thanksgiving—usually Thanksgiving or we would go there. This one year in particular there had been some discussion of us coming up but we couldn’t go for some reason—probably my husband’s work wouldn’t allow it. My husband’s mother wouldn’t have any of it and decided at the last minute to come visit us and bring the tribe with them.


I rearranged some things and cooked for at least 2 days—I made a big turkey and a smoked ham and several side dishes and pies and a cake and such. I made cornbread dressing…with all the fixings, sweet potato casserole, regular potatoes, corn, rolls, etc. and managed to clean and prepare everything even decorating for Christmas…back when it seemed I was Wonder Woman. I had enough food to feed the small army that we would have and all seemed to be going according to plan…except…


My mother-in-law had purchased a turkey and wanted to bring it with her. I kindly refused and thought the situation was remedied but no, it was not. My good old mom-in-law brought Tom Turkey in an ice chest on the twelve plus hour drive—raw, mind you—for me to cook when they arrived. Like I wanted to spend some extra hours cooking another dang bird… She thought it was funny. Well, that didn’t go well. I still say she did on purpose—sabotaging things—she was really good at it and those things that she did really hurt our marriage. I still say I could write a book about her and her ways but let’s just say this…


This thanksgiving I plan to give thanks that I will NEVER ever have to cook for their family again. I have no problem in saying this. It is good therapy. I remember our first Thanksgiving together was when my to-be-husband—my fiancé—took me to visit and meet all of the family before we married. My kind and so thoughtful mother-in-law-to-be allowed me to sleep in the dog bed (bottom bunk)—no, I’m not kidding. It was nasty and I should have gathered exactly what she thought of me back then and got the heck out of Dodge. But, I stuck it out through thick and thin and thinner. I raised two wonderful daughters and I am so very thankful for them today and every day. I regret other choices I have made but I have never regretted my children and never will. I tried in other respects with this family and as usual, nothing was good enough. But, I don’t have to worry about it anymore.


So, when we gather together this week, I will say thanks that I have had enough courage to stand up for what is right and know that I did my best. I will be thankful for the opportunity to do my best through all of the challenges that came to my door. I am thankful for the friends I have, the people I have met along the way—especially the ones who have helped me these last few years. I have had to separate myself from people that have judged me and I am better for it actually. As Bill (link) said this past week/end about Job’s friends…Job’s friends judged Job and were not really friends at all. They came to mock him and watch as he suffered not offering much in support—actually, I think they were waiting for God to strike him down 🙂 . Sometimes we have friends who are like this who gather like vultures and wait. I have lost some friends because of it–not everyone is your friend and has your back.


As for my children and their grandparents and family…their grandparents don’t have anything to do with the girls since they have not given them any great grandchildren. I’m shocked at their behavior and can only teach my children to act better and to try and forgive. I wish for my girls to have better family than this.


May your Thanksgiving be everything you want it to be and may you have everything you need. I give thanks for you all.

 Happy Thanksgiving!


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Situation—You are a cop on the streets. The public is armed and ready to kill you at the slightest thing. The public has access to armor-piercing bullets and they have no like for police officers. You come up on something you believe looks suspicious—sometimes it is the way people will not make eye contact or the way they hold themselves or the way they appear to be a suspect in a crime that has just come across the radio…


To a cop, no one is considered to be on your side. If you let your guard down, you can be dead. Those are the facts of life. You begin to read people. After you see enough people stealing and drug dealing and such, you get a handle of what to look for but unless you have a crystal ball, you do not know with 100% certainty that someone is not carrying a gun. Even toy guns that are made to look real can be mistaken.


Most laws that are in place give cops some latitude because everything isn’t cut and dry. If he or she perceives that his/her life (or that of someone) is in danger, they have the right to protect themselves or someone else from the perceived threat. If you are a cop and I charge at you after I have assaulted you (hit you), you (in most places in the states) have the right to shoot to kill. You are protecting yourself.


Heck, I have seen video of people who are so high on drugs where bullets didn’t stop them. We have had cops killed here because they let their guard down. One was a school officer who didn’t pat down a kid before he put him in the backseat of a patrol car. The cop lost his life. The cop’s family lost a good man. The cop didn’t want anything bad to happen to the kid but the kid shot him anyway.


I knew a cop who had a guy high on drugs take his gun and tried to shoot him but luckily the gun jammed. The guy beat the cop so bad but at least he didn’t die. It is bad to watch anyone be beaten or killed but it is dang awful to know the person.


Cops wear a target on their back as long as they wear a gun or if a person knows that someone is a cop. Even families of cops can be targeted. Some of the last words of a drug felon who was taken off to jail at a federal trial my last husband had to testify at was that when he got out he would come for my husband’s family. He was talking about the girls and me. Hopefully, that will never happen but that has not been the only threat I have received and I am not a cop.


