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My hospice friend contacted me this week. Her grief support group that she helps with was releasing balloons as part of their therapy…hmmm…is that the right word to use? It is a way for people to release emotions and gain closure after the loss of a loved one. It helps to move to the next step of grief which is so important in healing.


She let me know that she included both of my parents’ names. This is very special—truly special. It is the equivalent of someone giving me a HUGE hug. My parents were her parents, too, maybe not in the biological sense of the words but they loved her just like she was one of their own. I had pretty special parents. 😀


So, whatever is happening in your life whether it is grief or pain or suffering, know it doesn’t last forever if we push on. Remember the good, cherish those times, and never let go of those happy memories 😀 .

Happy Gardening! 😀


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