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Finally! This is some of my worst work if not my worst but I’m ready to get on with something NEW! I had planned on sewing the edges and turning it before quilting but I machine quilted-in the ditch-and turned the backing under to bind it. It’s finished and that’s all I can say except that Simon loves it! It was supposed to be sold at the church but I’m not sure I can do that. It looks like it might remain with us for him to sleep on. I put it down after I clipped some threads and he stretched out on it-full body! Earlier, he curled up underneath like it was a tent. Ok. I’ll consider keeping it. I cannot keep everything! I need to give some donations and make some money, too, but it’s worth it for him to be happy!

Have a Happy Day and Simon says, “Happy Scratching!”



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A card stitched with a garden of hearts.

I haven’t been as busy sewing and doing crafty things as I would have liked but this is something I did the other week as a gift.

I have been working on a quilt–the orange, yellow, green one that I was supposed to have done by this time last year. I’m not happy with it and really just want to get it out of here so I can work on my other projects. It is such a terrible feeling to not be able to finish something. I want to feel completed so that I can reestablish my value in the world. I have gone for so long feeling less than adequate. We all need to feel valued and worthy.

I hope you are busy in your gardens of life and things are growing without much problems. Life rolls on. Make today count. Happy Gardening!


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Ok, I lied. I feel like I have been just spinning my wheels but there are things starting to blossom in my sewing garden. Remember when I said that quilting had taken a backseat—that came out of my mouth just a few days ago? I now have the quilt top pieced together that I began working on last year. I had the pieces cut and felt like they were telling me that I needed to get busy. It is really nice to see something come together though this is not some of my best work. I knew it would have its moments as I am using different types of fabric (and polyester knit is not my favorite). Anyway, this is the result of the plan that you can see I wrote about here (link to Baby/Lap quilt ready to being) and here (link to Patterns and Such).

The quilt top all pieced together with my helper buddy (Simon) wanting to be in the photo. He thinks I made this just for him!

Embroidery work for quilt

Original design

My project designs (many designs and not just quilting) were on the computer that went “kaput” some months ago, so I had to redo. I have decided not to add a bias edge but to sew and turn it. The jury is still out on the type of quilting though machine quilting has been ruled out unless I stitch in the ditch. In the photo with Simon you will notice shadows that appear to be on the fabric, but it is from the table cloth that is underneath.

I should already be done with my cross-stitch piece but for some reason I was missing one of the colors the pattern called for. Anyone who knows me will be shaking their head in disbelief because I pride myself in keeping stock of almost every color there is-a lot of thread! This is it so far…

I used to do these when I spent a lot of time waiting on doctors with other people.

Lastly, I am still not ready to show you my other little project, but it is almost complete—I just have to add a biased edging. There are other little things happening, but these are the main ones. So, I lied when I said I would not be working on a quilt any time soon. Now, I have to get it finished. Maybe I can get it done before April of 2012 rather than April 2011.

May you find great happiness in all of your gardening pleasures!


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The record highs have begun and it is only February. It was 82 degrees today breaking the old record of 81 that was set in 1909. Please tell me it will not be as hot as last year—please! I am still waiting for winter…

What have I been up to? Let’s see… my husband is still away-things are better in some ways and not so great in others. We are working at it, but it’s very trying. My health is not doing so well but hey, I’ve lost weight. Simon (my daughter’s our cat) had his one year anniversary this past Sunday. It is hard to believe that we have had him for an entire year. I have a blog entry to post about him with photos… He really misses my hubby and pouts when he doesn’t come by—makes two of us, but don’t tell anyone. My daughter who had lung surgery last year received good news today from her pulmonologist. If she does well for the next 6 months, the doctor will cut her loose. She has to make it through pollen season first.

Finally, I have been working on things to put in our etsy shop. I was hoping that it would be up and running by now but things don’t always go as I plan. I have gone back to doing some counted cross-stitch and designing some other new things (the photo is a clue). Quilting has taken a backseat for a while, but I will get back to it one day soon. My painting and tatting (New Year’s resolutions) are just thoughts for the moment but other things have been fruitful. It is a tradeoff.

I hope your gardens have been fruitful. Happy Gardening in everything you do!


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At the beginning of this year when I was deciding on what quilts I would be working on, I forgot all about the Christmas one I started years ago but never finished. I use it “as is” but pack it away after Christmas. I have pulled it out, cleaned, and pressed it.

It was meant to be a wall hanging and was done in my (better) cross-stitching days. The pattern is from a pamphlet filled with great designs. I love them all, but especially the reindeer and Santas. There are snowmen/women but they don’t have much color to them. I will have to dig out the patterns along with the Santas I have stitched.

