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I thought I would share photos of some of the ribbon roses I began making last year. I use them on quilting projects and such to add dimension and to give a project that extra flair.

Ribbon Roses

This is what I use to make them. It is a ‘plastic’ yarn needle usually sold in packs of two.

Susan Bates Luxite Plastic Yarn Needles 2 3/4"

Yarn needles from Joann's website


I cut off the very end of the eye so that it forms a fork (cut too much and it will not work well). I got the idea from this website (down the last few times I checked) where they suggest a metal needle. I broke several good ones before thinking of these yarn needles. I like them better because I don’t have to worry about sticking myself with the point. I sew the roses with matching thread so there is no discoloration (from glue) or disassembly later, and the back of the rose is finished so that it is easily attatched to projects. All of these have leaves, but I frequently use them without leaves.

There is a variety of colors I can use and I can decide on just how large (wide) or small a rose I want to make. With the variation of ribbon widths, I can make smaller roses-I like the small ones because they are dainty enough to use in dried flower arrangements and such.

Happy Gardening!

UPDATE:  These are a few samplings of what I have used my roses in… my favorite mini-crazy quilt; ducky crazy quilt; sunny crazy quilt; and the flower that I used for my icon before the crocus quilt. There are more, but these are the photos I have uploaded so far. Thanks, Lillian for asking.



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 Post 2

I bought some slightly used ties back during the summer to use in some crazy quilts. I love them especially the tropical one. I wish I could find more like it because I love the colors; the way they pop out at you is striking!

To be honest, I wanted to experiment before I cut this one up, so I decided to take some material I had on hand and give it a try at making a crazy quilt–mini size.

These are the results: 


I made 6 in all-two are very much like one pictured. I tried different stitches and such, but my favorite is the leaf designs seen in the top two photos.

I backed these with white flannel for stability to hold the embroidery and embellishments. I then added another layer of flannel to give it some extra support before adding the backing. I tried one with regular batting, but it was much too bulky. The two pieces of flannel work nicely. I had planned to use some wooden dowels to hang them, but I used wire for one (I like coiling it to give it a different look) and I used braiding for the others. I was pleased, especially since I have not done handwork in a while. It was a learning experience, and I hope to make more things after the first of the year. It was much more involved than quilting so I hope to find a balance in there somewhere. 

Happy Gardening!


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Part 1 –

This is what I have been up to. I started quilting again this year, but so far, I have only made two table runners (does not look promising for another before the end of the year). This is the first one. I have not quilted in quite a while, so I was out of practice, to say the least, but I like this one because of the colors and the flowers. I think I might add some more stitching to it. When I sat down to design this, I wanted it to be a block style that had an eye-catching effect. I like it but I think I want to use this same design on some other material to see how it works. (Update:  dimensions-36″ x 12.5″)

Now, this is the second table runner I did. I wanted to make something for Christmas –meaning that I was not making this for myself, and it was a lot more involved. I love these colors (though they do not come through as well as in real life)! When it was finished, I discovered that it does not have to be used exclusively at Christmastime. It reminds me of home where we had so many evergreen trees. Because bright red and green were not used I think I can use it any time of the year. I fell in love with this one and want to keep it and use it a bit before passing it down to one of the kids. (Update:  dimensions-34″ x 14″)

I also made a wall hanging with a flower design (Update:  dimensions-10″ square). I used some of the ribbon roses I made some months ago. They really come in handy to give it that extra dimension. There is more to come…

Happy Gardening!


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I am so excited! September begins this week and this symbolizes that cooler weather will be just around the corner. Yea!

Procrastinator at large – I have yet to get my crazy quilts up and going, but I have finished designs for several quilting projects. I have completed templates and patterns for at least 4 projects with several more in the works. One is a sailboat pattern, a flower pattern, a block pattern with blocks and triangles, and a coffee cup pattern. The coffee cup is an appliqué that I have cut out and am ready to do the stitching. Other projects include some Christmas offerings with some using the trapunto quilting technique. I like the way this looks though it does take some extra time. Other projects are still on the board and have yet to be transformed into patterns. One thing at a time.

I have also been busy making ribbon roses or flowers. I wanted to use some of these little flowers in my projects and thought it should not be so difficult to make them. After getting all of the material together, it is rather easy but it does take some time to sew. I could glue them using hot glue but they are much prettier when sewn and they will last longer without glue, too. They look so nice that someone wanted to purchase some of the flowers – so I have been making extras. There are many more things I have been involved with lately, and there is much to get done this month.

As far as my outdoor garden goes, I still have some plants that are blooming and others that are still looking beautiful, but I do not have any more vegetables. I cannot have everything, and I dare not complain. Great gardening to all!


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