There are laws in place so there is no chaos…so there is order. On the other hand, cops are not above the law and should never abuse authority. I have seen it way too often and I do not condone it. That blue line thing where you must uphold the brotherhood thing…yeah, yeah…I could tell a few stories but I would have to remain anonymous. While married to a cop, I encouraged my husband to always know what right and wrong were and to never let the lines blur but…


I guess we see things from different points of view. I know what it is like for a cop…never letting your guard down…always trying to do the right thing…having to react quickly knowing your life can be jeopardized at any moment because people do not care.

  • Is it right to shoot an unarmed kid?
  • Is it right to rob a store?
  • Is it right to assault an officer?

I am not saying the verdict that came down was right or wrong. That was for the grand jury to decide.


Cops are not fortune tellers. The public ties their hands and then expects them to part the sea. You know, it just doesn’t work. You can’t expect miracles. Somewhere something has to give and that is teaching our children to be better adults…to show respect…and to be mindful that we each live on this earth as humans.


Well, that’s just my take on it. I was disgusted watching the riots take place. It was like people having temper tantrums. “I can’t get my way so I’m going to make a mess of everything.”

I am very disappointed that we have reached this point in life. We want to divide people but we are all the same. We just need to be better and walk in the shoes of others.

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A fellow blogger did a wonderful little post about loving others and how it is sometimes easy to love those who hate you but hard to love those who are supposed to love you. That’s true you know. We don’t expect to have the ones we trust with our love to stab us in the back or worse…stab us in the face. This wasn’t what he was trying to say but we don’t really expect them to abuse us but sometimes they do. It doesn’t mean that we are not supposed to forgive–we are–but we must be willing to protect ourselves. And this leads me to where I am…


Many years ago I was dating someone. He raped me. I am just now able to mouth those words. I can’t make that go away and I can’t make it sound pretty or attractive for good reason. My mother never knew. My children hadn’t been born yet and they never knew. I may have told one person something about it but not all of it…I don’t remember if I ever said anything to anyone at the time. I was so ashamed. I buried it so deep that only tears could come out at first when I was remembering about that night.



By Abby Bischoff (link) at flickr

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I wasn’t being careless or risky. I trusted the person. I also forgave that person and maybe I shouldn’t have or at least so easily. You see, I later married him and he is the father of my children. He was my partner, my significant other…my best friend and the last person I ever planned to be with. He is also the one that cheated…the one who cannot tell the truth if his life depended on it. He is the one that made my life a living hell and still has control over too much of my life because of choices he has made and continues to make.


A lot of things I am dealing with now are depending on how I can handle this. Once Pandora’s Box is opened, things don’t like to fit back inside. I am still seeing someone for counseling. It is the most liberating part of my life. I am finally able to talk freely and honestly without worry that I will be judged. Each time I see her, she tells me to be good to myself and treat me like I would treat my daughters if this had happened to them. 🙂 That has been such good advice because I never looked at it that way.


Imagine your daughter being raped. Perhaps you have had that experience yourself or a friend or a daughter or son even. I have been much too hard on myself. Seeing it from this new perspective is very rewarding in the sense that I can forgive myself for not speaking up, for marrying him because I thought he was honest. I am not a bad person but I began to think it and that it was my fault like he had told me years ago. Even when we know something rationally, sometimes we don’t react rationally. I think it is because we are in the thick of things.


There are parts of me that are being torn out and put back together. I am finding where the voids are in my life and trying to fill them in with good things—good memories. I was never abused or neglected when growing up. My first marriage didn’t go well. I married an alcoholic—I didn’t know. I tried to make it work but I couldn’t. It takes two people to make a relationship work…two honest people. I did my best in both marriages. I went beyond what was asked of me…I did my best. But, the other person didn’t meet me and didn’t walk with me. I did not receive the respect I should have had in either marriage. I thought it was enough but it wasn’t.


I have been hard on myself because I have blamed myself for the failures of two marriages but I forget that it takes two to make it. I can get behind that horse and push him as hard as I can but if he won’t budge then I am out of luck. 🙂 I can dangle a carrot in front of the horse but unless the horse wants to move, I can only do what I can do and no more. I don’t take “no” very well…I am very determined but I can’t blame myself.


That is where I am right now. I can’t pretend everything is great–it’s not but I am working through it. Getting to a healthy point in life is my goal right now. I can’t let people tear me down. If I seem to be a little assertive more than usual it is for good reason–I’m learning to take up for myself and protect myself. I can never allow myself to be taken advantage of to that point again. Trust was already difficult but now you know why it is even more difficult. Have a great day…and great week! 🙂

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I am trying so hard to understand people but it isn’t easy. There are those who say the meanest things sometimes. It’s not easy for me to watch suffering and pain or people ignoring others and maybe inflicting some pain of their own. We should be careful of our words. We need to think of others. I am still growing and I speak out about things I see as injustices—not to provoke but to discuss and see if we can resolve things. Too often there are those who have stuffed their ears and maybe pulled the wool over their own eyes.