I just love this design! It is so whimsical…

Happy Gardening and may all of your projects continue to progress!


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Years ago, I had a friend who lived across the street from us. She and her family had moved into the neighborhood not long after we moved in. Our girls played together but she and I were closer than our children were. She was very family oriented and liked to collect things that gave her home that warm and friendly feel, so I designed this quilt hanging for her—I love this material.

This was not a difficult project, but I chose to use plaid for the lettering (I see those eyes roll). It took extra time to match up the pieces, and I wanted it to look just right. It was machined pieced and hand quilted with a heart motif on the border. It was about 14 inches wide and about 46 inches long (just guessing). This is a terrible photo and my apologies, but it was scanned from a photo taken years ago.

This was my second quilted wall hanging I made after I was married. Anything I quilted before is lost to memory with no photos. I designed it and was very pleased with it except for the time it took to piece together the letters. I have often thought I would repeat this project but never have—not even for me.

As for the friend, she has moved on years ago. We kept in contact for years but sadly have since lost touch. I miss her, but life goes on.

Happy Gardening and may you find the time to WELCOME new friends into your life!


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Jack-o'-lantern and Bee

I have not always been a quilter or even a seamstress, but when I was young, I was always crafting something.  I loved to design and create plans, and then I enjoyed seeing those plans come to life. I was not a fan of investing a lot of time in any one thing, so a lot of tedious hand sewing is something I tried to steer clear of. I did not get bitten with the sewing bug until my college days. My mother bought me a sewing machine when I moved away from home—an electric one. I wonder if she knew how much of a gift she gave me, but I wish I had taken my Singer treadle one with me, too. I enrolled in a sewing tips course while I was working on my master’s degree though I could already sew. Our teacher taught us how to make things she sold in shows and exhibits. She shared with us abundant tricks of the trade. The variety of things I made helped to spark my creative talent in sewing and kept alive a spirit in other things, too. I owe this lady so much.

Ghost and Clown

I have been going through some of our early photos with the girls and found some things I want to share. I only hope they will forgive me. I love making costumes. The thought of becoming someone else is magical to me, and  I still enjoy creating my own patterns. I don’t go for the scary or the occult at Halloween, but we have allowed our children to trick-or-treat because it has been a good way to get out and visit with our neighbors. We moved into our house before my youngest could walk so she stayed home her first year. Her costume was a fuzzy one piece outfit (with hood). I sewed ears on it along with a small tail. I could not find a photo of her in it, but she basically spent the night crawling back and forth on the front porch while I sat outside giving out candy.

The jack-o’-lantern costume was used by my oldest for 2 years since I made it a little big. The above photo was taken on the second go-round. The bee or yellow jacket is my youngest daughter. I hated that I had to buy fairy wings to use, but I painted them and they worked just fine.

Lil' Miss Muffet

There have been many costumes over the years but these are a few of the earlier ones…–Ghost (a story here) and Clown(multi-colored mop hair)—Little Miss Muffet (complete with spider)—Little Red Riding Hood—50s Era outfit (poodle skirt)—and Pink Bunny Rabbit. The ghost looks more like a zombie (which I’m totally against). I didn’t want her sight to be obstructed. I wasn’t very happy how this one turned out. The rabbit outfit (below) was made from one-piece pj’s that I cut the feet out and added a big white tail.

Lil' Red Riding Hood

Some that are not here are a Hershey Bar, Pikachu (I was very proud of that one), a raccoon, a kitty, a witch, an 80s pop star, and others I don’t remember. Perhaps I will show some of them when I get to those photos. By the way, these are not digital ones, so they do not show up as well.

50's Era and Bunny

About the poodle skirt:  It was made from material that had little white sheep on it. After purchasing it, I put it on my sewing machine which at the time was in our bedroom, and one night after the lights were off I looked over to see all of these glowing spots. It scared me so bad! Each sheep glowed after being exposed to light, so I thought it would be good for a costume.

I want to include pieces of these costumes (or scraps) in the memory quilts, but I have to find some of the costumes that have been packed away. The trick now is to keep everything together until I can start on the quilts. I had planned to have the tops finished by now, but with all of the things that have happened this year I am glad that we are doing as well as we are.

There are more things to come as I take a trip back in time. And, if you are wondering what the bunny is doing over there in the photo, that is my youngest. She would dance and sing all of the time. She got caught in the action. Did you check out that bunny tail?

Take care and Happy Gardening!


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