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Yes, there is a direct relationship between the frequencies of my blog postings to my quilting progress. The more blogging means less quilting (usually). I am still puttering along…slowly, and with the sale at a fabric store ending tomorrow, I had to stop by. I wanted to match some fat quarters for quilts I will be working on later this year and they had some of what I needed. While there I noticed that the special sewing machine presser feet were on sale. (holding breathCould it be? I have wanted a free motion foot for my sewing machine for so long, but it hasn’t been in my budget. I finally made the decision to get one of these the next time they were on sale. Well, that was a year ago. This foot was always sold out-always until today. Yippy!!!! It still wasn’t in my budget, but I wasn’t going to wait another year or two. I love the craft of hand quilting but admire beautiful machine stitching, too. There’s room for both, and I know that I need to be able to do some things by machine but haven’t tried it out yet-may have to wait until after taxes. I’m just glad I have one FINALLY-yea!!!!


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It’s been quite warm here which contributes to that yellow bubble building all around us. Some azaleas are beginning to bloom as well as some beautiful wisteria vines. I love wisteria-the purple ones with their fragrance-so delightful! Well, it’s a little over 2 weeks before the crowds come to town-much of the filming is done the week before. If it stays in the 70s we should be fine. It may turn out just perfect.

Update on kitty:  I gave Simon his first bath about 2 weeks ago though it was only a partial one since it was still chilly. He did so well-no problems, but he’s been in a mood the past few days-don’t know why. He is still a little picky about some things but I think it is because of what he was used to before we got him. He has to be almost upside down to drink his water-because he drank from a toilet. Otherwise he has become one of us. He usually sleeps with one of his humans but now has a bed with a red blanket-he really likes pink, red, and purple colors. I remember that Charlie Brown really liked pink, but he also liked perfume, too. 🙂

Happy Gardening and may you continue to make great strides in all of your projects!



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