I had a rough week. This is supposed to be an inspirational post…LOL… I will see what I can do to make it that way. 😉

I took a reprieve from facebook this week because I could not deal with the negativity. It is suffocating—I feel like I am being choked. People speak bad about the ice bucket challenges; there is meanness about political issues; negativity about environmental issues; and then there is what some may call stupidity about science issues. I threw up my hands, made a cover picture that said, “Closed. Gone fishing,” and included a note that said it bothers me how people treat others. It was obvious I was a little peeved.


This did not sit well with some of my facebook friends. One messaged me. She was concerned. Another one asked if there was anything I needed. She gave encouraging words and said that I help her in ways I don’t know because of what I go through and things I share. They were being nice. Another one didn’t reach out, didn’t try to talk to me—but I didn’t hold it against her. We aren’t close and have become more distant after our run-in about the climate change video when she was saying negative things about people. So what did she do? She changed our relationship status to family but we aren’t family. There are people I barely know who I consider closer. I did not get a choice to deny the request—thanks, Facebook. I really appreciate it (sarcasm). I guess FB knows best, right? I am kidding but FB did ask me how she was related…sister, aunt, etc. Can anyone claim you as family? That is scary if so. And, if you unfriend them before they remove the relationship status, does the family status remain…as in…would I still be tied to her in some way?


I kindly asked her to remove the family relationship. She had a temper tantrum. Needless to say, it resulted in her deleting me (unfriending) which I really don’t think is a bad thing but that was not my intention. She was not interested in anything I had to say. She just wanted to manipulate. I found that hurtful but that is on her. So often we want to love only those who love us. She isn’t a giving person…she takes too much and doesn’t give back.


Just think if we only love the people who love us…and not love all people. We need to love everyone especially those who do not love us. I tried to explain this but she wasn’t having any of it. Sometimes negative people need to get out of our bubble. Hopefully, they will be close enough to see they can’t hurt us and they will reap good things without having a negative effect on us. Sounds bad but sometimes there is a limit to what we can tolerate and still be positive.


There is so much apathy in the world that I applaud people and things that bring to light information such as the ice bucket challenge. ALS is such a dreaded and terrible disease…Bill knows this (Hi, Bill 🙂 [LINK]). I had concerns about it at first but I was like—it’s about time people get behind other little known diseases and bring awareness to others. Whether it is because we aren’t affected or we are just too busy or whatever, we need to become aware of others who are suffering and do something. By the way, here is a link to Bill’s own ice bucket challenge. (More about this next time.) 🙂


Then there are those who are trying to bring awareness to charities for what is called Japy day…this idea of having a world day of charity has been tried before and we need to keep trying—not give up. There was a video made and shared about helping the homeless. People found fault with it for many reasons but you know I don’t care. I think the real reason was to bring about change in our world—to remove some of the apathy. People said bad things because they said the video was a stage production. I don’t care. If someone is doing something to cause positive change, WONDERFUL! We need all the help we can get!

First video – about Japy Day – 30 August 2014. Second video – encouraging others to help and to show what community means. Yes, I know it is AUG 31. I had planned to post this earlier this week but it is never too late to help others.


I have a friend who said homeless people don’t need food and clothing and they don’t need stuff people give them. He said that people do this so the giver can feel good about him or her self. The person, this friend, well, he is practically homeless so I didn’t expect to hear this from him. I said… “You missed the point. This is to bring awareness to people who don’t see homeless people as humans but as a blight of humanity—something that hurts their city, etc.”


I became very vocal to him because of other things he said. Listen up! I don’t help other people because it makes me feel good. I help others because they need help. Sometimes I do feel good that I have done something to help another but that’s an intrinsic thought and it’s my own pat on the back that I did right…I did what I am called to do…being a caretaker and giver. We are all supposed to do this, to care for others. We should not boast about our deeds but I think feeling complete…as in we have been successful reaching goals is a good thing. It helps us to continue on that path. If we just do one thing and that’s it, no, that’s not what it is about. But, also, we can’t judge others either. I can’t tell you what to do and not do. I just do what I can and keep doing it. We don’t do things because people deserve something. We should do things because people need us and in turn we all help each other.


It’s true that all of the problems with homelessness are not going to be solved with this one video or a few people but one of the big problems is there are those who do not see homeless people. They are ignored…like they don’t exist. My daughter said, “But they do need those clothes and food and shelter and such until they can get back on their feet or if they can’t get back into society they still need these resources.” My children are very smart. 🙂


This friend said that homeless people need work…jobs…help in getting jobs and resources to become presentable. He found fault with the video and my stance of how we should help. I can be wrong. It’s hard to accept being wrong but I can be wrong…but I’m not wrong…not this time 🙂 . I can choose to back down, shrink into a corner or I can choose to be vocal. I’m being vocal. I don’t want to hurt anyone but we have to reach out to people. I’m not saying to put yourself at risk but be more aware of what is around. Appreciate people more. Smile. Become passionate about life and let it infect others. Don’t let people hurt you with words. Don’t let the negativity in this world tear you down. Find a way to help others. If we only helped as much as we criticize…sigh


I’ve studied people. Observing, watching. We like what makes us feel good and that isn’t a really bad thing. There is so much hatred in the world. Isn’t it time we remove the hate? 🙂

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